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  1. Skinny is one thing you can do something about. If he has bat speed, that is the important thing.
  2. And yes they are "rewarded" while in a rebuilding phase, just like they were "punished" when they were successful. That is the purpose of a draft.
  3. They traded older, expensive veterans for prospects, which is what a rebuilding team needs to do. Nothing wrong with it. Traded now talent and winning for hopeful future winning. That's not tanking or anything negative.
  4. Ok, but don't change it this year.
  5. He's tough on leftys, if he can't hack it as a starter.
  6. If you don't protect someone now, claimers would have to keep them on the 25 man roster all year, which is difficult to do, or offer them back to you. If you protect them now and try to move them off the 40 later because you need roster spots, they can be claimed off waivers and then they are gone. We can use extra roster spots in addition to any free agent signings, as there will be a lot of cuts as people sign free agents over the next two months, and we will be high in the claiming order.
  7. If Miggy Performs well Next year...

    They had a successful ten year run, so hard to see where it was too much of a problem.
  8. If Miggy Performs well Next year...

    I think the main point here is that people are acting as if the Tigers are behind the curve somehow. You win by having better ballplayers than the other guy. The Tigers former strategy was to acquire high end talent AFTER it was already developed, and that's where they put their resources. By any standard they were successful with that strategy. Now they are changing their approach, and of course analytics will be a part of it, but it's not the end all, be all that some make it out to be.
  9. If Miggy Performs well Next year...

    They always have, but some clubs, Houston for example, have reduced scouting while increasingly relying on "analytics" .
  10. If Miggy Performs well Next year...

    It's always better to have more information, but there is a point of diminishing returns. You don't want to lose focus on the other factors like scouting and player development. I would rather excel in the latter, whereas Houston, for example, has featured analytics at the expense of scouting. So far it's worked...
  11. If Miggy Performs well Next year...

    I think the Verlander story was bogus, he made his adjustments well before the trade. The idea that the Tigers don't use high tech cameras is ludicrous.
  12. If Miggy Performs well Next year...

    It's not that some clubs use "analytics" and others don't, every club has tons of data at it's disposal, whether developed in house or purchased. Some clubs are more sophisticated than others and some use data a little differently. Data analysis can give you an edge and enhance scouting and player development, but it doesn't replace any of the basic tenets of building a club. I think the difference between clubs data analyzing capabilities, and it's importance is being overstated. Baseball is a small select community, and there are really no secrets, if something works, it is soon assimilated.
  13. Lions @ Bears (1pm est)

    He is productive, when he's healthy.
  14. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Uranium One: one of the biggest red herrings in history. Sounded bad, wasn't.
  15. The further from the majors, they more likely you'll get someone with a higher ceiling.