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  1. As a commenter said Mandalorian really only had like 4 important episodes, the rest was filler to introduce us to him so this is not necessarily a bad thing. As long as was we get is really good Get it right.
  2. I think this is right. Both scenarios are bad but one is less Bad to put it in sex terms again as is my specialty... it’s like selling your wife on a wild trip to a strip club where you Spent $400 on drinks for everyone vs where you spent only $200 but they were on lap dances for yourself.
  3. That happened to me when I suggested someone go play in traffic.
  4. I always make a spreadsheet of the states with their EC votes to print out and keep score while watching the returns. I love that side of it. The other day I realized that out of 7 presidential elections my vote only won 3 times, and 2 of those were Dubya, which were races weren't immediately known. I believe Kerry conceded the following day in 2004.
  5. I know someone who runs the half each year, and the full 2 years ago, on SSI. His disability is for mental issues. He's what you might call "slow", autistic like things. I know him... he can't really hold a job effectively. But he can run. For runs longer than 3 miles, or those that involve a lot of turns, like in the city, he'll have friends with him directing him. It's really sweet because I think the running community is his only outlet in life. Everyone is very nice to him and accommodating. Some got together and donated money for winter running gear. But that doesn't negate your point if his issue is physical. I know someone on SSI for "back issues" that consistently rides her motorcycle to FL. I just wanted to share this guy's story.
  6. and LBJ knowing about it because he was illegally spying on Nixon and Humphrey's) campaign... I wish I could find right now the transcript of their call on that subject... each one dancing around it. Nixon knew LBJ knew and LBJ knew that Nixon knew... that was back when illegal spying would have been a big deal.
  7. Particularly when they are one knee or hip replacement surgery away from wiping out all of their contributions to Medicare and they thus become "moochers" or "welfare recipients" Maybe a bad example as my wife tells me, as a therapist, they get those people out of the hospital pretty quick now. Point is, one major medical procedure takes care of what you put into it.
  8. I always have said that Jeter was both overrated and underrated. Overrated because I don't see him as one of the Yankee elite guys like Mantle, Ruth, Gehrig, etc. He's a HOF player. But he's not Ripken or Wagner. He's Robin Yount. But I also think it's important to note his "clutch", his durability, and the way he carried himself. I know "clutch" isn't necessarily a skill. I get that. But he had his big moments. When I heard at the ASG in Yankee Stadium that he took it upon himself to act as host for the other players. He gave them tours, engaged with them, and stayed until the last player left. Little things like that made me like him. I think his detractors often go overboard in knocking him down. I like to mock the deity version of Jeter, "pasta diving Jeter", etc. but I also think he's a very worthy HOFer.
  9. I get it. Same with Bonds. But in all 3 cases we are talking about great players. Maybe Bonds and Clemens would still have been 90% of what they became without PED. It wouldn't shock me about JV if he used something but I'd say that about any player. I don't think we're far apart if at all here.
  10. I get that argument on the surface but I think it's easily refuted. I'm not saying you are making that argument, I get what you are doing, but I still want to make the point... Just look at Verlander's history, his injury, the "misdiagnosis", the recovery from that... He was down for a few years but that can be tied to a specific thing. He rebounded in late 2015 and in 2016 should have won the Cy Young. And you can make the case that by going to Houston and being exposed to greater analytics staff was able to improve more.
  11. means he's got nothing so he reverts to appearances.... his eyes look funny when he talks therefore there must be something wrong with what he's saying... Just another example of how we've gone down as a society due to things like reality TV where to some people this matters. Having a TV guy in office confirms that.
  12. A Sanders presidency wouldn't provide much change... they are not dictators. Saying you want something is not the same thing as Congress passing the bills that you sign. A POTUS on the fringe, even in perception, often leads to congress going the other way 2 years in....
  13. I'd also add that Bernie is a personality like Trump is. Meaning it's not necessarily the details of their proposals but rather it's just simply "them".
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