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  1. wHY NOT JUST HAVE MONKEYS FLY OUT OF ALS A**. GIVE ME A BREAK JUST LET THE WINGS entertain us with their great hockey!!!!
  2. I feel pretty good.Maybe I can go back to being my normal self and not just show up to heckle. I would much rather cheer than jeer 4 Higgy. I hope his statement wasn't just more smoke from his a**. I also feel the Tigs are finally moving in the right direction. I don't think it's a 5 year plan either , maybe 2-3 year plan.We will compete in a lot of games next year,maybe not win a lot but at least not just going through the motions.i'm sure my advice is worthless but i hope Tram takes the Sparky aproach! "MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY" Well all 4 now , GO TIGERS!!!!!!
  4. Well here we go again! we start a new 5 year plan in 2003. The problem is where do the Tigs start? who is the cornerstone we build around? I'll be there next year and support my team again. I love baseball and the Tigers, but some how the old English "D" has been spit on, kicked on, stomped on, and disgraced by so called major league players who for some reason don't seem to care about winning. It's all about how much money they can get. I don't give the owners a free pass they screwed this game up too. I hope something good starts next year in baseball as a whole and really for the TIGERS TO GET A CLUE AND SOME HEART!!
  5. getting a real third baseman,s.s. , 2nd and center fielder?
  6. detluvr


    I take quite a lot of pics at the games and maybe some would like to see some of them. It says I cant post attachments but if anyone is interested let me know.
  7. Lima did wanna win he just doesn't have it anymore. I also do feel he was good in the clubhouse with his humor but it was time for him to go. We need gamers not humor!!
  8. Like i said I dont get personal.I will never bring a players family into it.Unlike an idiot the other night that was on Higgy about his kid I feel that is crossing the line and I did tell him that. something else kinda funny is Higgy is the wallpaper on my puter. I'm a Higgy fan-not as big as my wife is , she thinks hes great.
  9. detluvr


    I really think he has a good future hopefully as a Tiger! He's just gotta relax at the plate and he will bat around 280-290.with `15-20 homers maybe 75 rbi.Does anyone else feel this way?
  10. I do feel that the players have the right to respond and I welcome it. I think that means they do care a bit and want to win. Thanks for welcoming me to the site! I just wish i'd found it sooner.I think the Tigers will be back sooner than later they just need more players with heart.I'm not saying all the players on this team are bad but maybe would benefit elsewhere.
  11. I am a season ticket holder and sit behind home plate front row and heckle a few players and i get a few responses like halter mostly just says shut the f*** up. I never swear, get vulgar, nor personal. I only yell things concerning the players baseball skills. the only player that had the guts to ask me why i have a problem with them was higgy.i think higgys a good player but very over payed.
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