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  1. They weren't dudes. It was a joke. Get over yourself. In fact, if you did some research you'd know the picture wasn't even what you 'thought' it was of.
  2. Here you go uptight member of Motown Sports: My response is if I can find it on Google with a quick search of "sky diving" then it's legal. Go ***** to Google.
  3. Heck no, I want to hear about it. I want to know who is so much of a B.A. that they can attack Miggy but can't attack the ball on the field. This can be pretty fun if its say....LAIRD!
  4. I can't i'm about to jump off. (picture removed by moderator)
  5. Not according to DJNTIRE. He gives this "city" a big thumbs down.
  6. And pay the pool boy on time. Can't forget about the pool boy who tends to the indoor pool.
  7. I just want to know which "little man" on the Tigers team kicked this big dudes A-S-S. Maybe it was Dontrelle for bringing him into this mess? D-Train prolly said "dude...you ruined my career coming to Detroit" and unloaded on poor Miggy.
  8. It's just not Jims fault. Absolutely not. He doesnt hold the bat that the Tigers can't seem to make contact with a ball. The players have to play.
  9. That's the point...like these games lately!
  10. OK so he gets his *** kick on the field.....and off.
  11. It's late Friday - does the league have a policy on when to answer the appeal? Is it only "business day" or "business hours" excluding weekends? Bondo is appealing so if its an issue only handled between Monday - Friday during business hours then yea, it should kick in for next season.
  12. This is such...SUCH BS. Two Tigers, no Twins suspended following incident during Thursday's series finale | Detroit Tigers - - MLive.com
  13. I always drink more then usual. With that said.....it just aint gonna happen. I think............? Maybe? Hopefully?!?
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