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  1. Very, very fortunate. Between Chamberlain and Nathan the Tigers tried their best to blow the game. Worst back end of the bullpen in baseball and doesn't look like there's any hope of them getting better. Asmus is determined to live and die with these guys despite all logic to the contrary. Was Matt Williams hesitant to remove Soriano when he became ineffective? Did Ferrell hesitate when Uehara became ineffective? Good Lord, even Leland finally made a change from Valverde and I don't think Valverde has been any worse than Nathan. Leaders act, they recognize a deficiency quickly and set out to correct it for the good of the organization. There is no empirical evidence whatsoever that Chamberlen and Nathan based on this seasons results are suddenly going to become effective. Soria has been completely underutilized and has never been given a roll. He should've been the eighth-inning guy upon arrival with Nathan put on a short leash and by now he should've been the closer.
  2. I like Morris so far. The 3 seem to be working well together and we don't have to hear Rod as much and that's a big plus.
  3. Amen! What a class guy. Never complained and always had a positive attitude even when things went so wrong for him over the last two seasons. Considering age, injuries and ineffectiveness I'd be surprised if he doesn't retire. Kind of a sad way for it to end but wish nothing but the best to a great Tiger.
  4. Only a few times? Are you sure it hasn't been mentioned every single time he comes to bat? Because that's what it seems like to me.
  5. Really? So they adressed it on radio...I don't believe Rod or Mario have ever had so much as a peep about it.
  6. Loved those Tiger teams (accounts for my handle). Jimmy was at the heart of all of them. The man could talk...heard him a number of times being interviewed on sports talk shows and he could give the longest answer to the simplest question of anyone I've ever heard. Like all the Tigers from those teams, as great a person as he was a ballplayer. RIP Jim.
  7. You would think it would get a mention on a TV or radio broadcast.
  8. I am officially on the fire DD bandwagon. And for everyone speculating on who will be our regular second baseman the Freep article concerning the trade had this tasty morsel "After tonight's 6-3 loss to the Red Sox, Tigers manager Jim Leyland said Ryan Raburn will be the everyday second baseman." God help us all.....
  9. I said the Tigers should trade his a** after the 2009 incident and got all kinds of grief. I argued then that his behavior was inexcusable and a harbinger of things to come. We might have gotten value then, he's untradable now. Who would want to take on this knuckle heads salary and personal problems and give back anything of true value?
  10. No he's not saying you're dumb...there is a funny exchange in the movie and he's using it as a reference to our chances of signing Beltre...check out the link...hilarious.
  11. Interesting to see the block DETROIT that is being discussed goes back to our very first home AND road jerseys in 1901. Also the Old English "D" first appeared not on the home uniforms but the road jerseys in 1904.
  12. Robertson will pitch better for the Marlins this year than Willis will for the Tigers. Should have released Willis and kept Nate. Willis has been walking people all spring..he's a S.T. illusion and he blew up today again issuing a bunch of walks. It's not even a salary dump...unless you consider saving 400,000 of a 10 mil contract a salary dump. This was just stupid.
  13. Always enjoy your posts Yooper...I understand the need to vent. Oh, I edited my original my post as well...didn't mean to spell Dombrowski like you see it in my quote above, that was just a "dumb" mistake on my part. Could have been a Freudian slip...but I really do respect the Tigs GM.
  14. So much hostility. Chill. When he signs you'll look foolish, if he doesn't you only look a little less so. Boras's style makes a lot of people angry. Why? You can't control the situation and Boras doesn't give a flying fig what anybody thinks but his client. Dombrowski and Illitch aren't idiots. They know how to deal with Boras and you don't hear them spouting off in the press. They handle the negotiations professionally and quietly. Take note.
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