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  1. Verlander has been inconsistent in the playoffs for Houston this year.
  2. You can say that about pretty much every Hall of Famer, baseball stats never roll out evenly, you know this.
  3. 98ip 77h 30bb 112k, era 3.36, .207 ba against, .629 ops against, that's pretty damn good, anything else is just noise.
  4. This is just silly. It's such small samples, it's like pulling random games out to try to prove a trend. All in all, he had a near hall of fame career in detroit.
  5. This is a good thing. Analytics doesn't replace traditional scouting, and it is, and always has been a tool to enhance scouting. It's just gotten a lot more sophisticated.
  6. I think there was a coverage mix up, and Jones should have had the middle of the field.
  7. They don't call holding or pi randomly! They call it when they see it, and when they see, they should call it. Maybe they don't all call it when it's borderline, but I do believe they all try to call it consistently, not depending on circumstances.
  8. You believe they should change the rules based on perceived scenarios? Glad you are not a ref.
  9. I don't know where you ever got a ridiculous notion like that. Crunch time is no exemption from the rules, in fact, that's when you want to get it right.
  10. What difference does that make? PI is PI. Of course they should have called it.
  11. True, and nothing you are proposing is a fact, it's just doom and glooming. Why is it your mission to bring those around you down?
  12. I think you should expect players to struggle their first year or two in the bigs, it's part of development.
  13. 5 is a lot for anyone's ma.
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