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  1. excuse me, I think I left something in the car.
  2. Those lists aren't the basis for any evaluation done by professionals. Top prospect lists are compiled by pundits for the edification of fans.
  3. FWIW, there has been a noticeable, and favorable change in approach in the last two drafts. Not sure about player development, but they are making an effort, and applying resources there.
  4. If your intent is to demean, or even categorize someone based on your perceived stereotypes or characterizations, then you are simply being unkind. Be kind.
  5. Who says Torkelson doesn't have a patient eye?
  6. A Wander Javier, for example, has the talent in a couple of years to be a top 100 prospect. You could gamble on that, or take one of the more developed guys who could help this year, but whose ceiling is a fourth outfielder, dh or utility infielder, your choice.
  7. Projectability isn't ALL that matters. However with a 20 yo in a ball who has been set back by injuries, it probably means a great deal. Sometimes there is a reason for the numbers, and if you believe the talent can transcend those numbers you take your chances.
  8. Yes, it's all about projection. Stats don't mean much when a lot of development is ahead of you.
  9. One reason is that premium players are rare, and it is those players who separate you competitively from the pack. Mediocre players are easy to acquire, so shoot for the moon. Also, the differential in odds may not be as extreme as you assume.
  10. Stuffwise, Sharp reminds me of Mark Fidrych.
  11. Yes, he would be absolutely useless on the big league club, and you would set back a year of his development, but that's the type of talent you want to acquire.
  12. Some interesting pitchers available; Sterling Sharp, local boy, tremendous sinker, Zack Brown if he can recapture his yakker, and Luis Oviedo, a ways away, but a high ceiling.
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