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  1. I believe another one of his also is positive.
  2. Not sure... where I live in Dearborn is basically a 2 mile run to where downriver starts (Allen Park, lions practice facility). It’s like night and day with regard to Trump. Debbies district comprises a lot of downriver in addition to Dearborn so when she sounds worried she’s listening to the folks in Trenton and other communities like that. I would bet $20 that the southern down river communities are as red as any other area in SE MI.
  3. I listened to a podcast with Rahm and they brought up potential transition issues if Biden wins. He said in 2008/2009 the Bush team were 100% on board and helpful. They went beyond what was needed. In a few cases they approached Obama and his people seeing if there's anything they wanted done that Bush could do to "take the bullet" for him... let him take the heat as an outgoing president with no risk rather than get Obama off on the wrong foot. Didn't identify what those things were...
  4. He was only a senator for 4 years, 1 of those campaigning for POTUS, so maybe if he had more time in Washington he could have been more effective playing the game rather than being on defense so much.
  5. I've been pretty down this week. On Tuesday I found out that someone I used to work out with took her own life. I hadn't seen her in over a year, she was busy with her kids sports activities and such so she wasn't coming to the class anymore, and obviously after March they didn't exist. For a few years we attended the same Thursday night class. We'd talk about our kids and running and such.... they were in the same school system so she'd ask questions about things related to that. Such a weird sensation. I wouldn't classify her as a friend as we didn't really communicate outside of fitness activities. But for a few years we were the two constants in that class among other revolving particpants so it was natural to talk. My wife came to a class in the same room after ours was over so then she'd talk to her....I may very well have never seen her again anyway and never gave it much thought, I heard that they sold their house and were in the process of moving... But hearing what happened and worrying about her family, who I only met once at Lowe's of all places, was jarring. Seeing the social media tributes.... I keep thinking things like "What if I saw her that day in the neighborhood and talked to her and invited her to run or to come to one of our classes? Would that have redirected anything?" She was very happy and cheerful all the time. All smiles. Someone made reference to depression and mental illness... I'm not looking for sympathy because personally it's not really a loss for me as my life won't change, I'm not saying this for attention.... but look out for those around you.... they may not be doing ok.
  6. Watching Obama the last few days has been striking. I had the thought... bear with me... was he wasted on the presidency too soon? I mean now you have the single best politician in any party who is still under the age of 60. Reduced to a cheerleader role. In an alternate universe we could have had president Hillary beaten by Romney in ‘12 and beaten by seasoned Senator Obama in ‘16 cruising to re-election. Obamas like Mark Fidrych. Peaked too soon.
  7. He takes the high road yet he would be totally justified because Ivanka and Jared are admin officials.... they are fair game in ways Hunter is not.
  8. The excuse they will use, with a straight face, will be that the results are fraudulent because so many people voted before we knew about “the laptop”. She will say that from the podium.
  9. I would call that the “4 corned beef sandwiches” election. That analogy goes back to a documentary I saw on The Godfather. James Caan said Coppola wanted him and Pacino and Duvall all along. He had them to his house, his wife made corned beef sandwiches and they did screen tests. Studio still wasn’t impressed. They made him do a bunch of tests with guys like Martin Sheen. Cost $500,000. “After all that they ended up with 4 corned beef sandwiches”.
  10. My son is 19 and he and his friends were going to all go and vote on Election Day and make a thing of it. Then they realized they all would be at different locations so they got early ballots. I doubt all 4 would have voted in a regular election period.
  11. 7M non Hillary Trump voters in 2016. So roughly add 3.5M to Joe and 1.4M to DT.
  12. For reference sake Obama won FL in 2012 by .9 less than 100K votes. Trump won by just over 100K votes. 1.19%.
  13. Right. The idea is to limit the amount of time people are around each other. And it frees up the staff so they don’t have to baby sit the inevitable “freedom lovers” who think they are above wearing masks or become crowd control, counting people, etc. . Even with masks a few dozen people clustered together for an extended period of time is still risky. Why do that if you don’t have to? society needs to get over themselves and understand that there will be some inconveniences during this. SOS is not a business that would go under without patronage. We are such a spoiled society. Maybe that’s why Africa is doing better than we are. We aren’t equipped to have to wait or be told what to do. It’s not in our DNA.
  14. She just lets him add on 10 more seconds every time. This is nothing new.
  15. that's one of my biggest fears... could be important in states like PA
  16. If they use them in a pandemic I'd be ok with it. Hopefully pandemics are once in a lifetime situations.
  17. The court packing thing has as much resonance as Hunter Biden.... people don't care. The only ones who do are not voting for him anyway. It's just masterbatory fodder for pundits and such.
  18. weird how men become immune to language....I listen to Bill Burr's regularly but when I have it on in the car with the wife she immediately cringes at every F bomb... and he uses the C word a lot. She's all "ok, enough...." but she likes him as a comedian.
  19. Hacks on Tap.... that's one I've seen referenced before. I always liked Axelrod. I subscribe to his.
  20. which podcast is Carville on? I listen to Bulwark.... tried the one with Rick WIlson and Molly but didn't like it.
  21. I think using fear is justified because this is serious.... people need the shake up sometimes to get it. It doesn't hurt. As for our numbers.... I guess it's a little encouraging that they've come down from the 1800-2000 daily counts we saw last week. Every little bit helps.
  22. I can name two gyms in Dearborn that actually advertise “masks no longer required” now.... one is a chain that had its location in a nearby city shut down for not requiring them. I don’t really leave wayne county and the numbers here have been steady... not at all inline with the increase in the state. Even my city seems most days is in the 20s... and it was like that.when the state was at 500 daily.
  23. Ben Dreyfus on twitter suggests it’s misleading. She pulled his shirt out and hes tucking it back in. I didn’t watch. Don’t care to. Will wait for the movie
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