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  1. Sorry. Only Read as far as the first three posts in the thread, not to the end. If new Erie Manager Lance Parrish is available and eligible, may I select him?
  2. I'd like to select Jose Alvarez. Thanks to DaYooper for organizing and allowing us to participate.
  3. Wanted to send a quick update to this thread. Today is Dad's 60th birthday. Unfortunately we didn't make it to Cooperstown this weekend. He passed away suddenly about three weeks ago. I don't write this post in an effort to garner sympathy from anyone, although I know it will come because so many on this site are just great people. I write it to say thank you to this community for what you meant to my dad. Dad was not a poster here, and I'd say that in the last couple years he wasn't even an avid reader. His computer skills were pretty limited, yet he found this site while honing his internet search skills. A quick search of my posting history will show you that most of my interaction on this site was related to old Tiger Stadium, the seats, their sale, the auction, etc. In 2007 we were given an opportunity to take a self guided tour of the stadium. We had 2-plus hours to roam basically wherever we wanted and see everything. I can't think of a time I'd seen him more excited and he spent the next two years talking about it almost exclusively. In 2009 when I told him about the seat sale and stadium auction, he immediately asked for help navigating the site on the computer. He searched google for all kinds of Tiger Stadium things. We each bought a set of blue seats and spent the auction time bidding on several items. It was quite thrilling for both of us...Dad was frugal to say the least, and to see him so active was fun. When it came time to pick up the auction items, he went to the stadium on each of the pick up days just to go down and see it again. He picked up a couple other items, including post cards, orange seat pieces, and bleacher benches. From there he sought out other postcards from the same vantage point but from different iterations of the stadium, a set of orange seats, and other miscellaneous items. Once we got our seats cleaned up he was anxious for me to post the pictures of them here in the Tiger Stadium thread and followed for weeks as others commented and posted photos of their own. So thank you to all of the Motown Sports posters, moderators, and admins for contributing to a site that allowed Dad to enhance the joy that he got out of being a Tiger fan and his love for Tiger Stadium. You did not know him, but you did impact his life positively and I'm truly grateful for that.
  4. Great. Thanks for all the tips. Will keep you posted on how it turns out.
  5. First, please forgive me if this is the wrong forum or if there is already a thread on this. I did several searches and did not come up with anything. Feel free to to relocate if this is not the proper place to post this. I'm looking at planning a trip with my dad for his 60th birthday to Cooperstown over Labor Day weekend. I'm hoping to get some input from people who have visited before on a couple items. Some general assumptions about us and our interests: - Neither of us have ever been there - We're coming from metro Detroit - Walking and getting around on foot is not an issue - We're the type that is definitely most interested in the museum part of the facility as opposed to seeing live baseball at Doubleday Field or seeing the town to pick up souvenirs or memorabilia, although we aren't averse to spending a little time on both - We obviously don't need the fanciest or most romantic lodging, something relatively inexpensive but not a roach motel - We'd have no problem driving in and parking in a lot to take the shuttle If we make the drive Saturday morning, is two days enough time to feel like we saw everything? We are considering drving to Gettysburg afterwards before heading home. There are so many lodging places to choose from. Can anyone help narrow down the list? We'd probably just pick a chain place as long as the price was decent. Any other general recommendations are also very appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Thought I'd bump a thread for the 100th anniversary of the first game played at the stadium. I have plenty of memories from their but my favorites are the ones I shared with my dad: the last game we saw thair against the Devil Rays when Dean Palmer hit a home run that landed a few rows in front of us, Father's Day games, going on the field before the game on Lutheran Night. That and the amount of enjoyment we shared when they sold the seats, and auctioned off items. I think my Dad went down there every day the place was open to pick up auction items.
  7. Can we confirm that Eric Roof got released? If so, is Scott Pickens still available for me to replace him? Not sure how often the roster at the beginning of this thread is updated since the draft is mostly over.
  8. I'd like to see him finish as a Tiger also. But barring anything unforeseen, he's gonna get a bigger contract than Pujols just got.
  9. Deik Scram has spent most of his time in Erie with a little bit in Toledo. .259/.386./.447 combined slash.
  10. Doubtful he'll be available to play second since he got moved to the bullpen today.
  11. Another example could be Arizona's team this year...they don't have any one player that's having an amazing season, but they've got a star or two and a bunch of guys that are replacement or just above replacement level playing decently. They're in the race in the NL West. The Tigers farm system doesn't have a lot of position players at this level to fill holes in the line up.
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