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  1. That will be really interesting. He was a jerk, no doubt. But I don't know if a coach has ever been suspended for "egging". It will be interesting to see what Torre says if he's still the guy.
  2. Ernie always said that Norm Cash was the best first baseman at chasing fouls down the RF line. Maybe that's 'cause he and Kaline patrolled that line together for 12+ years or whatever it was.
  3. Honest question: The Indians - White Sox game went to a rain delay with one out. When they came back the Indians had a new pitcher. Is that pitcher required to face 3 batters since he came into the game mid-inning? AROD provided no insight. I'm guessing the rain delay nullifies that rule but ARod and whoever gets to work with him shed no light. Speaking of announcers, I hope we don't have to hear any more "great stop!" comments by Shep on a pitch in the dirt when there's no one on base. He also made the comment a week or so ago when the score went from 4-1 to 4-2 that lead had been "cut in half". Best call of the week: Adam Frasier's home run by the Pirate's announcer: "Out goes Frasier! Out goes Frasier!"
  4. Fox Detroit showed a clip of Nick taking extra fielding practice in Cinci. I'm thinking maybe they showed it last Friday. I'm really surprised they aired it. Nick was getting one on one instruction and was visibly and audibly unhappy with the coach. I wonder if he's told Cinci he does not want to DH? And management responds with, "OK. Show us you can field." Nick always reminded me of the guy in "Slapshot" who listed to positive thinking records.
  5. Max does. Dude took out a full page ad thanking the fans when he left town.
  6. Just repeating what the odds makers said. That might be a helpful addition to your opening post for each game. Just a thought.
  7. Twitter, interview, whatever. Did you have an issue with Verlander when he went to the press regarding the lively ball? Did you have an issue when he banned a reporter from the clubhouse?
  8. That's why Bauer is so upset. He knew he had lost his opportunity to pitch against the Tigers. And against Fulmer. That spells "sure win" for The Reds.
  9. Bauer is brilliant, clever, funny, outspoken and talented. Would love to see him in a Tiger uniform. His argument today that the game could and likely should have been cancelled before the SP's warmed up was a sound one. He obviously knew that he and the Reds were heavily favored today.
  10. Harold Castro says hello. That would get a LH bat into the lineup. We only have 3 and one is Stewart who is not sure thing to stay.
  11. Great thought. Having a taxi squad loaded with younger prospects allowed the prospects to get supervised work in. And get innings in in the case of our prized pitching prospects. Obviously, in the case of the Marlins that's not working out. It's the equivalent of the military trying to construct a reserve squad and having to choose between guys in the academy with no battle experience as opposed to bringing guys in who have some battle experience.
  12. On the bright side, if the season gets cancelled, Funk-Burrows-Castro get to have new debuts next year. Wipe those numbers out. Will we ever say again that pitchers are ahead of hitters early in the season? Let's hope nobody has a no hitter tonight and the season gets cancelled tomorrow. Or hits five home runs or something.
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