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  1. You're right, I can't believe I forgot that!
  2. I like him too. He's not one to call a lot of penalites - sticks to the obvious stuff and lets the rest go.
  3. The NHL really has a lot more to offer ESPN now. ESPN isn't dumb, when they made their last offer, ratings were horrible, and the game itself warranted the ratings. Now, they have a product they can market. Think of all the changes that have happened since they last carried hockey: Marketable young stars came up (ovie, crosby, toews, kane), growth in big markets Boston and Chicago, the outdoor game success, increase of goals-per-game, and increasing ratings.
  4. This situation can be avoided in the future if the NHL moves back to ESPN. The whole point (as it see it) of the deal with NBC is to provide exposure to the league. Each club pockets less than $100,000 in TV revenue from their contract with NBC (and that's with good ratings) so it certaintly not about revenue. Somebody at the NHL needs to ask the question of whether it's worth jacking up THE event of hockey for what little exposure they gleam from being shown on network television. If they're on ESPN, they don't need to worry about a network deal because ESPN is big enough on its own.
  5. Hallelujah! They probably felt they already screwed us over with the schedule. No need for Danny Boy!
  6. Defense looked fine, but they didn't spend a lot of time in their own zone because of all the PP time. Big E has looked somewhat "green" in this series, so tonight will probably be a better reflection of how our D looks without Lids.
  7. Interesting that the Wings would have a longer layoff if they lose tonight, and win in game 6. Because of the long layoff for the Penguins and the Wings current injury situation, McKenzie on TSN thinks it would be to the Wings advantage to have the series extended. http://www.tsn.ca/blogs/bob_mckenzie/?id=280059
  8. Looks like Khabibulin might play (he practiced). It's going to be tough to beat the Hawks 2-in-a-row without Lids. Everybody needs to step their game up again.
  9. This is a really strange streak. I had assumed that our awful PK during the regular season was mostly due to poor goaltending. With Ozzie playing very well now, I don't think that's it. I also thought it could be Draper. After all, how many teams are counting on their worst +/- guy to start on the penalty kill. It obviously hasn't been him either.
  10. Niedermayer and Perry's actions were suspendable, especially Perry's since you could easily argue he was targeting a player because of injury. However, when Campbell made the decision not to suspend Walker for his sucker punch, he basically stuck up a bright, neon sign saying, "boys do whatever the hell you want."
  11. I think you might be reading into my comments if they are included in this. While I clearly think the ice was a factor in the game, I am in no way complaining or crying foul. If the Ducks did it intentionally, it's a stroke of genius on their part. After all, that's all part of the home ice advantage. I certaintly wouldn't expect them to roll out the red carpet for us. After all, the master of these subtle tricks was one Scotty Bowman. The visitors locker room always seemed to need a fresh coat of paint right before an important game.
  12. Good point, I noticed this too. The first star of the game should have been the Ducks Ice manager.
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