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  1. Let's talk in the spring. The key for him as a utility player is that he can play SS. Not a ton of them around. I could see Cleveland signing him as a cheaper Kipnis mabe. Toronto, somebody like that. The Reds if they don't resign Iggy.
  2. Plenty of other teams would want Mercer.
  3. He came because Avila did one of his patented early FA offers. It was more than Jordy and his agent thought he might get (see Iggy) and he and his agent didn't know if he'd get a better offer.
  4. Why in the world would Mercer choose to come back to this team?
  5. How in the world do teams have "bullpen" games in September when you can call up as many players as you want?
  6. That's 'cause he's tall. Big strike zone. Now take Eddie Gadell, for instance. That dude could walk.
  7. He had two hits in one recent game. Beyond that, he had a walk once. The two hits kept his average over the Rogers line (.100). Sorry to have to invent that, but it had to be done. We'll likely see Greiner behind the dish next April with Hicks or somebody comparable as a backup. Ideally a LH catcher.
  8. Do we ever talk about how the new ball changes the game beyond HR's? Do singles become outs? Outs become doubles? I'm too lazy to look that stuff up...
  9. But he is no where near as personable as Max. No where near.
  10. I don't think we protect him. Burrows is questionable as well.
  11. I never liked the first name only thing. Tom Hamilton of the Indians always calls him "Suzuki". Good for Tom. Thanks goodness the first name only thing never caught on in sports (Pele maybe?). Speaking of FNOPs (First Name Only People), if Cher were to marry Bono, would she be Cher Bono again? Oh. And I saw Suzuki lay down a bunt once with a runner on second and two outs. Overrated? Yeah.
  12. Like I said, this number of PA's with this level of batting may be unprecedented.
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