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  1. First INT - Stafford went to throw to the back hip of Scheffler (I think it was Scheffler). Either Scheffler did not know that is where the ball was going or was unable to stop and plant as needed for that pass (maybe Jenkins had a little shove like someone suggested, not sure). That was a miscommunication I think, Scheffler did not seem to know the back hip pass was coming. Second INT was a good read by Finnegan. He read the pass to the other WR and broke off coverage on the guy he was guarding and cut off the route. It was a high risk play by Finnegan that paid off, most corners in the league wouldn't leave their man like he did that play because a pump fake and the guy he was supposed to be guarding was wide open. I don't expect too many more INT like that one this year. The third one was Stafford making a throw he shouldn't have tried to make.
  2. Horford, Thornton and Horford would all still be better IMO. Some of the others may be as well
  3. its ONE GAME, you cant sweep every bad team every time
  4. D. "Our all star lineup can only score 4 runs"
  5. what is this soda you speak of? you mean pop?
  6. Joey I can see saying was the right pick at the time, but Rogers was not with all his red flags around him
  7. weather.com has 70% chance of rain every hour during when the game would be played
  8. at the time i was mad we didnt take Andre Johnson, and so did some other people I knew. I dont think he was the right pick at the time. I mean he did have a failed drug test before the draft.
  9. I have a test at 3 tomorrow, but also one on tuesday at 2, so a rain out wont help me too much maybe a delay starting around 3 that lasts for an hour
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