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  1. Might as well change the heading of this thread to ...Let's Assassinate Ken Holland ...okay , we get it ...NOTHING he does gets your approval .. It is tedious to read .
  2. Any rumors of the Wings packaging some of the #3rd rounders with their #1 and moving up ?
  3. Anyone heard of any signings yet ?....Saw Max Green was packing for Florida , and Dane Myers was supposed to be in Lakeland Friday ?
  4. Amazing to me the ability to judge draft choices without seeing the players , without EVER playing the game , coaching the game or earning a penny for opinions, yet a caustic comment or witty put down and call yourself an "Expert"...classic CRAP ! You can't fill all the needs of this team in one off-season , you fill the best you can and go from there !
  5. Think it's Prater , even with his disturbing missed PATs , he is clutch and good !
  6. Wright's washout hurts twice over , they traded a '16 #3 to get him , on a team especially thin in depth ...Gotta grab as many picks as you can , the more you pick the chances go up , of course , so do the chance of misses !
  7. So anyone have odds on whether we will ever see DeAndre Levy again ? Sign a big contract , barely one game plus , already laying the ground work for early retirement , seems more attention with headlines than play ...another Lions fiasco ...it is a wonder any player ever stays in the organization!
  8. Confused on this situation , don't teams usually DFA a player and then assign them ? Why release and then re-sign? I must be missing something ?
  9. Here's hoping they improve the depths at LB and TE at the Final cut Waiver wire , still have to find a OLB that can cover and how long can they rely on Levy ?
  10. Veteran MiLBer Pedro Ciriaco , free agent , signed by Tigers and assigned to Toledo , a 2B man , R-R , 30 years old .
  11. Thank you , deeper in right center than I had thought !
  12. Gzbach ....any more info on O'Loughlin or Bojarski would be appreciated !
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