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  1. I only have the iPhone 4s as it is so i am currently living without LTE anyway..... with the recent experiences with my now bricked iPad, the lack of customer service...and the iPhone that turns on and off whenever it wants (still under warranty thankfully)....I think that I am ready to go back to android....afterall....I have missed the android web browsing experience that is head and shoulders above ios IMO. Looking forward to Nexus 4 going on sale tonight.
  2. Anyone going to jump at the nexus 4 when it goes on sale tomorrow (or tonight...) I am seriously considering making the jump back to android from iOS. Will be a game time decision.
  3. The same politicians that have funded both sides of every war we have fought for 50 years? the same type that talked about the horrible attacks remembered yesterday that were committed by the organization that we created, funded, and continue to fund!? The same politicians that went after Gaddaffi so that they can thank us by attacking us like rabid beasts a few months later? Like others have said....right or wrong.....no politician is finished. No matter how huge the screw up appears. We are too stupid as an electorate to hold any politician accountable for anything.
  4. An interesting thing that I heard recently.... Well most people here probably know that I am more on the libertarian or Classical Liberal side of things. with that being said....due to past jobs (as well as my current one where they are my customers) I do have some contacts from within the party and in my small area I still have some influence. In the past 6 months I have had multiple meetings with the heads of local Republican Parties where I have voiced my concern and disagreement that the direction that they are going and the fact that I do not believe they can win unless they adopt a more libertarian platform. Of course this was met with a lot of disagreement and fell on deaf ears. Fast forward a few months to my local County Convention. The "liberty movement" or "Ron Paul Supporters" dominated the County Convention. What does this mean? it means that this state convention will have a more libertarian slant to how we vote.....in addition to this the party leadership will be up for re-election in a few months and "liberty supporters" hold a secure majority in my area. The day after Romney secured the nomination the Chairwoman of our County Republicans was in to see me at my work. We had debated before about whether Romney and the liberal republicans could garner enough votes to win the Presidency. A few months ago she was 100% certain of this. Last week she was extremely doubtful. In fact....she told me a story of how the Regional Romney campaign was looking for registered Republicans to go door to door on behalf of the Romney Campaign.....she stated that the only replies that she received were of Ron Paul supporters....and that she could not gather even 1 Romney volunteer. Is this just a exception to the rule and quaranteened to my area?......or am I more right that I even imagined? Is a Libertarian minded Republican party the only chance of garnering new support? I am inclined to think so...
  5. The tax code is 73,000+ pages for a reason......so that companies and individuals with the means can find loopholes.....and hand that money directly back to the politicians. Anyone that is offended by Bain getting a tax break, GE getting a tax break, or Tim Geitner evading paying alltogether should get on the band wagon for major tax reform. A fair tax would be 1 page long. Real freedom would be abolishing all income taxes. Until we all agree on one of those....there will always be stories like this. This is what our current system is set up for....and both parties support it.
  6. I hope Congress never comes out with a tax if we don't buy tickets to NBA games each year.....cause i really freaking hate the NBA.
  7. I am only pro abortion if there is a distinct possibility that the fetus will be a democrat someday.....for instance....if both parents are currently democrats, I say let them abort all they want.
  8. The president is announcing a new policy decision that purposely ignores the rule of law......and the "rude" reporter that points it out is the guy who is wrong here? So much for an oath. God help this country.
  9. Ron Paul isn't going to endorse anyone in the race. The entire role of the 'Revolution' is for the Republican party to be forced to become what they once were: freedom oriented and fiscally conservative. Endorsing a 3rd party candidate would hurt the movement....even if that candidate would be the best President. Our country is so ingrained in the 2-party system that a 3rd party will never have a shot at winning....change will have to come from within one of the "two" major parties....and that is precisely why Ron Paul has been encouraging his supporters to get involved in the GOP.
  10. Our country was founded by Libertarians....I would love to elect one....hell I would love to elect 435 or so Libertarians. Which is why I will most likely vote for either Ron Paul or Gary Johnson come November.
  11. Unfortunately you might have a point that our money is not our possession...at least that is what our politicians believe. The great founders of our country killed people for a 1% tax on one item....we allow so much to slide that we really shouldn't....which is why I applaud someone like this that takes a stand. If we don't completely own the fruits of our own labor (and yes, i mean all of it.), then slavery is definitely alive and well in this country. What else do you call having to work half of the year in order to pay all of the taxes that you "owe" to our masters in goverment?
  12. Great move. In the most un-patriotic way possible the government tries to tax money that has already been taxed....so he just leaves. I love it. If we got rid of all individual income taxes as well as corporate income tax, our government would only have to cut spending back to the 1998 level in order to break even. We're not talking about going back to the stone ages....1998 wasn't that long ago. Mr. Facebook isn't unpatriotic, our out of control government and their spending addiction is what is unpatriotic.
  13. exactly. The country is in complete shambles because every single election we let the scumbag politicians on both sides of the aisle do nothing but bicker about ******** like this that is completely irrelevant to the real problems we are facing today. We are on an unsustainable economic path that is caused by both parties and we don't care enough to hold them all accountable...we'd rather fall into their trap about bickering about **** that doesn't matter. Same thing every year.....the politicians always win and we always lose.
  14. Owebama did drugs as a "young kid" (okay, he wasn't really that young). What's the point? Kids do stupid things? People are scumbags sometimes when they are young. Onto the next outrageous MTS thread please.
  15. A nomination of Santorum, Romney, or Gingrich is a huge gift to the Barack Obama re-election campaign. Obama ran against the failed policies of George W. Bush last time and the GOP will most likely allow him to do it again this year. Does the GOP want Obama to win again...or are they really that dumb?
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