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  1. These are all very small sample sizes, and by the very nature of baseball, mean very little.
  2. If you're lucky, he's Riley Reiff. High floor, low ceiling. Good technician, limited athlete.
  3. Drafting Jonah Williams would be like getting underwear for Christmas.
  4. Lisfranc is tough to come back from.
  5. I don't think it'd be Sweat or White either. Ideally Allen falls, if not Jonah Williams, Oliver, Wilkens or maybe Hockenson fit their style.
  6. The Lions won't draft Greedy Williams. Not their profile.
  7. The process leading to TJ is generally a degenerative one, so there will be a gradual reduction in performance prior to the ultimate tear. So performance can be better after surgery than it was before, but that was due to damage to the ligament, not to the surgery. You are not going to improve a healthy ligament.
  8. Tommy John will not improve your performance, unless there is something wrong with the ligament, so the premise of your question is flawed.
  9. I'd like to see them not pitch Greene three games in a row, four days out of five.
  10. I agree with Crosby, but Lions don't seem to be moving in that direction.
  11. Teams don't just put their best pass rusher in the right side anymore. They move people all over and rush from everywhere. Interior defensive linemen are extremely athletic and powerful, and reading and responding to a defense is complex. A guard these days isn't just a grinder, he has to play in space and make adjustments on the fly.
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