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  1. Passed this on to a friend.
  2. Terms: 1 yr $3,250,000. $1.8M guarenteed. As reported by Adam Schefter on twitter.
  3. Sound like Follett is making some plays, what is his status?
  4. There is a bar right behind the green monster, I cant remember the name. But they dont like patrons vomiting in their beer pitchers. Cute waitresses too!
  5. I am going too. But while we are at it we are going to Sundays game too (1PM). I was there in 2006 the last time Detroit played there, BEAUTIFUL PARK. Many cool bars right oputside the park, cool place.
  6. she's on during the tiger games. I miss her today!
  7. Verlander 23-9 wins Cy Young Caberea .318 39 HR 141 RBI 3rd in MVP voting Inge .226 but wins the gold glove Maggs .287 16HR 77 RBI Victor .319 21 HR 99RBI Zumaya gets hurt again.
  8. $2 tourney saturday at noon. 3,000 starting chip stack.
  9. Join my league Vandal poker. Right now planning some play chip tourneys. Once some more sign up, we will plobably play some $1 tourneys ( if you want to). club id is 245517 password/invitation code is 2011vandals. Sign up, have fun, and earn bragging rights CJ (foldnqueens)
  10. .264 14hr 57 RBI? 127 GS I think its possible
  11. I think our rotation has a chance to be excellent. Verlander should be a stud Scherzer is not too far behind Porcello hope he can pitch post as he did post all star break Coke Has good stuff, has embraced his new role, has the build. Penny guys a past all star, 16 game winner, has good stuff. seems to be fully healthy. Verlander 17-22 wins Scherzer 14-18 wins Porcello 12-17 wins Coke 10-15 wins Penny 10-16 wins So 63 to 88 wins from the rotation seems good to me. although 88 wins from the rotation seems like a pipe dream.
  12. Hey, online petitions stopped WWI did'nt it?
  13. Tigers' Pitching Options: Brad Penny on Radar? would love to add this guy.
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