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  1. They replaced the Jesus with something else now... it's another Jesus but he's different. Like Chong said about their band uniforms "it's like the same thing only different"
  2. I like Cincinatti because when we drive to TN it means we're done with Ohio. Although coming back it sucks donkey balls...
  3. If they had signed Beltre then they wouldn’t have signed Prince. Then Avi wouldn’t have had Mrs Fielder to play with.
  4. I haven't read that yet but Why don't baptists have sex standing up? Might lead to dancing.
  5. The comics had a big thing happen There's also a theory that the group that took Rick away is tied to Morgan and FTWD and that the end of FTWD will be the convergence of the two sets of people.
  6. The rumors are that Mrs Pence was especially horrified by Trump and it was even worse when the Access hollywood tape came out. Pence was being a party guy by going along with the ride for the campaign then he'd go back to doing what he always did. Then he got sucked in. Wonder when the last time Mother had sex with him.
  7. Based on some polling referenced on twitter, not sure if it's one poll or multiple, appears that Warren is up and Biden is down. Trumps internal polls had him down pretty much everywhere to Trump, including OH and FL, and only up by 2 in TX.
  8. Well they're both white and have 'Mexican-ish" sounding names... what else do you need to be a comp? David Chadd has been living off Dustin Pedrioia for 15 years or whatever.
  9. despite all that I would put it more than 50/50 that the Tigers make him the QO. Not because he's that great but if he declines and in the slim chance he does sign then they get a pick. No risk there. If he accepts then fine.... they can sell it as they're not totally tanking. It's just money. Nick is a smart guy. He wants them to offer it.
  10. I said this a few pages ago.... based on recent history there's no way Nick gets a multi year offer for anywhere near the $18M. He wouldn't even get 2/18 on the open market if a pick was tied to him. If he's offered the QO he jumps at it. That's his once shot at lifetime money.
  11. Despite it all we had a great time at this game. Felt like the first “normal” game for us. It wasn’t freezing or raining.
  12. Haven’t we learned anything from the last few off seasons? Nick would jump all over a QO. He’s not getting a multi year offer more than $10M.
  13. The description you gave earlier seemed to suggest he started working for them before the DNC hired them. Maybe I misread it. I thought your point when you quoted Wikipedia was that it was wrong but the maga heads believe it
  14. Which is it? Because the Ken Dilanian guy from NBC said the same thing you quoted here... that Steele started his work after the DNC began paying Fusion.
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