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  1. I think Ben's the last person to advise on women getting wet.
  2. I'll never forget working at a pizza place in the early 90's in college... next to me was an old guy in his late 60's telling me "put 10% of everything away. Then you won't end up like me working at a pizza joint at age 66". I didn't.
  3. it's because we took Jesus out of public schools
  4. My sister, who passed away 3 years ago at the age of 69, hit a million in the early 2000's. She got a union job Michigan Bell at the age of 17, worked operator/CSR type jobs until 1994 when she was offered an early retirement buyout. She didn't have kids. She got a well into six figure lump sum payment (I never knew how much but it was less than $500K) of her pension due to her. They owed her no more cash, only the other retirement benefits. She "retired" at the age of 45. That also coincided with a divorce and her new husband was one of the lineman for the phone company, so she socked all of her money away and they lived off his stuff. She never touched it for years. I remember at one point she showed me her statement where she made $65K in a quarter. They got divorced and in 2001 she found herself at the age of 52 with a million bucks. She had a financial guy. She bought a house, got a part time job, and was doing fine. I would ask her if she was doing ok and she said yeah, her guy says don't worry about it. Then a family member got in trouble, she took him and his family in ("just for awhile, until they are on their feet").... and after 2 cars being totalled, a drug arrest of this individual, numerous court issues, etc, and the stock market crash, she ended up with nothing and moved back in with our mom to look after her. As the market was going bad she kept taking out the same amount she always did because she now had 4 mouths to feed instead of 1.... and that pie got smaller and smaller. Luckily she had social security and her union health benefits that took care of things when she had her health problems 3 years ago.
  5. leaving aside the political element to this...
  6. She doesn't have the guts to date go against Donald... or else he'll have it revealed that she let him **** her
  7. That made me think of what Bill Burr talked about last week...
  8. I can't disagree with any of that. Schiff is probably letting his personal feelings with the producers cloud his judgement. It was financial, they needed an excuse to get him out of episodes.... and to move the story along as they wanted to potentially transition to new people in case the series did get extended into a new admin. You have to let people get to know the incoming staffers so that we care about them enough to watch. It wasn't an established fact yet that the series would end when it did. I've read conflicting reports on the impact of Spencer's death. Lawrence O Donnell claimed that they planned on Vinick winning but when Spencer died they didn't want to give Santos a double whammy of losing the election and his running mate. But John Wells didn't say that. I believe Wells because they clearly made the Santos campaign "bigger" in the scope of the show and the arc favored him by including the nuclear situation hurting Vinick. They did have to reshoot some scenes after Spencer passed away. This series is prime for a reboot but it's been 15 years already so I don't think any of the regulars would be appropriate. Maybe a Netflix special covering Bartlett's state funeral.
  9. If you listened to the west wing weekly podcast you find out how much Richard Schiff hated it. He thinks they let his business relationship influence their thinking. He might have been my favorite character. Leo’s obvious but almost too good. I wish John Spencer didn’t die.
  10. West wing is another highly Rewatchable for me. I even grew to like the later seasons.
  11. Yeah Band of Brothers is a good one for that. I've watched that series at least a dozen times off and on. When I was a kid my parents watched Dallas. In college they put it on TNN and I watched again, it was on 3 times a day and coincided with my daily routine between getting home from class, leaving for work, and coming home from work before going out. I discovered it on Amazon, although with commercials. So during quarantine/working from home I watch one episode a day. There's lots of "That guy" coming up in the mid 80s..... I like to have something on that I don't really have to pay attention to. I'll also throw on movies like Wargames, Lebowski, Goodfellas.... just background noise.
  12. https://www.forbes.com/sites/kellyphillipserb/2020/08/08/despite-questions-president-trump-issues-executive-order-to-create-temporary-payroll-tax-cut/ more on the payroll tax deferral. Looks like a well thought out disaster
  13. I thought of that when I saw it earlier. Can Trump even ride a bike?
  14. Trump takes the money you owe the government and lets you hold on to it but legally you still owe it.. then holds that over congress’s head and when you have to pay it back he blames them for it. “I tried to help you. Your only shot at not having to ‘pay an extra $2000’ at tax time is to vote for me. Joe will tax you “ that is precisely how the ************ will frame it and his idiot followers will believe it. He’s now going to make it look like money you legally owe will the fault or Joe Biden. People are too dumb to understand. “Trump gave us a tax cut and Biden wants it back”. and the so called fiscal conservatives will fold like the weak intellectual creatures they are
  15. When I think of what I would call a stereotypical oil man I envision a hard working self made man and i would think guys like that would be repulsed by a lazy bum like Trump.
  16. When comparing population/demographic shifts from potus election to the next.... I wonder how much the Hillary factor distorted things... especially in places like Texas. She’s so unlikable that you didn’t get a sense of what the shift to a “normal” D would be. Conversely you could say the same about Trump and a “normal” R.
  17. I saw an article that basically said it’s against the laws of physics to hit a baseball at the ML level when you factor in the speed of the ball and the brains reaction time to the physical movements required.
  18. Yeah me too. Especially the girls. Footloose was no joke. A few straightened up since then but I remember...
  19. I see nothing on my stuff..... I'm at the "anyone but Bass" segment of my thinking anyway....
  20. came across this site last week which is very useful. https://globalepidemics.org/key-metrics-for-covid-suppression/ You can see summaries by county and state.... things look like they are improving even in the South, where they have to. particularly Arizona.
  21. pervert admins.... I mean I guess I get that the kids/people shouldn't do a zoom call with no shirt on.... but other than that leave it alone. Myself... working from home. There's been a few days where all I've had on is a pair of sweat shorts. I typically go sit on my patio for a few minutes every hour or so. My office is in my basement which isn't finished.... with the weather being so hot I just say to **** with it.
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