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  1. and he made further comments about how that happens all the time in Europe, their roads are worse...
  2. I have a guy on facebook who insists it's all coming out... Obama, Hillary, Comey, FISA court abuses... they will all be arrested and charged with crimes. He knows.. he was in the military.
  3. I remember having the "impeachment is a poltical process with left wingers in 1998 and 1999..... they didn't think so. I quoted Hillary Clinton who was an attorney for the judiciary committee in Watergate. So yes, it's a constitutional political process.
  4. I like how that article says "based in Delaware".... like ignoring the fact that a lot of, if not most, major companies register in Deleware..
  5. How do you know she didn't do coke? I like how one "joined the family business" but the other one was 'handed' a job. Ivanka and Eric and Jr were all "handed" jobs. Did they join the military? They're a bunch of whores, literally and figuratively.
  6. Something like Toy Story makes me sappy because it lines up perfectly with my oldest son.... when I see it on TV I can remember watching that with him.
  7. You just described two things that are the same thing with the exception one chose to serve their country while the others didn't... "you can't get kicked out if you don't join". Man you are so bad at this...
  8. I think he’s lost all of his momentum from the Cruz run. He strikes me as the rich kid in HS who never tried hard, plays QB, and cheats off his girlfriend on exams and gets a B. Pete is the kid who has to work to help support his family and studies his *** off and gets A’s.
  9. I don’t think her having a gun is relevant at all here. And even if he identified himself as an officer he still has a obligation for her safety until it’s established she’s a threat. Otherwise anyone could just walk into someone’s yard and yell “I’m a cop” and if people are supposed to just give in then it’s an easy target and effective way to disarm someone you want to kill. Lure them out and claim to be a cop then shoot. Having said all that I think this is being handled right. I don’t see anyone sticking up for the cop.
  10. The thing is.... there's a difference between policy people and politicians. The executive branch contains thousands of people who work from administration to administration. Those are the policy people. They do the daily work. They will have jobs in the future. They're not going to ignore them.
  11. that's how I feel... after beating the Yankees and going up 3-0 on Oakland the WS seemed a foregone conclusion. But beating the Yankees was so so good... we had the huge letdown of not winning the division and then getting smoked in game 1 against the Yankees and the drama after game 2 being postponed and there being indications the Yankees found out before the Tigers (Verlander started to warm up). But the great pitching performances by Kenny Rogers, Bonderman, and Zumaya after stealing game 2 was probably the biggest event for the post 84 Tiger run in my opinion. Better than Magglio's HR. I'd also put Scherzer coming out of the bullpen against Oakland on that list.
  12. totally... wife was not so understanding though. In a small way she was happy when the Tigers playoff season ended. Maybe not so small way. "I have my husband back.... yay!"
  13. For a stretch, 2011-2014, this time of year was stressful for me in terms of planning around the home games given the unpredictable nature of TV scheduling and weather issues. One year they moved up the game a few hours against Oakland at the last minute. Another they postponed a nighttime Yankee game once we got there, and it never rained until after midnight, then we had to come back the next afternoon (that was the 2012 ALCS clincher). I also recall a night game against Oakland followed immediately by a 12 pm game the next day. "See you in about 9 hours" as I dropped my friends off, who ended up staying at the same house due to travel times). There was also the stress going into the playoffs on the final day as TV wanted to see the matchups so you'd not know going into the weekend if you needed to take time off on Monday.....
  14. I read that yesterday and... dang.... I could just quit watching anything else for the next 18 months and be happy. I signed up for that a few weeks ago when they were hyping it during the emmys.
  15. Yep... normal Presidents have a team of experts in each field who have spent a lifetime studying these things and he weights their input and encourages discussion and dissent among them so he can hear it all and decide. Trump has a team of D list experts who are thrust into the job and then he listens to a guy from mar a lago or Tucker Carlson.
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