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  1. Both Cameron and Rogers were accustomed to being told what pitches were coming when they were in the Houston farm system. So their batting stats were overstated. Coming to the Tiger organization, they did not have that advantage. Thus, we were sold a bill of goods. i thing we need to go back to the Stroh's and plead our case. Then we'll go to the press. Maybe we'll get Ver back. Yeah.
  2. Mike Fiers instrumental in breaking this story. That'll teach Houston to leave him off their WS roster!! You go, Mike!
  3. You ARE disinterested. Season's been over for a month now, bud. There haven't been any games lately...
  4. The key is price. Al's been too anxious the past couple years and signed guys for too much money too quick (Ross, Mercer, Moore). He did wait 'til late for Harrison, and yes, that did not work out. But he didn't tie up much capital in Harrison. He needs to be more patient and get bargains. Lots of 'em. Sign like 8 of these guys and see what sticks. Don't forget - he can trade any successes at the deadline for prospects. Sign guys cheap. They won't be blocking anybody, they're cheap and they can be traded at the deadline.
  5. Would Houston have protested a "safe" call on the play in question? I think not.
  6. I really went out on a limb on this one, didn't I ? 😀 I've also got Washington winning in 5 and Trump in a landslide. In case you were wondering.
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