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  1. looking to purchase a Detroit Lions game day program from the 2012 Thanksgiving Day game vs the Houston Texans. thank you in advance for any help.
  2. keithw

    Grandy in the D

    nicely done Curtis ..... good luck the rest of the season
  3. keithw

    Ernie Harwell Special on FSD

    pm sent - but it will be shown numerous times over the next few days - you'll have many chances to record it Keith
  4. i recorded the special - let me know

  5. keithw

    Ernie Harwell Has Died

    Thank you for being my friend all those nights growing up. Thanks for the memories
  6. keithw

    New tigers video

    I would love to be able to acquire some of the games from the past few years. Does anybody have some on dvd? I'm looking for last Thursday's game at Kansas City (Tigers 7-3 wiin) as I attended it and messed up on recording it. I think a trading network would be a good idea.
  7. keithw

    Tigers in Kansas City?

    familar with the show - have heard it - not an avid listener
  8. keithw

    Tigers in Kansas City?

    read you guys every day !!!!
  9. keithw

    Tigers in Kansas City?

    thanks - I'll check it out
  10. keithw

    Tigers in Kansas City?

    does anybody know where the Tigers stay in Kansas City? Thanks
  11. keithw

    Best Tigers books?

    Denny McLain has 3 books out ... Nobody's Perfect (1975), Strikeout (1988) I Told You I Wasn't Perfect (2007) I've read them all and they are actually very good reads.
  12. awesome link for tose of us at work!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. keithw

    FOX MLB Distribution Map