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  1. Reviewing but DD sounds skeptical.... said it's close.
  2. After they fired Dombrowski, Avila had their systems checked out and they noticed that their passwords were being stored unencrypted. He noted that DD's password was 'StripedPolo' and when they got into Boston he tried it.... and it worked. So he ran some simulations on their advanced systems and finally discovered Harrison sucks.
  3. At first I thought Alex Gonzalez was the guy who hit 2 HR in the ALCS game against Oakland.... That was the other one.
  4. SABR has good info out there regarding the Black Sox, which was 100 years ago. https://sabr.org/eight-myths-out
  5. https://sabr.org/eight-myths-out I'm putting this here and in the MLB forum too. WIth this being the 100 year anniversary of the Black Sox scandal SABR has some great resources on it. If your understanding of the scandal is Eight Men Out then it's mostly wrong.
  6. Hacktosky said the team couldn't move Harrison out of the leadoff spot.
  7. Damn... Versus.... Rumor is Yzerman will reach out to Sergei.
  8. Maybe this is wrong but back in 93 I was golfing with my brother in law. Willow Run plant was closing so all the UAW guys basically skipped work during the final year. On the other fairway were 4 guys he worked with, 3 white guys and a black guy. Bro in law tells me "Yeah, that's Bob, Mike, Ray, and Curtis.... guess which one's Curtis".
  9. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/04/gop-staffer-advocates-trumps-impeachment/587785/
  10. The Ilitch properties stand out like a sore thumb now...
  11. There is something to be said about the fact that there’s real people attached to stories and people who post. I am not calling anyone out because I am guilty of it too. Trying to charm and be witty and snarky can lead to hurt feelings. Not everyone is open to busting balls. I actually thought of this the other day in regards to baseball. Sometimes when old timers engage and they are old school we jump all over them. I saw an old guy in church and for some reason imagined him logging on and discussing baseball. He’d probably talk about batting average and steals and people would make fun then he’d get discouraged and leave. Kind of made me sad to think if I ever did that to someone
  12. On that point though I think the unhappiness within the GOP will transcend to whoever the nominee is. No other nominee would do much better at this point Impeachment would also not be limited to what mueller investigated. They could play clips of Graham and Grassley and McConnell going on and on about the important of presidential morality and honor from 1998 and 1999. I have reversed course. Bring it on. I don’t see a failure to convict as a negative. Trumps popularity won’t go up any more. A president pence has no shot either.
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