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  1. They are rebuilding. I'm ok with making the product worse next year by trading Boyd, Farmer or anyone else of value for young assets that may be contributors down the road. Have no problem with filling the gaps with free agents to be competitive, and no problem flipping them for B level prospects, because sometimes they work out.
  2. Luhnow is good with analytics, other than that he is not an admirable human being.
  3. If you said a player pitches better from the windup as opposed to the stretch, then that could be supported.
  4. You are making assumptions, and differentiating between inherited runners and the players own.
  5. That's a stat like clutch hitting, not really attributable to skill.
  6. I think you can expect such variations, in those types of stats, with those sample sizes.
  7. He has well above average velocity, above average spin and movement on his fastball. I wouldn't call that mediocre.
  8. I know the tendency is to want to bash anything related to the Tigers, but Farmer is a pretty darn good relief pitcher.
  9. They likely won't repeat, probably keep challenging them. They weren't overwhelmed.
  10. Man, he's got those "Little Lotta" legs.
  11. Depth, has an option and will compete with Greiner.
  12. Those type of stats don't mean much with young prospects. He wasn't overwhelmed as he was challenged while learning the game.
  13. I can't see where Meadows could be a disappointment. He showed well for a high school kid in his first full season in class A ball.
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