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  1. what are your guys thoughts on a draft something like this: 1. Prince Amukamara CB-Nebraska or Partick Peterson CB-LSU 2. Ryan Kerrigan DE-Purdue or Justin Houston DE-Georgia 3. Mason Foster LB-Washington or Rodney Houston OG- Florida State I went to drafttek and put in what i thought the biggest needs for the lions were and these players either were the pick they gave me or were within 3 to 5 spots. i dont know how likely something like this would be to happen but i like how defense would be addressed in the first 2 rounds an potentially the 3rd. thought?
  2. ran a mock on drafttek and this is what i ended up with 1) Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska 2) Patrick Robinson CB Florida St with kyle wilson going 4 picks later(I like wilson better) 3) John Jerry OG Mississippi 4) Ben Tate RB Auburn what do you think? would you be happy/ not happy? what would you change? i like to hear other peoples input. thx
  3. thanks. wasnt sure so i thought id post it here anyways
  4. just read on footballsfuture.com that jones is talking with the lions. idk how reliable the source is. just thought id let you know that. p.s. just realized the the info was from the 5th so take it for what its worth. tried to help out haha
  5. So i just tried out a mock draft on drafttek and this is what i got: 1) Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska (pick #2) 2) Jason Pierre-Paul DE South Florida (pick #34) 3) Brandan Ghee CB Wake Forest (pick #66) 4) Jared Veldheer OT Hillsdale (pick #97) 5) Mitch Petrus OG Arkansas (pick # 129) Just some notes/thoughts: -I have St. Louis taking Bradford with pick #1 -I don't think Pierre-Paul will fall that far but if he does i absolutely love the pick. -I like the picks by position. We need defensive help badly and is addressed with the first three picks. - and OL is addressed later in the draft What are your thoughts?
  6. culpepper is terrible. i know stanton might not be any better but i would like to see him get a shot.
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