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  1. Huh-uh. Matt Nokes had a good year in '87...
  2. No. But he has an awesome nickname. "St. Clair" Shore. Second place was "Eddie".
  3. So Ver will be back, likely for Alcatara, who, like Big Joe, throws WAAAAAY too many fastballs. Where's Rick Anderson regarding these guys? Forbes Magazine wrote articles on both Alcantara and Big Joe and their increasing reliance on their fastballs. sorry I do not have the link.
  4. Nice outing for Verhagen tonight. He's back.
  5. It might be Jake Rogers Hornsby. Only position players performing are Castro bros, Lugo, Rogers, Hill, Gibson, maybe Azocar. Even Paredes struggling...
  6. Larry Mize with a strong game so far tonight in Erie. 6 shotout innings.
  7. Other HOFers who tailed off at the ends of their careers would include: Frank Thomas - 1st ballot Al Kaline - 1st ballot - compare his #'s in the 50's vs afterward ??
  8. With the team scuffling, I'm trying to divert my attention to other important topics: With Cheli's now closed, where do you guys buy your candy bars before the game? Was that dude selling candy in Cheli's bathroom legit? And what's he doing now?
  9. Top 3 pick? Does that mean we're better than Miami? Better than Baltimore? I don't think we are. I think we can get that #1 pick. Yeah.
  10. Exactly. We need more bodies off the scrap heap. If they have a pulse...
  11. Jake Rogers Hornsby with a three run double in the second Hens game tonight.
  12. We didn't mind Miggy's other family when he was playing well. We're better people now.
  13. I don't see them getting close to those numbers again. The fact they won 18 of their first 40 will help them possibly avoid 100 losses, but I don't see them winning 55 more games. Huh-uh. They've had their best quarter. I could see a 15-25 quarter coming or even a 13-27. It's gonna be ugly. You realize Ramirez is the likely starter tomorrow night, right?
  14. Verhagen passes through waivers and is now being stretched into a starter for the Hens. Seriously.
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