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  1. I hope all has been well. I miss having you around.

  2. He will always be synonymous with Tiger's baseball for me, and with his passing also dies a large connection with "old time" baseball in my book. I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to share stories with my old man tonight about my memories of Ernie, as relatively brief as they may be, and hear of him listening to Ernie while sitting on a ladder in Detroit as a child with his dad. Mr. Harwell graced generations with his comforting drawl and selfless reflection of baseball. I'm happy I got to experience baseball through his eyes. Enjoy the next journey Ernie.
  3. Ballgame! Sweet sassy molassy like a donkey eatin' a waffle, we're going back to D-town with the chance for a kill shot!
  4. Don't tell me to settle down, you especially have no right to tell anyone that. I expected 6-6, wouldn't have been surprised with 5-7, wouldn't have been surprised with 7-5. Look where we are, 5-5 with 2 games left, we'll be exactly within the reasonable record we expected. But the simple fact is we started out with a bang at 4-0, won games we should win, and one we probably shouldn't have. But when we start out with a bang everyone goes from thinking ok we're making some progress to "oh my god we're going to play Jan 1!" Then after a loss, oh my god LES MILES LES MILES LES MILES! So we're outcoached in these second halfs, but everything that happened in the first half is irrelevant. The fact that other teams made adjustments and stopped a few drives and then continued to move the ball at will against our porous defense. Then they won games. I'm not sure how you figure that Zook outcoached us? Because our offense line/RB couldn't punch in the ball from the 1 yard line on 4 plays? Because our defense promptly gave up a 99 yard drive and folded as if the game was over. And so on and so on. Are you ****ING KIDDING ME!?! Michigan is the number one rushing and scoring offense in the Big 10. Michigan is the number 11 rushing team, and number 24 scoring team in the nation! This is all after one additional year in the system, with freshman QBs, the same offensive line (MINUS their best player), and same RBs (who have been constantly dinged up) that we were 59/100 respectively in the nation the previous year. Yeah you're right, it looks like the league has figured them out. This coming from a guy who said last year doesn't count, and has mentioned time and time again Coach Rod essentially has put his stamp on one recruiting class. You think the problem is offense? I'm at a loss for words Buddha. The defense is horrible. There have been many posts here and at mgoblog about the attrition from previous recruiting classes. Coach Rod has basically one recruiting class, or one and a half, however you want to look at it, to change this defense around. I don't know anyone in the world that could make these players into a strong defense. You're right it appeared that Coach Rod picked the wrong D-coordinator, but instead of sticking with him for 4 years of terrible offenses, he quickly realized his mistake and changed directions. I'll take a coach that does that. We'll see how the defense shapes up over the next two years as they are clearly a huge priority and will be young and inexperienced for 2 more years at least. They can't get much worse, the defense is the reason we're 5-5 not at least 6-4 or better. Of course the defense is partially on Rodriguez, but you can't polish a turd, and we're dealing with a turd. You can replace a turd with a defense though, and that's Coach Rod/Robinson's priority over the next 3 recruiting classes. Again, is it so hard to support the program one roots for? I'm getting so sick and tired of hearing constant whining because things aren't going how random second guessing, internet posting, know it all fans want it to. What the hell do you know about college football that makes you so qualified to know that Coach Rod can't succeed at UM because how the past two years have gone? But obviously "insert name here" would be doing a better job. If "insert name here" was coaching right now and not performing people would be whining and whining that someone else would be doing the job better. It's just embarrassing to be pouring your heart not only into a program but a school, and sit around hearing supposed "fans" whine and trash it constantly as soon as things don't go your way. This isn't to just you Buddha, but all of these "fans" SHUT THE **** UP AND SHOW SOME SUPPORT FOR THE SCHOOL YOU SUPPOSEDLY ROOT FOR! You don't have to blindly accept everything as being rosy all the time, I'm not happy with how things have gone with several things over the past two years, but shut up and show some support for the coaching staff that spends easily upwards of 70 hours a week busting their *** to put a team on the field who has the chance to succeed every week. No coach is perfect, Coach Rod isn't perfect, but give them a chance and have a little faith that their knowledge of college football which is SO much more vast than yours is actually trying to do things to get their team to win. All of these fans are going to be right there when the team is successful talking about how great a team they are so why not try and do a little bit of that when the team is down and needs the support of its fans the most? Would people feel the same way if a few of these close losses tipped in our favor? No. Then Coach Rod would be fine, and moving in the right direction. Yesterday fans booed Coach Rod's decision to punt instead of go for it on 4th down in their own territory, however seconds later when Mesko boomed a punt and their returner was tackled inside the 15 yardline everyone was going nuts. These coaches know what they are doing, show a little faith between your disagreements with coaching decisions, have the coaches back a little bit. Don't be a blind follower, but don't be a whiner, it's sickening. Winning is what you want out of your program every game, it's not going to happen. UM has the most wins of any program all time, but show some support in the block M even when there aren't W's every Saturday. I do, because that M means so much more to me than that. Michigan does things the right way, and is a successful institution, have a little faith that they are doing that again here. Change isn't always easy, but it sure has shown the true colors of a lot of supporters of the program who apparently can't handle the transition while still being a fiery supporter and believer in the University of Michigan. It's time for fans to check themselves. I'm way more disappointed with the UM fan base than I am with any of the coaching staff this year. It's embarrassing. I'm rambling, and I'm done.
  5. Again you fail to answer a simple question and instead twist my comment completely. You're exactly the type of "Michigan Fan" I'm ashamed to be associated with, what a joke. But keep regurgitating these baseless desires for other coaches that would magically come in and changes this sieve of a defense into a brick wall incapable of penetration. But no, "if we had this coach everything would be perfect!" The idiots sure come out in the masses during a rebuilding process.
  6. If you planted five acres of gardens near your house, you're probably a farmer. If you're a farmer you can apply for a block permit and hunt deer as a defense to your livelihood. I do not know if you can hunt from your household even with a block permit though. You do realize that hunting permits are issued as related to deer population right? Hunting season IS population control, so I'm not sure what ethics you're talking about here. If you (the indefinite you) feel the need to shoot deer randomly so you can attempt to control the population on your own then I hope you are caught by the DNR and suffer the full consequences because that's total ********.
  7. In my opinion the fact that some people feel the need to have lavish blinds doesn't make it acceptable to hunt out of your window. Whether or not something is comfortable shouldn't decide if it's acceptable to take a deer from or not. Edit to comment on your edit: there is a difference in shooting an animal which has no hunting season/license associated with it because it is an invasive pest and hunting as a means of getting food/animal population control. Also I read an article a few months back about the feral pigs in Michigan, yet I've lived in Michigan my entire 25 years and never seen one. Where are all these pigs for them to be considered "overpopulated?"
  8. Man, good luck finding parking that's only 20 bucks!
  9. The legality of shooting a deer may be different, but in my opinion the prospects of shooting a deer off of one's porch, whether fenced in or not, is just not sportsmanlike when it comes to hunting. It's akin to fishing with a gill net.
  10. That's not what I'm saying at all, and really would he, how is that? I'm curious?
  11. So now you're telling me that had he attempted to scare the deer away it would have jumped out of his yard and headed straight for 131 to kill an innocent family? It's probably best you don't respond.
  12. Wild accusations? Yeah you're right any sportsman would be proud to take a deer that's jumped into their fenced in yard. I feel confident in assuming you are not a hunter and don't know much about hunting and the legalities/ethics of it. I'm not making any accusations, I've gone completely on the information you have presented in this thread. Don't tell me to quit commenting on anything, ever. Each post you make continues to get more and more ridiculous. Sounds to me like you're making quite a few assumptions about that situation, but then again you were there right? Or did your brother-in-law tell you that he was worried for the safety of his house? I'm curious if he mentioned that he was going to let the deer go, but then thought he might get ticks and diseases? Come on, who's digging a hole?
  13. You think it's abnormal for a deer to jump a fence? That's like jumping over a laundry basket for us, it's nothing for deer they are very capable of jumping fences taller than themselves. Have you seen a bird fly into glass? You think the deer was wondering why they couldn't get through, I bet you had your bro-in-law walked up to the glass and clapped his hands the deer would have jumped the fence again and run away. Was he loud and making an effort to scare the deer off when he went on the porch? Was it his last resort to kill the deer, so that dangerous, dangerous animal didn't break into his house, terrorize it, drop its ticks all over the furniture then cough in the face of the family to spread all of its diseases? Come on this is getting more and more ridiculous and hard to fathom as a reasonable reason to take a deer that was enclosed, from his porch! I would be embarrassed as a sportsman to tell a story like that.
  14. ESPN Zone is awesome for overpriced beer. I'd recommend getting a pizza at Pizzeria Uno, checking out the museums, and if it's a nice clear day get the brunch buffet at the Signature Room in the John Hancock Building, I think it's the 95th floor, you can see forever! It's something like 18 bucks for some really quality food and cool experience.
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