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  1. Yeah. Dylan... everything was fine until he did that.
  2. I am not sure I buy Sheerans account but it doesn’t matter. Hoffa was hit by the mob and disposed of. They’ve done that thousands of times and no body turns up. I thought the movie was good. Not sure I would watch again but the performances outside of Pacino were great. Really surprised by Pesci. I did not have high hopes when I heard of his casting but he was really understated. Oddly the one scene they previewed was when he gave him that ring and it was the most “Pesci” he was. He overdid it. The rest of the time he wasn’t like that. I think it will either clean up at the Oscars or get shut out. Would like to see DeNiro get one more Oscar. The movie was a metaphor for all of them given their acting and movie histories
  3. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/previewing-sundays-modern-baseball-era-committees-vote/ doesnt quite give a prediction but says that he can see inductees being some combo of Lou/Miller/Simmons. Did not know that Ted fell one vote short. Also from the article Tony Paul says George Brett has been a strong Lou advocate. He sees at least 8 votes for Lou based on his past discussions.
  4. I don’t think finding Hoffa’s hair in the car means much to the evidence. Why wouldn’t his hair be in it?
  5. McConnell has no risk in running a clean trial. His goal is to remain majority leader. He doesn’t care about Trump. That’s his only concern. Running a sham process only hurts him. Running a legit one doesnt. Even an a conviction won’t hurt him I don’t think.
  6. Lynn Henning suggests their willingness to go after him means they know their plan isn’t working. If that’s true get rid of the people devising the plan. If littlefield and Chadd can’t do their jobs ....
  7. I don’t watch much TV or go to the movies as you can get tell. My wife corrected me too
  8. You also remind voters of the importance of the senate and maybe they will get out to vote in off potus election years. Let them go on record. Do what’s right and you give the voters the information they need. A censure is nothing. It’s like Tony and Carmello taking away Meadow’s Discover card for having a party at her grandmas house.
  9. or "They found that porn you were looking at.... want anyone else to find out?"
  10. I'm curious why some people are so worried about terms other people use? "I'm offended you're sort of offended... "
  11. Commodore, in a podcast, brought up that Mike Modano finished his career with 1499 games played.... and that Babcock was sitting him near the end of his final season. But when I checked the game logs it doesn't look like it... he did have a few games near the end where he didn't play but I'm not sure it was a conspiracy. He said he pushed Modano to make a stink over it but he didn't care.
  12. When I look at the roster of the R Senators there were a legit 26 of them that I didn't really recognize, let alone the ones who's name i did recognize but I have no idea if they are crazy. Let them go on record this is ok.
  13. Trump is a ***** who has never attacked anyone. He backs down every time. He's a wimp.
  14. I liked Pelosi framing this about the constitution. It's a duty to impeach him because the things he's done are impeachable. That's it. The legislature has to get back to equal footing as a branch of the government. I don't care about chances of acquital in the Senate. That shouldn't be the motivator. If the House doesn't impeach then they tell future Presidents this is ok.
  15. In terms of priority, it should be obvious that the wife outranks money.
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