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  1. The Walking Dead Season 8

    As a fan you just have to get over the "why did they..." or "why didn't they..." It's not Breaking Bad. Once you do that then the show is better. And Talking Dead? All I can say is..... wow. The men know what i"m talking about.
  2. Cabrera's mistress wants more child support

    I also saw it in one of the News columns that court documents back up the claim he's ok with spending the money on the kids, via a trust, rather than letting her have it up front.
  3. Self Driving Cars

    I don't think that by itself is either.... especially in urban areas. If there's a need for it then it will be met. I have no fears about the scary bits, other than how it affects my own job but that's my problem. I was just speaking to the overall trend of automation beyond autos. Our apocalpyse will not be zombies or nuclear... it will be when the electric grid goes out. I give society 4 days before we see stuff from movies.
  4. Self Driving Cars

    Not to derail but the trend I despise most is talking to things. Alexa. Siri. I hate it when I call a company for something and they say "Please, in a few words, explain why you are calling... for example for billing say 'I'd like to discuss my bill', for charges say 'I'd like to discuss....". I get so angry with that. I just start mashing numbers on the keypad. But I'm a guy who hated graphical interfaces. I'd rather move files by typing commands in DOS.
  5. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    I'm reading BUsh's book Decision Points and totally forgot about the incident with the FISA court renewal thing. Comey was assistant AG. Mueller was FBI Director. The White House waited until the last minute to renew the exemption or whatever to get FISA warrants when they wanted and Aschroft had to sign it. He was in the hospital and not able. Comey wouldn't sign it. Disagreed with it. Bush could have done it via executive order but both Comey and Mueller said they'd resign if he did that. So they worked it out. What do you think Trump would have done in a similar situation?
  6. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    yeah I've been following that. He had a few recent tweets that spurred interest that things might be 'close'.
  7. Ron Gardenhire is your new Tiger manager

    Agree with all of your points. Been saying it for like 6 years now... bullpens happen by accident. It's also a sign of optimism for me.
  8. Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    It matters to me the hat they wear. I know it's not an 'official' declaration of anything. When Sparky went in as a Red I remember Joe Falls saying that there's some other thing that the HOF keeps and in that system they have him as a Tiger. The log on the plaque is just that. I don't think it gets recorded anywhere. But to me it matters in terms of sentimental gooeyness. I'm a history guy and outside of their actual playing success I do look at a guy like Hal Newhouser different than a guy like Jim Bunning. Hal is a HOF pitcher for the Tigers. Bunning was a HOF pitcher who played for the Tigers. If by some fluke Ivan Rodriguez wanted to go in as a Tiger rather than a Ranger and the HOF allowed it I would view that in a different way than I do now. I can't explain it. Logically it doesn't change his career or what you remember from it... it's just labels I know. But it does mean something to me. I feel like Verlander's not ours anymore. He' s not. And Kate Upton is not as hot as she used to be.
  9. Self Driving Cars

    On a broad scale I don't like the trend that autonomous vehicles represents. It goes deeper than the utility of what that would do. It's not about cars. It's the whole idea that we are losing control. Our minds and actions are being freed up too much for my liking. I know it's happening and there's nothing I can do about it. I work for an OE and I see references to research. "Kids today", these "damn millenials".... all kidding aside they are different from someone even my age (mid 40s). My company is investing billions into the city of Dearborn in an attempt to lure and retain younger workers. They want to walk to work. They want rides. They want bikes. Why are we being freed up? So that we can consume more. Less time driving is being sold as more time to work, which is true, but also more time to look at advertising that will be around. It's subtle. Our offices are being retro-fitted so that we never have to leave. Want to go for a walk? Be healthy? Go in the room with the indoor treadmill that you can walk on, like a mouse.. and hey, while you are doing that here's a little table to put your laptop on and you can do some work. Want a coffee? Here's a nice coffee station with all kinds of great coffees and teas.... and a high top counter with plenty of room so you and your co worker can discuss a project. We're being freed up so we can spend more time working and more time being exposed to advertising. Our kids are not going to know how to do anything. Everything's automatic.
  10. Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    But would the Tigers?
  11. Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    THe only way I could see him going in to the HOF with another hat is if he stays in Houston for 5 years, they win a few titles, and he has some more personal accomplishments like another CY Young, a no hitter, etc. Sort of like Nolan Ryan going in as a Ranger even though he only played there for like 4 seasons, plus a few games in a fifth. Granted he also played for the Angels and Mets so.... The HOF changed their rules.... they will most likely let the player decide but they have the right to over rule in what they determine a silly case.... like Wade Boggs wanting to go in as a Devil Ray for contract reasons. I wonder what the HOF would have done with today's rules for Nolan Ryan?
  12. The Walking Dead Season 8

    Getting past the "why didn't they...." disbelief... I thought it was a fine episode. Didn't drag on too much which is usually my criticism. Except the speeches wear me out.
  13. Cabrera's mistress wants more child support

    agreed. I really don't like the media doing this. It's tabloid trash. It's of no concern to us and we don't need to know. These aren't public officials. No laws were broken. They are entertainers.
  14. Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    That would be too perfect of an ending but my fear is after going to HOU and possibly winning a WS that the luster of being here will have been long gone. The sentimental side of it be non existent. Plus Houston could still have a very good team and they may want to keep him.
  15. Ron Gardenhire is your new Tiger manager

    It was Emily Walden of the athletic.