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  1. He’s just blatantly being a hypocrite which is why I am ok with going against my own standard. He’s doing what he wants because he can. He should just say that rather than come up with stupid reasons based on a flimsy made up standard. I want to go on record that he should not do this because of his previous standard even if I thought that was wrong at the time. It’s not a case of two wrongs making a right but established standards by the person enforcing them. going forward each term there should be some agreement made between the leadership of each party that establishes the line. Is it when the primaries start? When the conventions start? I don’t know. Are lame duck sessions off the table? They should make those agreements but they won’t because they like the politics of it.
  2. I’m kind of in the same spot as Melody. My argument has always been presidents serve 4 year terms. Not 3. Not 3 1/2. Mitch should have had hearings and a vote for Garland if he cleared judiciary. My argument against him doing it now isn’t because it’s wrong to do that but that he is a hypocrite. But I did see some tweets by Schumer too from 2016 that he might wish he could walk back. that said... senators are under no obligation to confirm. If they think they should wait that’s their right as a person empowered with the vote. But Mitch shouldn’t be the one who decides it all.
  3. Last one could be real. I knew a girl like that. Worked with her at a pizza place in college. She seemed nice. All American girl. Nothing sleazy or whatever. A normal girl next door girl. I gave her a very innocent ride home once when her car was in the shop. She took that to mean something important. Then she started calling me. I was with my then girlfriend, now wife. She was there when she would call. “Is that the psycho?” Just random chit chat. Then she got mad at me because I didn’t tell her I was with someone. A few weeks later she called the store from the Ritz Carlton and asked for me. She wanted some comp pizza delivered and said she’d meet me down in the area where that is done (they didn’t like us wandering around their halls). I asked why she was there. She just got married. That was the last time anyone heard from her. She never came back to work.
  4. A few days ago there was a story out of Nashville about city officials covering up low Covid counts at bars. Even made it to Tucker’s show and Sen Blackburn made a stink. it was wrong. TV station retracted. The emails it was based on were not fully read. They weren’t restricting the low counts at specific bars to hide data but to protect privacy. If you knew a bar at 2 cases someone could figure out who. Their data standards prevented that kind of disclosure. They didn’t want to also only mention bars with higher counts because that would be unfair to that bar. Either way the full number of cases was released. Just not broken down by establishment.
  5. That was a different Lindsay Graham. After his golf game with Donald when he was told what dirt they had on him he flipped. but then again he’s in a tight race so he could revert to renegade Lindsay. Who knows. I don’t know how he will react
  6. So as I sat down to watch guardians of the galaxy volume 2 I saw the alert and was distracted. I glanced at twitter before coming here. Aside from those already mentioned I could see Romney and Sasse as guys who won’t vote until next term. I don’t think Collins is in a tough spot. She will do what Mitch wants. If she wins she’s free. If she loses she’s got nothing to lose. These republicans in tight races might say the right thing now but come November if they lose what do they have to lose by confirming? Nothing. Graham is one who is in a bind. The polling looks tight so he could make a play to go against trump. i also wouldn’t be surprised if Mitch is playing games to give vulnerable republicans a chance to go against him in order to keep the senate. Depends on how solid he feels on the alleged opposition by Murkowski and Co. if that’s soft he could just ram it through, take his lumps, lose the senate.... but mission accomplished. He got 3 on the court plus all the other federal judges. He reshaped the judiciary for 30 years so bring on President Joe and the minority leader position He got what he wanted. Another alternative is wait until after the election. If they lose the senate then all the losing R will confirm.
  7. Arizona rules state the governor appoints someone to fill the seat until there’s another federal election held, in which 1/3 of senate seats are up. That seat is not part of this elections rotation and it’s term ends in 2023. John Kyl was originally appointed but resigned a few months later. I guess McCain died too late in 2018 for that seat to be part of that years elections.
  8. our borders are pretty much closed so I don't see what being an Island has to do with anything. We are failing at slowing community spread which is amplifying the problem. Our attorney general says that mandates to encourage stopping that spread is the biggest infringment on freedom in our country since Slavery. Our national leadership empowered by law and by position failed in their bully pulpit and have convinced a significant number of people that the precautions are irrelevant and meaningless..... they mock mask wearers. They can't be left off the hook in a "What are you going to do?" response. He can wear a mask and emphatically insist that others do rather than act like it's macho not to.
  9. Yes I do. And Yes there are still problems but not as bad as they are here. New Zealand had zero cases for the fourth day in a row. In Canada it's going very well. It's absolutely mind boggling to think that somehow this was inevitible. It wasn't. He ****** it all up and the people who voted and support him are partially to blame. "Hey, let's get a businessman in there... it'll be great". You get what you pay for. I remember him tweeting out a picture of the stock market one Friday afternoon after the markets closed.... as if anyone gave a flying **** about that when they were sent home from home, kids from school, meat not on the shelves, and no TP to be found.... "Hey the market went up again. Woo Hoo." Not all outbreaks are created equal. And this is also a case where the US could have actually led the charge and perhaps discovered something that could have helped other countries and be a leader like we were until we elected Don Trump President. No, it wouldn't be perfect or normal with another president but there wouldn't be 200K dead and a thousand more by the day either. He still doesn't get it. He only cares about it now because of the election. If this were 2019 or a year into a new term it would be a lot worse.
  10. Other countries figured if out. Ours treated it like a financial problem and not a health problem. He had plenty of time to get people there to investigate and study this rather than assuming it would just “work itself out”. Every single decision made by him was done purely for the stock market. That was his only concern. I remember even in March after the **** hit the fan he gathers in the oil execs promising “don’t worry... we will take care of you”. People don’t give a **** about them. If we had a different president we would not be where we are today. That’s a certainty. The single biggest **** up in our nations history.
  11. We had Doctor Strange tonight. Wife was iffy but I liked it. Seemed to be a nice change of pace. Something different. The mid credit scene was perfect as I viewed this as a Thor tie in for sure. This was the first time we watched the trailer ahead of the movie. That helped. I really had no idea what to expect. Was he a good guy, a villain, etc. Was a little confused on civil war as to why it was labeled a captain America a movie. Was that because how it was in the comics? Or because he led the split? Not a big deal just curious. For anyone still on the fence know that my wife is eager to watch these every night. She’s one to call asleep at 9:30 and we don’t start until 8:30 ish. I was worried we wouldn’t get through these by the end of October but that won’t be a problem. I am so bummed I missed out on these in the theater around other people.
  12. Detroit Country Day is going virtual after an outbreak.
  13. I thought the republic party was against federal oversight over education?
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