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  1. Indians (cause i like going to Jacobs Field...and yes im still calling it that)
  2. So im going to the Emerald Theatre in Mt. Clemens on sunday, and i've never been there before. So for those of you that have been there.....What is parking like ? Is it free or do i have to pay?
  3. I was in Atlanta once and was calling around for pizza delivery to my room. I called one place and after i realized how much they charged i cancelled my order (before i hung up) and went with another place. Both places delivered at almost the same time. Then i had to remember who i ordered from and who to send packing...it was my own little reality show sendoff moment:D
  4. Kiss- Alive! Bruce Springsteen- Magic Zug Izland- 3:33 Buckcherry-15 Beatles- 1 Alice Cooper- Mascara and Monsters Tom Petty- Greatest Hits Guns N Roses-Appetite for Destruction Doors- The Future Starts Here Foo Fighters- Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace
  5. So since this is a thread about the Foo Fighters....anyone goin to the show tonight at JLA?
  6. YES! i could barely understand them..most of the conversations go like this "What could you repeat that" "Im sorry could you repeat that?" "So you do not have a US call center?"
  7. So i bought a laptop from Dell a couple months ago and it comes with the Vista Basic package, im a student so i dont need alot just stuff to get my schoolwork done. Well it runs really really REALLY SLOW. I called dell and come to find out that i bought the 512 MB version with Vista....Vista work only with 2GB. So i have to shell out another $100 to get the upgrades so that i can use my computer. Why didnt they warn people of the slooooooowness with 512 MB? Reading the customer reviews for the upgrades i am not the only one.
  8. me and my wife just took a cruise to the bahamas and only paid $400 for the both of us. I think i ate $400 just in the food that they offer
  9. Camping is awesome in this state. Ive tried camping in other states and they just dont get it....you need trees and surrounding your space not just a dirt plot
  10. I also went with strange brew since i havent seen it in awhile...and it gives me a reason to go and buy it this week.
  11. bad bad bad....The reason Ace and Peter left Kiss is because they couldnt keep off the drugs and alcohol during the Psycho Circus tour. The only reason they did the "Farewell Tour" is because they were making it unbearable for Gene and Paul to be in the band. After the tour was finished Gene and Paul realized that it was stupid to quit the band because of two members of the band. Listen to the commentary during the "Last Kiss" disc on Kissology 3...they explain alot.
  12. ok where is the tour announced? i went to Kissonline.com, pollstar.com, and a couple other sites and i see no mention of it.
  13. Huge KISS fan here. Was there in 1996 for Tiger Stadium, plus about 10 other shows after that. As for best lineup...thats tough...Hard to beat the group on the reunion tour, although ive always liked Eric Singer as the drummer. Best cd: Hotter than Hell, Dressed to Kill, Revenge. Air Guitar: Shock Me. Underrated Cd: Carnival of Souls (love Childhoods End). Cant choose best song but im currently into : War Machine
  14. "Hey Joe" -Originally by the band "The Grits" , best known by Hendrix
  15. OMG this thread is killing me...i lost it when i saw the Bozo pic. My wife had to come in the room and ask what was wrong with me because im crying....Thanks guys i needed a laugh
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