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  1. They weren't dudes. It was a joke. Get over yourself. In fact, if you did some research you'd know the picture wasn't even what you 'thought' it was of.
  2. Here you go uptight member of Motown Sports: My response is if I can find it on Google with a quick search of "sky diving" then it's legal. Go ***** to Google.
  3. Heck no, I want to hear about it. I want to know who is so much of a B.A. that they can attack Miggy but can't attack the ball on the field. This can be pretty fun if its say....LAIRD!
  4. I can't i'm about to jump off. (picture removed by moderator)
  5. Not according to DJNTIRE. He gives this "city" a big thumbs down.
  6. And pay the pool boy on time. Can't forget about the pool boy who tends to the indoor pool.
  7. I just want to know which "little man" on the Tigers team kicked this big dudes A-S-S. Maybe it was Dontrelle for bringing him into this mess? D-Train prolly said "dude...you ruined my career coming to Detroit" and unloaded on poor Miggy.
  8. It's just not Jims fault. Absolutely not. He doesnt hold the bat that the Tigers can't seem to make contact with a ball. The players have to play.
  9. That's the point...like these games lately!
  10. OK so he gets his *** kick on the field.....and off.
  11. It's late Friday - does the league have a policy on when to answer the appeal? Is it only "business day" or "business hours" excluding weekends? Bondo is appealing so if its an issue only handled between Monday - Friday during business hours then yea, it should kick in for next season.
  12. This is such...SUCH BS. Two Tigers, no Twins suspended following incident during Thursday's series finale | Detroit Tigers - - MLive.com
  13. I always drink more then usual. With that said.....it just aint gonna happen. I think............? Maybe? Hopefully?!?
  14. This SUX....but its also so sweet. I had tix to the 1st game that was postponed.........so the Tigers said my tix were only available for the make-up game. whatever. So............now I have tix to tomorrows game....problem is.........I work all day and don't get out 'til 230. I got called back to GM.......ugh. I'm not bitching but damn......We can CLINCH this tomorrow!!!!!
  15. Nope it's Porcello v. Blackburn and JV to finish the night cap.
  16. Not with this stuff going through your head. Porcello HAS to be a complete CASE right now. You know the kid was amp'd up and ready to go tonight. To push it back at the last minute until tomorrow at noon - which is a time in which the pitcher gets to the ballpark on his "work day" and he has to get there that much earlier. I hate to sound "cliche" in saying this, but Rick is either going to pitch his *** off going on a short sleep schedule or he's doing to get smoked. I'm going with the former rather than the latter. Rick seems like he's light years ahead of himself.....oh, and the pitcher going after him is Verlander, who just so has happened to take Rick under his wing this season.
  17. The MLB already said the 'tie-breaker' would be played at Comerica because of the Monday Night Football Game that has the Vikings hosting the Packers.
  18. Exactly. Use him in a game like yesterdays - when it's clear we're up and going to win. Tell you what. F-Rod gave up 4 runs when he came in right? Final score was 8-4 bad guys. If F-Rod doesn't give up those 4 runs and we bat in the 9th we make it 4-4. Different game, eh? You don't see Mariano Rivera pitch "just to use him" at all in any game do you? No. He's a closer. End. Of. Story.
  19. I said it a few months back and I'm saying it again now. Jimbo......WHY do you insist on using our closer in NON-SAVE situations?!? We're going to need this man these next four games and if we do, playing him in situations that he's not needed in is NOT a way to prepare him for a MAJOR series!
  20. Now c'mon - you know you can't say you "happen to be doing some work with" and NOT tell us what it is or if its related to baseball! Well you could - but that just wouldn't be cool, man.
  21. I thought this article was pretty cool. I know we are going to get a boat load of them over the next few days especially when the Twins get here. I thought I'd post it up. Personally - I'm going to attend at least ONE Tigers/Twins game when they are here for the 4 game series. That series is going to have a bigtime playoff feel for it. Postseason fever lifts Detroit's spirits | MLB.com: News
  22. Good - cause I'm broke 'til Friday!
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