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  1. Or people simply moving out in the boonies “to get away from it all” then complain when others do the same. As PJ ORourke said about overpopulation hysterics... “there’s just enough of me but too many of you”
  2. You know what will happen.... she’ll either have no or little symptoms and they will use that as an excuse for everyone to want to get it
  3. shades of Tom Cotton talking about DC statehood and the idea that the people of Wyoming are more "real" than the people of DC
  4. I would love to go back to a GOP debate in February 2016 and tell all the guys on stage, outside of Jeb and Kasich “you all are going to become Trumps *****”.
  5. Someone forgot to tell him that they would also be voting...
  6. I see a lot of conservatives complaining that everyone is leaving CA and moving to TX and AZ and other red states and turning them blue... like that’s something that’s unfair. Maybe this is their way of making TX unpleasant.
  7. Yeah... is the infected person sneezing? Are they bouncing around the area going from person to person? You look at what happened at Harper’s in East Lansing but that place was packed and people were dancing. But we haven’t heard much else like that. I’d think we would from restaurants by now. Generally I would avoid any indoor gatherings of more than a few people. I’ve been to friends on their patios. I hung out in someone’s kitchen for a few minutes talking to people.
  8. Father’s Day we went to Frankenmuth. Decided to take 54 back to Flint. I like the scenic routes. I swear every half mile was a pot shop. I thought I was on 8 mile.
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