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  1. Yeah I remember Mateen Cleeves. So you got one on me...
  2. I think you will have a hard time finding very many people to agree with you. Dumars job in Detroit has been outstanding. I would say his only mistake is bringing in Flip. He didnt overpay for Ben, he always drafts well, and he brings in great players. With Joe in charge we always have a chance for a title, even if Flip is our coach.
  3. A lot of people have basically said the same thing. Neither Shelton or Hessmann are the answer. When Thames comes back Hessmann will be gone. It's not like the guy is our full time first baseman. Leyland is being very generous with his playing time, but I am hoping that mostly has to do with injury.
  4. This is what scares me the most. This losing streak is reminding me of last year and we dont have the lead or the roster right now to stay on top for long.
  5. Well said. I am still baffled with that move.
  6. What has Rodney done at all this year to be excited about? Don't get me wrong I would rather see him over Grilli out there, but he is nowhere near the pitcher he was last year. Our bullpen is just so bad we are all over excited for him to come back.
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