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  1. Tigers have notified me I can buy up to 4 additional opening day tickets... for $5 less than the general public price. I only have 2 seats in my package They must have had a serious drop in ticket renewals to do that. Getting to purchase additional OD is rare and usually reserved for full holders. Gonna be real quiet this year.
  2. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    In a one on one with Schumer I would be all of my money on Schumer. First off, Trump likes to be buttered up. He also seems to agree with the last person he spoke to. They're both New Yorkers... probably very friendly. "Chuck and Nancy" I maintain if Trump got a Dem congress then he'd become a Dem president. It'd be good for ratings.
  3. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    nothing is going to happen.... nothing.
  4. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    I agree with your bullet points and summary.... nice job on that. That would have taken Seth Abramson 43 tweets to sort out.
  5. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    yesterday was the 20th anniversary of Matt Drudge pre-empting Newsweek (I think they spiked it) and announcing that President Clinton had an affair with an intern. It was monumental news. Earth shattering. Serious talk of him resigning. And now this....
  6. POTUS 25th Amendment Watch

    I've seen people who've worked in the Obama admin speak about what a great guy he is and to trust him... Axelrod, etc. This is kind of a litmus test to me on whether to listen to certain people now.
  7. POTUS 25th Amendment Watch

    I’m not suspecting any foul play by the doctor. I just can’t go there.
  8. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    This goes along with my skepticism of Bannon talking to Mueller meaning anything. Have we seen anything outside of that book to show Bannon is not on Trump's side?
  9. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Lordy I hope so... but seeing Bannon's response after the Wolfe book tells me he's still wanting to be a part of all of that. I'm not ruling out that this is all an elaborate good cop/bad cop thing, which is what I thought was the case when he was 'fired' last summer.
  10. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    I'm not getting my hopes up with Bannon. He's close to Trump but not that close and I doubt theres a paper trail. He can answer some to satisfy and make it look like he's "cooperating" and for questions he doesn't like he could say he wasn't there or doesn't know.
  11. Funniest thing i read online about the possibilities was "My cousin said Garden City HS blew up" My season ticket partner lives a block away from there.
  12. I heard it loud and clear. I thought my son had knocked over some books in his room. Loud thuds and I heard some rattling. My wife said that wasn't it, sounded like outside. Then I got worried because we have an old tree and my fear was a huge branch fell over. Once before that happened and it was a lot louder than I would have expected it to be. Once I saw that was clear I just assumed it was something construction related nearby. A few min later she told me it was all over facebook and then I thought maybe a plane crash, we're not far from the airport. If i had seen it I would have thought it was a nuclear attack. I really would have. Glad I didn't.
  13. Billee update

    RIP eastside. A pleasure to know you.
  14. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    but if you are innocent...