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  1. Papa bouncing his breaking stuff in Fenway earlier this season.
  2. So we get there and we have to go to the players Will Call window. Got our tickets and proceeded to our seats. The seats were behind home plate about 25 rows up. Awesome! We went around the 3rd inning to say thanks to Mike and he came and shook our hands and talked for a couple minutes. Phil was cool again he came over for a bit also. We then went back to our seats and watched our Tigers get beat again. It sure is getting tiring seeing the Tigers play this way. Maybe they'll turn it around before the break.
  3. Yeah we were right up against the fence. Nobody stayed after it started to rain. We talked to Coke and Benoit. Valverde wouldn't come talk to us at all though. lol
  4. Went to the game last night in Boston, and even though we lost we had a good time. Lots of Tiger fans out there. After the rain delay we were at the bullpen and Mike Rojas (bullpen coach) came up to us and started talking to us. He asked us if we were from Detroit and if we were here for the whole series. We told him that we didn't have tickets for tonight's game but we were gonna hang out in Boston. He brought over a piece of paper and a pen and told us to write down our names and he would leave 2 tickets for us at will call. Pretty cool guy. Here's a little vid of Valverde working on his breaking ball.
  5. Well so far this off season I think we've done enough not to fall any further back. Even if we sign Magglio (1st pitch swinging no matter the situation) Ordonez, I don't see us moving up from 3rd place in the Division.
  6. rosenthal tweeted that these rumors might have been floated from the Nats in order to get a better offer from the sox but he couldn't confirm that
  7. Hey just wondering why Boesch is having such a hard time since the break. Have the pitcher's finally figured him out or is it something he's been doing?
  8. Even Miggy needs to start stepping up. He's not getting paid to hit singles. They were horrible this weekend with runners in scoring position. Very poor at bats. They need to change their approach at the plate.
  9. Guess I was thinking the same as others in the Poll post.
  10. Do you think the problem with our hitting could be McClendon? I don't have any stats to back this up (too lazy to look), but has anyone that we've gotten in free agency or our home grown talent improved their stats on a year to year basis? I know They've have good years (Guillen, Maggs, Polanco ...), but They never seems to get better. Miggy can't seem to hit for power in the last month or so. Granderson, Polanco, Maggs, and others have all gone down hill in most categories it seems. Inge, might be the only one who is improving this year. Our hitters just seem like they have such average at bats. They swing at stupid pitches and it seems like they hit more pop-ups then any other team I watch. Anyways, just trying to figure out why we can't seem to hit the last two years. On the bright side our starters held the Yankees to 7 runs in 3 games and even though we got swept our staff is looking good. We just need some hitting. I really hope we can trade Maggs for someone. Even though nobody wants him.
  11. I really hope Maggs gets his #'s up and I'm sure he will. He will be good trade bait this summer!! Except for his price tag.
  12. Agreed. I love the defense. We lost a few games last year because of it. And our offense should be able to handle it. I think they are smart moves and they are cheap. Everyone wants to get the high priced stars but as most of us know that doesn't always work.
  13. Yeah we are looking really nice on the left side of the diamond defensively but when it comes to offense the left side might be the worst in the league with Inge and Everett. Hopefully the rest of the team will make up for it.
  14. I agree with all of you. I don't think people should be able to start a thread at all. We should just read what the feeders put out.
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