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  1. Scranton - Wilkes Barre Rail Riders are known as "Boone's Farm Team".
  2. I remember when Brett Boone went Ofer in home run derby. He may have had a swing and a miss even. I'm not sure.
  3. Sure he will. Rotation for now in Toledo? Burr, Adleman, Carpenter. Edwin, Verhagen. Soto is around as well. Jackson will be in Toledo 'til he pitches his way to the bigs or til he flames out.
  4. Other possible traded candidates: Hardy - Oakland had interest in him over the winter. Nick Ramirez - Why not? Farmer - Decent arm Cisnero - Why is this guy not a Tiger anymore? Is he a bad egg? No one in their right mind would take Stumpf.
  5. I think if we had not signed him, someone else would have. He pitched well for Oakland last year. He's not that old. He can take Alexander's spot in the Hen rotation. This is similar to the Adleman signing.Tim's been decent for the Hens and Erie.
  6. This is kinda late. Dude's been on the decline last few games.
  7. On moon landing anniversary day DeCaster came back to earth. Some dude for Syracuse took him deep into the night...
  8. SOTO sounds too much like an acronym. Let's try: South of Toledo - meaning he's not AAA material
  9. Burr shelled tonight in Toledo. Let's stop this silly talk about him being called up.
  10. I think he's gone the way Iggy and McCann and Wilson were gone this year. No sense keeping him when you've gotta pay him $4Million or whatever...
  11. Yeah. I'd forget about Fulmer. He's on a one year contract. He'll be an expensive risk next year. I doubt that they pay another year for him.
  12. Skubal is exciting. 34 K's in his first 16 innings...
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