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  1. Good for Dombrowski. Surprised it wound up being Boston...but that's likely the best option that would have been available under the circumstances and current teams. In addition, despite the work he has done, it might have been time for a change in Detroit anyway. Close to 15 years doesn't happen too often anymore. I'm interested to see how Avila does. But I'm more interested to see if the Illitches won't interfere, as they have been somewhat, and let Avila do what's best for this franchise. Otherwise, he's just a puppet as we sink deep into the ocean.
  2. Without going through four pages of this thread, what is the consensus on this trade? Got enough or should have gotten more?
  3. I think we all know that Jim Bowden doesn't know ****.
  4. Why would they feel pissed off? They have Rick Porcello.
  5. I've got it! Dombrowski is going to swap Cespedes for Granderson to supplant all the irrational Tigers fans. Followed by a minor league deal for Brandon Inge.
  6. Outside Fielder, Dombrowski isn't known for eating salary. At all.
  7. Pitching prospects. As for Simon, I'm honestly fine with keeping him as I don't see much interest anyhow.
  8. The Angels system might actually be worse than ours. If that's the case, I might just hold onto Cespedes.
  9. Looks like Dombrowski will be able to ditch at least half of our upcoming free agents for prospects. Good work, Dave. Of course, Avila will still be around. But you can't win them all.
  10. Dombrowski managed to get more in return for Price than what he gave up. Can't ask for more than that.
  11. It's more of a quantity over quality return. Still would give the nod to Texas in that deal.
  12. Also won't ever happen. Texas trading for Hamels could improve our draft slot as well. Bonus!
  13. "Drops the mic as he exits the clubhouse" The Tigers can still fight for a playoff birth after the deadline for all I care. The Wild Card race is just a mess of subpar teams fighting amongst themselves to see who sucks the least. They can even go ahead and make the play-in game. Just don't expect them to win another game after that. Thus, why I believe it's more beneficial to try and acquire a higher draft pick for this year.
  14. Angels fans would take that in a heartbeat. Even if you include Lamont and Ausmus.
  15. Yeah, it's not like we haven't been one of the worst teams in the league since the first ten games of this season. Oh wait..
  16. Yep...but if having them as buyers improves our draft position, then by all means. Realistically, the only guy that absolutely needs to be moved is Price. Moving Soria, Avila, Davis and Simon is fine...but let's not act like they're going to bring back a lot either. Cespedes is the wild card and probably should be the Price category. Don't mind resigning him but we can shift Martinez back to left, find a cheaper OF option and still use some of that money elsewhere.
  17. It's not like he hasn't tried to fix it. The last competent guy they've honest had was signing Benoit several years ago. Until he started to blow up in his final year.
  18. Good. Now we can go ahead and sell. The season ended before the all-star break anyhow.
  19. The Angels minor league system is just as bad, if not worse, than ours. No big loss there. The one guy that needs to guy with no question is Price and the plan is still in motion with us continuing to lose.
  20. Agreed. Having Dombrowski or Ausmus waving their hands to the media, proclaiming "We're Going to SELL!!" won't serve any purpose either.
  21. I'm still a believer that Dombrowski wants to sell and has been in that position for the past few weeks. But ultimately that decision is not his. Thus, I am of the belief that every loss will help others see the light. After that, Buck Farmer can turn into Bob Gibson for all I care in leading us to the World Series as a Wild Card in the craptastic AL.
  22. Bullpens are a crapshoot, though. Joba was one guy that I was very happy to add and a lot of people crapped on it. Especially after letting Veras go....who reverted back to his usual self
  23. I'd rather keep Nathan than be stuck with Jim Johnson. In addition, I liked Benoit and for the most part he was very good with Detroit. But he had been very shaky the past two postseasons and isn't getting any younger. More importantly, I trusted Phil Coke more in the ninth than Benoit. I'm happy to land Soria and do hope they can add another arm. Possibly someone to replace Romine as well. Anyone want to post the gist of what Keith Law said?
  24. Is Mario back tonight? I don't want to be too harsh on Trevor Thompson as that had to be a first. But yeesh..
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