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  1. I can’t remember which bill it was but he was the only one to not vote for it.
  2. Here's some more.... ridiculous that this kind of process even exists when locals like this can get involved.
  3. yeah I saw some of that and wasn't sure how to present it... either way it's very good news. From my limited understanding it sounds like the AZ vaccine is like the flu vaccine in that you "get it" and develop antibodies, whereas the other two use mRNA to trick your body into producing what's needed. Does that mean if you get the AZ vaccine then you can't get covid and therefore can't spread it? That's still the question I have about moderna and pfizer, whether you cna still carry and spread after being vaccinated. But it's cost and distribution is very good news.
  4. Now they are talking to the guy from Detroit and Shinkle seems like he's going to bring up every issue he's heard about on twitter....
  5. this guy is good..... basically telling him "recounts, investigation, etc. happen after you certify"
  6. that's how I took it... although he did say earlier "I'm not saying I'm for or against this" but that could have just been his way of not tipping his hand. Maybe he just wants to let people have their say up front. But he did say something like "make no mistake, we have a duty to certify"
  7. Van Whatever wants to listen to public comment before vote.... another person wants to vote now... then listen.
  8. that's exactly what I was thinking.... These aren't people who spent time on TV spouting off crap like Carson, Perry, etc.
  9. Astra Zeneca/Oxford says their vaccine is about 70% effective. This one is far less expensive and doesn't require freezing. Could be big in terms of getting this to the nether regions.
  10. And the thread I saw cited a 2005 Michigan SC ruling that said just that... Shall means you have to.
  11. I saw a rather convincing threat quoting the actual law and from that it’s clear that the canvassers have no choice. The wording and over is “shall”. If they don’t certify then courts can make them. The governor can fire them. They can be charged with a misdemeanor. However if they fight it in court and all of that then the mission of mistrust and doubt is achieved. Anything they can do to claim it was stolen. Facts and process doesn’t matter to the people on parler. Biden will get the 16 votes one way or another but the R’s see it as a good thing if they can claim it was given to them by the courts.
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