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  1. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. That first step will be taken shortly.
  2. Funny thing tho, in two weeks these exact same people will all be wearing hunter's orange because "the government said so."
  3. Unless Congress has a different healthcare plan than "regular" Government employees (they might - I have no idea) - they pay for it too!
  4. Yes - but this has been all but ignored by the media even before he took office. The Trump Hotel in Washington D.C. is in fact an old post office and as such is owned by the Government. Trump leases the building from the Government. Part of the lease agreement reads: "...no elected official of the government shall be admitted to any share or part of this Lease, or to any benefit that may arise..." As such, Trump cannot be president. Yes, Trump and others will say he put all this in a blind trust but to my knowledge he did not. I don't care about his tax returns - I want to see the document putting his lease in a blind trust. If none exists - he is illegally in the Oval Office.
  5. It definitely isn't random. It could be that people who support Trump are enthused to talk about Trump while those who don't support him don't discuss that fact openly. I don't know. I'm just afraid that everyone is in for a very rude awakening come election day.
  6. I agree but just providing a source for my information. I deal with the public frequently so this is based on talking to hundreds of people - it isn't a "small sample size." 😉
  7. The poles are wrong. No one who votes for Trump ever tells a pollster that they are indeed voting for Trump. They always lie and state that they are voting for Biden or undecided or whatever. You will see the race/polls tighten this week. I think one poll already flipped from Biden winning to Trump winning. I get my information from talking to people face to face. Trust me, Trump voters aren't shy at all in that way - they are more than happy to tell you they are voting for Trump. I know NO ONE who is voting for Biden or anyone else but Trump. These are people are all from 50 to 85, men and women, college educated and not.
  8. I have studied that "Thin Blue Line" flag for years relating to whether it is a violation of the flag code or not. First - a little history. The flag was created in direct opposition to Black Lives Matter and was originally known as the Blue Lives Matter flag. Since the police as a whole have sided with President Trump it became known as the Thin Blue Line flag. Anywho - in 1990 the Supreme Court invalidated a federal law against flag desecration as violating free speech under the First Amendment. I assume this means that flag "desecration" is now legal and the U.S. Flag Code no longer needs to be adhered too. Thus, the Thin Blue Line flag is "legal." That's my interpretation anyway.
  9. Don't quote me on this but I believe Trump has passed more gun control legislation than Obama.
  10. All I know is that militias spouted that they were against the "tyranny of an oppressive government" until Trump came along and then they weren't. Funny how that worked.
  11. What would a left-wing militia even do? Force you to plant a tree? 😉
  12. This is terrible but it will get little traction in the media. President Trump proposed the *elimination* certain Federal pension components s in the FY21 budget and it got scant mention in the media. Recently he advocated for the restoration of pensions for certain white collar worker's at Delphi. He/The White House made the following statements regarding that issue: "As long as I am President, we will never waver in our undying loyalty to the American worker." "President Donald J. Trump is Taking Unprecedented Steps to Protect the Pensions of American Workers!" Bull****! He proposed pensions be eliminated for current/future Federal retirees! https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/president-donald-j-trump-taking-unprecedented-steps-protect-pensions-american-workers/
  13. I agree on that but like I said they way the President and Kayleigh McEnany state it "....the ballots that were found were all votes for President Trump" is the admission of a crime. They have both done this several times on live TV. I have no clue why no one calls them on that.
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