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  1. There was a saying among the rockers in the 70's when they were on stage.... "You're showing".... as in if you look closely at their nose there's still a bit of coke left. Heard that from an interview with Don Felder. In the famous Hotel California live performance you see he and Walsh share a laugh, it's because Don just told him he "was showing". Apparantly Neil Young was showing as well if you watch The Last Waltz. Cant tell if Enos is "showing" in that photo but it's 50/50 he could have been.
  2. And what exactly about this NYT project is offensive? When we take down the confederate statues we're told "we can't ignore our history, blah blah blah". So the NYT publishes a special project on slavery and we're told "we can't bring up our history, blah blah blah". Which is it?
  3. "We didn't like the black guy President so we bitched about it and now we're going to blame that black guy for causing racial division"
  4. Whoa.... well I don’t have a lot of bread so...
  5. Wonder what the “Meeting” was?
  6. It was Don Ohlmeyer. The guy who was OJs buddy and fired Norm McDonald. I looked up the passage on my kindle book. “I remember one night Don and I were having dinner at Morton’s in L.A.—by the bar, where he can smoke—and he would have his cheeseburger and his glass of milk and his four packs of Marlboros. I sat there playing with my swordfish thinking, “If he outlives me and it turns out to be just about gene pool, I’m going to be furious about it.””
  7. You need to be on a good team to get RBI’s
  8. Have your wedding at a Trump resort.... get groped by the President.....
  9. Bill Mitchell ran a funding campaign among his listeners to support him moving his show/operations to Washington DC. Said it'd provide a better show for the listeners. Then he moved to Miami instead. They deserve it. Instead of giving their money to Jim Baker and Swaggert and the like, they're giving it to this schmuck.
  10. And on that subject.... I still hate BR's new layout, which isn't new anymore... it took me quite a few clicks to get to the career leader pages.
  11. In that big SNL oral history book Lorne Michaels tells the story of having dinner with the old head of NBC, cant remember his name right now, and Michaels is eating salmon and wine and the other guy's drinking milk and eating a big cheeseburger, chain smoking.... and Michaels thought is "If this guy outlives me and it all comes down to genetics....."
  12. He's got 4 more years.... how many homers can we reasonably expect? 80? Hits? 600? That would put him around 550 HR and 3300 hits for his career. The homers thing, to be greedy, is kind of disappointing. He should have finished with over 600. Not to go all Lynn Henning..... I'd like to see him pass Killebrew. For hits I'd like to see him finish top 10. Has a nice ring to it. Needs 3319 to pass Molitor, although Pujols is at 3100+, not sure how much longer he has. Interesting... after Pujols the active hits leader is Robinson Cano. Without looking it up, who is #3 on that list? If you look it up then you are a rat *******.
  13. Maybe it's a guy who works in sales but doesn't have an office? My friend used to do that. Biggest challenge was going to the bathroom. He said the best places were car dealerships and public libraries or train stations.
  14. Who would you rather keep in place of him? Why not both? This is the benefit of going through a rebuild.... there's no risk in throwing **** at the wall to see what sticks. This org should be doing that at this stage.
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