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  1. Ran across this site (Roster Roundup) https://minorleaguerosters.wordpress.com/author/baseballrosters/ that has full organizational rosters for all 30 teams. It seems to be quite accurate and complete.
  2. Here's a nice right up on my 2013 AAT - Harold Castro (pick #40). The Top 50 Prospects Countdown No. 13: 2B Harold Castro - Bless You Boys If anyone has any pics of Harold I'd appreciate them posting. Thanks!
  3. Looks like I can make a selection now. I select, hopefully the future long-term 2B, Harold Castro!!! Thanks for running this again, Yoop!
  4. At first, I had problems too. I selected Fantasy Hockey / Join a League / Accept Invite League ID: 67995 Password: MTSHC2013 Only 3 have actually signed up so far. We need more ASAP!!! Please join.
  5. Yes, I've been in the last several years.
  6. Sanchez is much better than a typical 4th starter. His peripherals stats have historically been as good as many 2 or 3s. I would not be surprised at all if he ended up performing better than either Scherzer or Fister over the next 5 years. I hope we keep him, even for the $$$.
  7. Tyler Collins, my AAT had a excellent season for the Lakeland Flying Tigers. Impressive stat line. Looks like a potential future corner OF at Comerica Park. Nothing exceptional defensively, but a solid line drive hitter who can take a walk and possibly steal a few bases, although far from a speedster. Likely to start 2013 with Erie. Tyler Collins Minor League Statistics & History - Baseball-Reference.com
  8. Just saw that - wow! 12 for 17 on the season! YES!!!
  9. I'm proud to have picked him. See post #17 above.
  10. Well, I was realistically expecting my AAT to be at West Michigan to start 2012. After a good spring that saw him get a couple of late inning appearances with the big club, TYLER COLLINS is off to an amazing start with the Lakeland Flying Tigers. Three straight 3 hit games to begin the season. Awesome start, Tyler!
  11. Young in LF most of the time. Thomas will make 25 man with Dirks the 1st on call from Toledo. Deserves to be in the bigs though. Only sent out because of option situation; don't think they'll risk losing Clete.
  12. Voted for Below. I think he'll get a few starts initially and they'll keep Turner in Toledo until they get past the off days early in the season and need a 5th starter more regularly. Below has an outside chance to keep the job a while if he does well as he's LH'd; a slow start by Turner in Toledo could prolong Below and/or someone else's opportunity.
  13. I mentioned Guzman back in post #97 of this thread. Definitely seems to have a decent bat, has experience at multiple positions, and is only 27. He played a lot of 1B the second half of '11 for San Diego, but they've traded for Yonder Alonso which seems to make him expendable. Not sure of his defensive abilities, but like the looks of his .312/.369/.478 line in the bigs in '11.
  14. Anyone know much about Jesus Guzman from the Padres? He split last year between San Diego & their AAA team in Tucson, appears to have a pretty decent bat, and seems to be ticketed for a backup role in SD in 2012. Has played some 1B/3B/LF/2B as a pro. Defensive stats look a bit suspect, but he's only 27 and might be had somewhat reasonably. Headley be sweet to pick up too if something could be worked out. Jesus Guzman Minor League Statistics & History - Baseball-Reference.com Wouldn't mind Prado, but appears we can't find anything agreeable to make that work. Callaspo or Izturis from the Angels would help at 2B/3B. Might take a flier on Mark Teahen, now that he's a free agent.
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