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  1. Two things, first, only in your mind is kneeling for the anthem disrespectful, because it simply isn't. You don't get to dictate to others how they express their patriotism. Secondly, if you have no humanity or empathy for the plight of others, that's on you, no one else.
  2. That's the tricky part. If you're conditioned for 120, and just do it once, likely not. But if you do it repeatedly with only a couple of days rest in between?
  3. Rest and recovery does not come into play so much until you fatigue the muscle. You can run fast every day, but if you run to muscle failure, and continue to run without the muscle having time to regenerate, there is added stress on tendons and ligaments that lead to eventual injury. The miracle with muscles is, when you break a muscle down, you don't make that muscle stronger, but your body generates a new muscle, which takes time, approximately 4-5 days.
  4. The key is adequate rest and recovery after going to a state of "muscle failure". As long as you can maintain that discipline...
  5. I'm sure it won't, but human anatomy will evolve much more slowly.
  6. You're going to set up a completely new structure on the possibility of outliers? A five man rotation was not a random outcome.
  7. I believe it's proven that the optimal interval for muscle rest and recovery, once used to muscle failure, is five days. I would be leery of anything that disrupts that natural cycle. I believe that's why starting pitchers have evolved to that cycle, and why relief pitching is so erratic.
  8. They will have to come up with something for the rest of the minor leaguers, we just haven't heard what it is yet. I'm sure it will be something similar to extended spring training, or instructional camp, once it can be done safely.
  9. You must be one of those "glass half empty" kind of guys.
  10. And that's why we have this sorry state of affairs:
  11. You may be mixing up your terminology. The case death rate world wide is 5.8%. That is different from the overall death rate.
  12. This is a misleading statement. This was the CDC's estimation at a point in time. It varies greatly by location, and there are several strains extant. Hopefully, this becomes true, but the estimations have gone up and down over time. This virus is yet to be understood.
  13. I liked the last three drafts, all a noticeably different approach than previously.
  14. Yes, you have to exercise to realize the benefits of steroids. Yes, the gains realized will be beyond what would be possible without steroids. Yes, steroids could make you a faster 100 meter runner. A stronger, more explosive, more efficient muscle performs better, that's why they do it, despite the risks.
  15. You and I are competitors and identical as ball players. Then I get to take a pill and you don't. The pill gives me 10-20% more strength, speed and bat speed than you. Are you cool with this? Do you think our performance will still be the same? If you are scouting us, who are you going to grade higher? Barry Bonds had greater bat speed at 38 than he did at 31. This does not happen naturally.
  16. There is a plethora of evidence. No, it doesn't enhance baseball skills, but it can greatly improve speed, strength, bat speed, especially as you age, all which give an unfair, unnatural advantage.
  17. It will have to be more than practice, there will be 150 players or so and they will probably coordinate with other teams. They will need to simulate games and as much of a season as possible. Covid will influence when and where, you are right.
  18. All of the minor leaguers will play somewhere. Probably set up complex leagues similar to extended spring training.
  19. There's will be some kind of pseudo minor leagues. All those players have to play.
  20. They test far more, which is one of the factors in better results.
  21. If we had maintained our discipline a little longer, maybe:
  22. With the way things are they really can't get started anyway, so it's all probably moot.
  23. Probably, but the players are stuck on full pro rata, and they need to move off that to make something happen.
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