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  1. Whitmer would be a bad choice I think.... he doesn't give her anything he doesn't already have....
  2. The tweet I saw a few days ago said something along the lines of "to beat this we need the cooperation of the population... and i used to work in retail and people would take dumps in the dressing room...."
  3. That comes from further research on learning how the virus is spread. This is a new virus and we are still discovering things about it. People should welcome the fact that they don’t need to do that. our country is simply too lazy to do the hard things.
  4. I love their ribbing on Tony Sirico. You get the impression he wasn’t acting.
  5. Jeff Sessions had what looked to be a drunken filled rant last night on twitter that was pretty embarrassing.
  6. Doesn’t matter. Russians already have that info.
  7. Maybe she wants to see what happens with the easing that went on this week... I view each step as a stress test. Wait 3-4 weeks to see if see a spike.
  8. When Henry Ford II was pulled out of WWII by the gov't to run the company and he got the Wiz Kids in there... they realized the existing accounting system was... weighing the invoices in particular areas to determine how much money they get. X amount of invoices usually meant $Y..... Henry Ford didn't trust banks and tried to do as much of it in cash as he could.... there's hidden tunnels in the ground in Dearborn because he was afraid union guys would come in and try to kill him. Allegedly you can go from the PDC/Engineering complex to his estate about 2 miles N underground. Also if you go up the rouge river near Evergreen/Warren there's a nice house off the banks... that was his where his mistress lived, and rumors are she had a son. He would take his boat up there.
  9. Henry Ford played a large part in building up the city of Inkster and making it a predominantly AA community. Because of Dearborn’s housing policy (not sure if that was Hubbard or before him) Ford realized his AA workers needed housing and decided a community close to Dearborn and the plant would be ideal for them, and him. So he heavily subsidized housing, businesses, churches and schools in that city. I’m not bringing this up to counteract any of the opinions people had of him. I just find it interesting
  10. If our numbers look good in 3-4 weeks I will be very encouraged. This weekend along with plants opening and easing of restrictions will be a good stress test.
  11. I was wondering about that.... and really when you get to .9.... it's really not progress. Sure it's better than >1 but still a long ways away. My hope is that as the average daily numbers continue to at least stay flat and with people going outside more and at least more aware of masks, etc. that the number will go down. The more I read on this it really appears that it's sustained indoor contact with an infected person that leads to this. The article I shared earlier highlighted how it's not everyone infecting others but a handful infecting many people. Condition people to not go to too many places. With no need for large gatherings we should still see numbers go down.
  12. Don't forget the reason they want the lockdowns isn't public health but a means to gain tyranny and control
  13. My brother in law says the real estate business is booming.... but he always says that so I don't know if to ever believe him.
  14. My wife has a quack FB friend with lupus who insists she didn't need a mask and was immune to COVID.... she's the epitome of a Karen and is very vocal about all of this being a scam.....
  15. Wait... wut? So the new DNI is that stupid?
  16. The Secretary of State is in charge of running elections. Who was she supposed to get authorization from?
  17. Beyond a Trump loss I would love to see him get below 40. I think Hoover was the last sitting president to go below 40 in a 2 man race.
  18. I've seen some Trumpies already get on Whitmer about it...
  19. So.... how do you recover from this? It's not like a flood where waters recede.... how do you quickly rebuild a dam?
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