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  1. I could foresee the "no-catcher shift" developing sometime in the not too distant future. It will probably start in Tampa - that's where these things always start. It goes like this: With no one on base, you move the catcher to become a fifth infielder (or 4th outfielder if Stanton or JD are up to bat). You essentially don't need the catcher if no one's on base. Yes, the pitch will go straight through to the umpire but - think about it - by then we won't have home plate umpires. The first baseman and third baseman will take turns retrieving the pitches. Once a runner gets on base, the catcher would return to his traditional position behind the plate. Like I said, look for Tampa to develop this once the home plate umps are not required to be behind the plate calling balls and strikes. Tampa presses the envelope.
  2. This is not about the catcher. It's about a decent team claiming our excess, our reject. It's not much, but it's a sign. It's like when the poorest guy in your neighborhood puts out his trash and somebody from the really nice house takes something from it.
  3. This is a good sign. A good team actually wanted a guy (Matt Hall) who wasn't good enough for our 40 man anymore. It's not much, but it's a step.
  4. When Fiers pitches agst Houston this year for the first time, the game needs to be nationally televised. I hope that doesn't happen in ST. Does Houston train in AZ now?
  5. Do you think Rob ever listened to any Manfred Mann?
  6. Betran out! Don kelly once again fills his britches.
  7. I had forgotten about Schwindel. Dude's got some pop.
  8. Joe Burrows? You may be thinking of Beau Burrows. And yes, the Texas Tech player may be better than Beau Burrows. Hey, for the record, Don Kelly just filled his britches again.
  9. I think we look at the Nova signing and we say, "OK. I guess this is our guy." "Here's our 4th starter." But at $1.5 Million, we could sign a few more of these type guys.At this price range, AA should bring a couple more of this type to camp. See what works. Let them compete for the 4th starter position. We can afford that. For what it's worth Yahoo Fantasy Sports has him penciled in as our 8th starter.
  10. I saw Kenny Rogers pick a guy off first in a rehab start for the Hens, once. It wasn't cheating but it just didn't seem fair.
  11. What about Spring Training? I bet they didn't cheat against the Tigers or Baltimore. Why risk it? Probably not KC. Did they play the Marlins?
  12. He doesn't throw hard but he sure is big. Bartolo's book hits the shelves in April. Father's Day is coming. And let's not forget Mom!
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