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  1. Not to mention Scott Boras is his agent. Boras had a history of getting top dollar from previous Rangers ownership and he does not make it a habit of discounting his guys earning potential. I think last years Edwin Jackson deal was a one off.
  2. Wow. The close up gives the appearance that the cut was caused by the sunglasses which is good news. We don't need Cabrera out with an orbital bone injury similar to AJ Burnett.
  3. Good questions. I should have mentioned it's a guys trip and they are in the 20-35 age range. They are planning on staying in town for the weekend.
  4. Hey guys, I'm compiling a list of places to visit in Downtown Detroit for some friends taking a road trip to Comerica. I thought I would ask for forum for a little help. Any suggestions? So far I have: 1. Lafeyette Coney 2. Greektown (district not just casino) 3. Motown Museum 4. Nemo's 5. Detroit Beer Company I know I'm missing a great deal of places. Please help out and thanks in advance. P.S. I hope I posted this in the proper forum.
  5. For what its worth I just heard on 97.1 that Buster Olney also believes the Phillies have an interest in Sheff.
  6. MLB.com reporting the Phillies may be interested in Sheff as they just released Geoff Jenkins.
  7. I will be there if my season tickets ever come in the mail. This will be number 8 in a row for me. With Robertson's thumb sprain how cool would it be if Porcello is given the opportunity to start the home opener as the 5th starter?
  8. Wow that is great. What are these 3 kids name's & where did they play ball in Metro Detroit?
  9. I ordered mine the Thursday morning they were made available to season ticket holders & received them in the mail last week.
  10. Whats up with Kazmir? He has not looked like the Kazmir of the past couple of years for some time. I he still hampered by his injury from earlier this year or just in a funk?
  11. I'm sure Boston doesn't want him back after his stint there in 2005. Boston and their fans were less than pleased with his output.
  12. WOW, how long can the defense continue to carry this game.
  13. Todd Jones was a real throwback. Whether it was in conversation with the fans or writing in the Sporting News he was always accessible & just seemed like one of the guys you could go out & have a drink with. He will be missed & I would take his roller coaster ways over F. Rodney in the closer roll any day of the week.
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