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  1. Regarding this, you need 3 things to be graded as having a good breaking ball, you need to be able to throw the pitch with good spin and a sharp, bat missing two plane break, you need to maintain the quality of it from pitch to pitch and start to start, and you need to be able to throw it where you want. Skubal can definitely do the first, it's the consistency that isn't there yet. Given his other gifts and his stage of development, it's unreasonable to expect him to have a polished major league breaking ball at this point.
  2. 2nd cousin, I think, dad also played.
  3. It's probably more health related than anything, not yet fully recovered from the injury.
  4. I am. She seems like a nice person. You all seem like a bag of dicks.
  5. I think they'll move him if they get a fair offer. And it's a fallacy to think that his recent outings will hurt his stock, or short term results ever have much impact. Pitchers are graded on ability, not necessarily results; quality of pitches, ability to command the zone, ability to miss bats, etc. If a pitcher makes a good pitch and the batter hits it out, that's actually in the pitchers favor for grading purposes. There are things a pitcher can control and things that he cannot.
  6. He's struck out about 60% of the batters faced. Pretty amazing.
  7. Arm, range, hands, infield actions and instinct, he's just inconsistent and loses focus at this point in time.
  8. Why would you care? Loser fans on message boards whining about their teams is ubiquitous, and it's tedious, ponderous. Why object when someone doesn't engage in that ****?
  9. 11 k/9, 2.5 bb/9, 14% swinging k rate, those are elite stats, not league average. Forget WHIP, ERA, etc., those results oriented stats aren't indicative of ability.
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