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  1. Wouldn't mind if the Tigers took a shot at signing this guy for the rotation.
  2. Too bad the NBA wouldn't allow the Pistons to make a deal like they allowed the Lakers. Gasol for nothing. Just think of this, NBA commissioner Dave McMahon approves deal sending Dwight Howard to Detroit for a case of Stroh's !!
  3. Sorry all, but this just in from NBA commissioner David McMahon: LA over Boston in 6 games.
  4. I've got Kyle Peter and I'm expecting a good year from him.
  5. The best past of the game was that throw Inge made. Enough said !
  6. Will the signing of Tatum Bell change the draft strategy regarding a RB ? I think it might.
  7. Got to at least take a look. Here is another idea: How about taking a look at Brian Griese when the Bears release him ?
  8. I don't get this deal either. Makes no sense unless another deal is in place for Murray.
  9. I believe Amir will develop into a more offensively gifted player than either Salley or Rodman. I think he can become a better rebounder and shot blocker as well. He probably will not average as many rebounds as Rodman because that was all Rodman focused on for the most part. I just hope Amir doesn't end up going nuts like Rodman did.
  10. Every pick should be an OL, DL and DB. The need major upgrades on both lines for sure. Secondary help is also needed.
  11. Even though the game was played with players who probably will get cut, it was the same old sorry Lions that let a rookie QB they could have drafted march down the field with ease and win the game. Same thing will happen with our "starters". This team is doomed again.
  12. Sheed should be the starting C, with Maxiell starting at PF.
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