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  1. I have said all along that Trump is going to win. I don't care what poll says what - Trump is going to win. People have a fanatical devotion to him and he will be elected "by any means necessary."
  2. So pay no attention to the man behind the curtain?
  3. If the "Hunter Biden smoking crack and having sex" video actually existed it would have already been on YouTube. When former Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry did something similar - "***** set me up!" - it was immediately on every newscast across the country.
  4. Yes - he said that and reprised the "all the ballots found in the garbage can were marked for President Trump" routine which is a felony. So two crimes in one speech!
  5. I understand that is all BS but what I don't understand is why it is never pointed out - after all the ballots found in the garbage can, river, ditch, etc. were votes for President Trump - that is a felony for non-official personnel to open ballots. There is NO way to know how the ballot is marked unless you open it which is a crime. It is unbelievable to me - although I guess it shouldn't be - that Trump and his staff gleefully admit to felonies on live TV and it doesn't draw a remark or comment. I guess the stories are immediately dismissed as false and everyone goes about their day.
  6. I hope I'm wrong. I hope you are right. I call 'em as I see 'em.
  7. I said exactly this many posts ago in this very thread. A "shy Trump voter" is someone who tells a pollster that they are voting for Biden but are actually voting for Trump.
  8. I guess we are talking to different people! 😉 How do they feel about Richie Becker?
  9. I am basing that solely on people I talk too. They are emboldened by Trump and consider it their patriotic duty to keep him in office. Straight out of the Hale-Bopp Comet cult. They have been this way immediately after he was elected. Any negative comment about the President was met with the response that it was done to "hurt Trump." Those exact words are used every time - Covid was done to "hurt Trump" - Savannah Guthrie was chosen as a moderator in order to "hurt Trump" etc.
  10. I am reticent to post this but that Trafalgar poll is right on the money. Trump is going to win Michigan as well as the election - straight up Popular Vote and EV. The "why" goes to Sue's questions. I am talking to people 45-64 and 65+ - just like the poll. The breakdown is as follows: Never voted before - voting for Trump Voted before but didn't vote last time - voting for Trump Voted for someone else last time - voting for Trump Voted for Trump - voting for Trump And yes - Voted for Hillary - voting for Trump
  11. It is a set up. It is being used to garner sympathy for Trump and thus get Trump voters to out to vote.
  12. Do you use "Car Tape" or "Long *** wire"?
  13. Most people use on online e-mail service - G-Mail (Google), Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. The e-mail stays resident on the server. Thus, a password would be required to access the e-mail. If the e-mail was accessed via Microsoft Outlook then it can indeed be downloaded to the hard drive IF you create a PST file. The PST file would then have to be "re-connected" to Microsoft Outlook in order to open the e-mails.
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