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  1. The first week we could dine out this last time we went to Hopcat downtown. My son loves it there. We sat at a high top across from a table of 5-6 people. They looked like they'd been there awhile..... they were having fun. Being a little loud, laughing, etc. and I started to get antsy. They were doing the things that spread the virus. Then I noticed they all had scrubs on and so I assumed they had their shots. The DMC is right down the road.
  2. Gave blood a few weeks ago and here’s the proof in my antibody test.
  3. Wandavision was fantastic on Friday and it made us go back and watch Age of Ultron again. You see that in a while new light now. Can't wait for the finale....
  4. Way back when, almost a year ago, when the mask mandate in MI went into effect I never forget seeing the guy in the gas station picking up his skoal, sunglasses upside down wrapped around the bill of his hat complaining to the cashier about it... "What about my personal ******* freedom dude?" I figured that would just be the rare exception. that has become a catchphrase in my house.
  5. Seeing Maggie was..... refreshing. I wish they had spent a few min recapping things though. When she was talking about where she was I assume that's references to the other shows in the franchise? She went to Knoxville? The Smokeys didn't get in the way?
  6. This is what it means to be conservative today? Or religious?
  7. Oregon seems to be one of the better states in all of this. Always bear the bottom in numbers and near the top in VAX.
  8. They screwed the pooch on messaging with these. MI is getting its highest allotment this week and were told to expect 400K a week going forward. Next up will be PCP finally getting their hands on them. Crains quoted the doc who runs my provider. He emphasized they know who needs it and can talk the skeptics into it. He’s ready.
  9. This is complicated by the very short supply and the extreme storage requirements. I don't know what they could have done different without slowing the whole thing down. Certain providers, like pharmacies, are also being let into the process to target specific groups of people. Are either of your health care providers even giving out the vaccine? Not all are, not all even can because of the requirements and low supply. With such a low amount available, due to production being limited, it's not worth it to set up a process if all they'll get is 10 doses. The vaccines are going from the federal government to the states, then the states determine who gets it (either county health departments, pharmacies, health providers, etc.) and it's a different method depending on things like geography and local infrastructure. Once J&J gets approved today lets see how things play out in March with a single dose shot.
  10. The Pfizer rollout in Israel is showing that it prevents spread in a big way. Not just you but your chance of spreading. That’s very good news. even at a vaccine that says 65% that’s still very good. The fact nobody with a vacccine has been hospitalized with covid is such good news. That’s better than the flu shot. People often say they don’t get that shot because “they got it once and got the flu”.... that’s not the point of the shot. It’s to stop you from going to the hospital or getting pneumonia.
  11. that's what they need to keep emphasizing. Using the "effectiveness" number is misleading because people assume that the effects go down "X%" and that's NOT what it means. I was screwing it up myself until I actually learned what it was supposed to represent.
  12. I've seen those stories about the CA strain but numbers have been plummeting there..... also the results have not yet been studied yet. See lots of pushback from other doctors that it's not good to publish those kind of papers without proper study of the "results" they are basing it on. It just upsets people.
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