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  1. I loved Arky Vaughan. One of the great names in baseball.
  2. if you have any questions, contact Charles or myself.
  3. Jim Northrup went into the Tiger Hall of Fame as a Tiger.
  4. Good memory for you and for Hawk. No way Impemba remembers any of that type of knowledge. 'Cause you have to know it before you can remember it.
  5. My wife told me Kenny Rogers died today. My immediate response was, "The pitcher?" When she told me it was not the pitcher I calmed down. Both Kennys have Toledo connections. The singer of course refers to "a bar in Toledo, across from the depot" in the song Lucille. That bar is traditionally thought to have been The Country Palace on Jefferson Ave across form the former Greyhound station/depot. I'm thinking maybe Kenny sang at the Palace at some point, I do not know. Years later the pitcher Kenny Rogers performed at 5/3rd field, about 3 blocks away. He was on injury rehab from the Tigers probably at age 42 or thereabouts and my only memory of his outing was him picking a guy off of first who had dared to get a hit off of him. But you have to wonder if the pitcher knew how close he was to the bar the singer with the same name had referenced... Little known fact: The singer had five wives. None were named Lucille.
  6. Will this be the last game? Will it even get played?
  7. oh, they'll still have the horses out there. They don't care about the horses... But I bet the Kentucky Derby gets run without jockeys...
  8. Or will they even play? As University of Toledo's basketball coach noted, aren't the players and officials more likely to contact the virus than the fans? I realize that, yes, basketball is indoors and baseball is mostly outdoors... Will they leave the roofs (rooves?) open to let the germs out in Toronto and TB?
  9. I predict they all make the cut with Jones on the DL
  10. What the H ever happened to Gordon "Odell" Beckham?
  11. Just saying Tampa does that alot and they are well run.
  12. Well, we do have some banjo hitters. You don't hear that term anymore but I think they still exist...
  13. Actually, Tampa does this and, per dollar spent, they are baseball's best run franchise. So yeah, no service time for these guys 'til the team is ready.
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