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  1. Well crud. The state is doing very well right now but I’m worried this variant will undo that especially with the restrictions easing up next week... if numbers are creeping up by the time Feb 1 rolls around it could be a short lived reopening.
  2. Ramsey is the eating disorder of financial planning. (Old tweet of mine)
  3. We already are over 1M a day. But the question is whether that’s because we pushed out existing inventory of supply that was aging? I haven’t been able to find any production numbers by Pfizer and moderna. I worry about burnout by staff. Right now everyone is geared up but what about a month from now? Are there enough people to organize it all and physically give out the shot for the months it will take?
  4. I was thinking... is it a good thing that the Dems have the slimmest of margins going into midterms? Doesn’t give them a false sense of momentum? We are so quick to point out revolutions and changing of the makeup of congress to think a permanent majority is building only to see if slapped away in no time. Keeps the Dems on their toes.
  5. Or more likely if people stay in a bar or restaurant getting drunk then their inhibitions go down. It’s about preventing unnecessary time indoors. Go in, eat, and get out. b
  6. This vaccine rollout is the greatest in history. We’re going to do so many a day. Millions and millions.
  7. Yeah I always understood those positions stayed from admin to admin. Of course Trump changed it.
  8. I don't think the 100M in 100 days is a big deal... we're pretty much there right now in terms of near 1M a day. I saw 850K and I saw another that said 950K. And that's only 50M people for a 2 dose vaccine. Plus if we get Johnson and JOhnson in February then that's a huge plus. They've already been producing it in anticipation so you'd imagine they have a bunch ready to get going with immediately. I'm confident that sometime in March if you want a shot you will be able to get it. That's assuming J&J is approved in February. THat opens the door for your local doctor to be able to give it out without special storage methods.
  9. I'd be like... "yeah no comment".... even if it wasn't true. Doesn't hurt people to think that's true
  10. Wife got her 2nd Pfizer today. She got tired around 10 and went to bed. Not sure if that’s from the shot. She usually passes out on the couch around then anyway. A few of her co workers had more of a reaction in #2.
  11. Hansen is a good dude. I got to know him last year thru his wife and the running community. A very nice and gentle soul. The first time we hung out he made me feel like I was his best friend. Good people. We need people like him in politics.
  12. Some real world evidence of vaccine results from Israel. They've been on the ball with vaccines.
  13. Def Leppard had a dispute with their publishing company, maybe they didn't own the rights or sometihng, so they went into the studio and redid their songs and now own those. There's also two versions of Pour Some Sugar On me.... one starts off with "Love is like a bomb" and the other "step inside walk this way" A friend of mine drove Joe Elliot around town when he was here.... went to see two movies. Only tipped $10 which he said was quite low for that kind of work.
  14. I wonder if her dad will try to hide his identity when he signs up for her onlyfans account.
  15. yeah that's what I would say.... Unless you know it's going to be a limited supply and not everyone in your "group" will be able to get it, I would go ahead. Otherwise they might have more than they need. Did they account for everyone in the allotment? Are they sending you somewhere? Regardless of your own situation I think it's ok to get it if you qualify. There's a benefit to everyone of you getting it.
  16. I think the Trump family is done for.... It's way too early on this, although I had the Biden/Harris ticket picked out years ago. But I could see Haley being a strong favorite up front.
  17. Def Leppard is like another hair band guy from the era, David Coverdale.... they take themselves way too seriously. Spinal Tap nailed it with "Lick my love pump". It's fun music... that's it. Don't pretend it's Bach. Or Mach.
  18. Hoover was an engineer and just as important as Marshall in the rebuilding of post war Europe. He saved the lives of millions when Truman called him back into service to fight the pending famine about to hit that continent. and Paris... I saw the video
  19. and he's basically doing the same thing he's done the last year... just sit around... eat.... watch TV.....
  20. I'm going to lock the thread now. We have a few others open to discuss things.
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