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  1. Apparently the refs had to do something to help Phoenix get back in the game since they couldn't do it on their own.
  2. We need quite a bit more of what we saw in the last game in Chicago and a whole lot less of what we saw most of the season for the rest of this game.
  3. Really bad call on Lidstrom to put them 2 men down and then no call on the elbow to Helm.. I guess we better get used to this. Looks like the calls are gonna be one-sided.
  4. Absolutely agree. This is terrible quality. There has to be something better out there than this.
  5. Red Wings game doesn't start until 12:45pm. They should send you to that game once it is ready to start.
  6. For those of us outside the Red Wings viewing area, the game will be streamed on nbcsports.com. This according to the pre-game show on NBC.
  7. With the 14th pick Lindappel selects Papa Grande Jose Valverde
  8. You are officially banned from watching any more games then! lol
  9. Tigers can't stand success apparently. This brutal defense is just astonishing.
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