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  1. Looks like Rodriguez picked a bad time to jake it. The Tigers would have been out of the inning.
  2. Ha! Exactly! More like Lions fans sometime in August of 1958 when the World Champion Lions lost to a college team. Perhaps the greatest example of foreshadowing ever.
  3. Thanks for the response! 🙂 But how many high choppers or slow rollers are there on average during a game? None? One? So the strategy for the "contact play" is based on the batter to do exactly that right at that specific moment. You have better odds of the Lions winning the Super Bowl. 😂 Well - not really but you get my drift.
  4. I say this all the time and have for years, the Tigers seem to be the only team in baseball the consistently uses the "contact play." I will ask again - as I always do - what is the strategy? Are the Tigers gambling the that a major league infielder will boot the ball? Throw it wildly? There is an extremely low chance of that happening. Even if the batter singles cleanly up the middle there is no reason for the contact play as the runner from third would score easily on such a hit.
  5. Dickerson completely jinxed that but I never thought much of Jimenez.
  6. No injured players available?
  7. That hit was totally Dan Dickerson's fault. I am "jinx" guy and he totally jinxed Boyd.
  8. Dave Dombrowski . Also Chris Truby. If i remember correctly, Truby booted the first ball hit to him as a Tiger.
  9. Without looking anything up I want to say Stan Papi hit a HR toward the end of May in 1980. The same game could have been John Hiller's last game.
  10. I saw Carl Willis start against the New York Yankees in Tiger Stadium. Since it appears that he only had two starts in the big leagues I guess I saw his final start. I don't think he was around for the decision but I believe the Tigers won a "see-saw" affair. Ron Guidry started for the Yankees.
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