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  1. I made a stupid chart showing the rate of increases in MI.... after a few days of increases in the 20% range the last 2 are in the 15%... It'd be nice to see that number stay that way and go lower in conjunction with the increase in ability to test.
  2. When you say "Every life matters" and then add in a "but" you lose all moral justification to discuss the topic any further. You've thus opened the door for exceptions.
  3. what power does the judge have in releasing information like that? This information isn't classified is it?
  4. Saw an update from Jackson Browne that he's almost fully recovered after testing positive... said his symptoms were mild and not a big deal.... I don't know his entire background in terms of living the lifestyle but he came of age at a time when I'm sure he smoked a lot, and other things.
  5. wow... Not sure what to think.... don't tell Trump that. He'll be like "it was wash...."
  6. True... but what about their people partying it up on the beaches and them letting the beaches stay open for out of towners who then go back to their home states? In other words... bring your money, spend it, then take your virus home. Are those kind of road blocks legal? Can a state block someone from entering? Here in Michigan its a similar situation with the "Up North" folks telling down staters to please not come up to their 2nd homes and cottages. Where do you draw the line?
  7. Governor and the state doctor says we're still weeks away from a peak in MI... Don't go anywhere unless it's for essentials. Don't let your kids play with their friends. We still have people in our neighborhoods going to the parks and gathering...
  8. Chatting with a friend yesterday made me realize how out of touch people really are with this. He asked me, regarding school closings, why they don't just wait 2 more weeks and re-evaluate. I was stunned. I told him about how you can't begin to think that way until the deaths and hospital admissions and testing #'s start to go down. And then I mentioned a 'second wave'. He didn't know what that was. So I explained even further about how we're probably going to be doing what we are now until June. There likely won't be a baseball season. Football is in doubt.... he was floored. This isn't an idiot or a Trumpie.... just a regular guy but they don't want the news like we do. Our church has a festival every year in mid May. We are heavily involved. We causally mentioned to another family member,via a video chat, that while it hasn't been officially cancelled (no meetings to do that) we're not going to have it. He was also surprised? There really are a lot of people out there who think this is going to just blow over and go away in a few weeks and by June we'll all be back together going to sporting events and concerts and mass gatherings. This is when a President sets the real timeline and doesn't give false hope. That's the worst thing you can do. dont string people along.
  9. I am only 7 episodes in but I agree. Season 9 seemed tired for some reason but this one is as good as any of the others. They all run together for me.
  10. Kind of frightening when you see Dr Birx give a shoutout to your city as a hotspot. I don’t think Dearborn is anything special but it could be because of the hospital here I guess. She went from Louisiana to cook county to Dearborn and Detroit....
  11. Saw a meme that said “if capitalism is so great why does socialism have to bail it out every 10 years?”
  12. That’s so sad. I came here to share that news. I read last week his wife had it. not sure if he was there but on March 9 and 10 there were some big events in NYC. Some benefit on the 9th and an allman Bros 50th anniversary at MSG on the 10th.
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