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  1. My understanding is that they are linked to a top Cuban player, Roberto Campos, who is only 15 and can't be signed until a bit later.
  2. That's the only thing that kept me from a life of crime.
  3. Most likely she’ll do the biweekly organization reports, replacing Anthony Fenech. They have a full time staffer do the rankings.
  4. Well, he would have no leverage as a senior, even if he has a good year. Look at what really good seniors have been getting. Better to get full $125,000 now, and get pro medical and training.
  5. There must be, or it would be happening
  6. If I were the Tigers, I'd offer him the 350 or 400 grand now. Since he wasn't drafted, I don't think any of the bonus restrictions apply.
  7. Skywalker #101 Just missed it.
  8. You’d get your *** beat
  9. He's already a pro, ineligible for the draft.
  10. Both Lester and Simcox were drafted as juniors.
  11. The club's have spoken to them, and pretty much know who is signable and what it will take before they pick them.
  12. You take the Meadows, Liniaks and Delarosas because if they miss, they miss, but if they hit, you have a star, someone who gives you a competitive advantage. If Andre Lipcius makes it, what do you have? A utility infielder? A below average starter on a second level club? Those have little value.
  13. Look at some of the picks around theirs by other teams. There are upside guys available. They seem to value floor over ceiling.
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