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  1. Exactly, there are a lot of skills required to play corner, and long speed is one of them, but it's less important in some schemes than others.
  2. I said every team would have drafted him, not necessarily in round two. The point is you don't draft anyone at all if you don't believe they have the physical tools to compete. It isn't simply the physical tools that result in success or failure at that level. Many players who have timed fast have been poor corners, and there have been many who timed slower who have performed well. The 40 is a minor guideline that is way overrated by fans. I'm not saying it has no validity, but not " if he runs a 4.4 he'll be great, but if he runs a 4.6 he'll suck" like some on here are saying.
  3. There probably wasn't a team in the NFL who wouldn't have drafted Tabor, and you don't get drafted if they don't believe you have the physical skills to compete, and NFL teams have analytical processes even more thorough than yours. If he didn't have the physical skills, he wouldn't have gotten opportunities after Detroit. Players no one would consider slow, like Slay and Okuda fail to in their ability to cover initially, but some can adapt and figure it out and some can't. Tabor couldn't. To say it's just because of his 40 time is just shallow thinking. The point i am making, however, isn't whether Tabor is fast or slow, it's that the 40 time is a weak, inadequate measure of NFL speed.
  4. I believe the thought process was; he ran a poor 40, he failed, therefore he failed because of the poor 40. Stupid Lions.
  5. You are making an assumed correlation that Tabor washed out due to his 40 time. There have been a lot of fast 40 guys who washed out and couldn't cover.
  6. You ever run track? Lowering your sprint time is a lot of technique work, mostly transitioning from a stationary base to full stride. A player who has learned those techniques will run a much faster 40 than another player, and they can have the same on field speed. Also, it's a point in time, just like a pitcher can have his best stuff one day, and mediocre some other, due to training cycles, biorythms, minor injuries, sprint times can vary day to day. Also, 40 yards straight is an arbitrary, non football measure. so speed, sure, but don't rely on 40 times as a sole indicator.
  7. You value Pitts because he has rare skills. He's not redundant to Hockenson, he'd play with him. He's a chess piece. You can put him in the backfield, in the slot, outside, in motion. He can run a full tree. He can help both the passing and running game. He and Hockenson together would create a lot of mismatches.
  8. This would actually be a pretty good pick. There are a handful of elite talents in the draft, and he's one of them. Don't overreact to positional value.
  9. Neither Mize, Manning or Skubal make the opening day roster.
  10. Give up for Green? Eliminated for Elijah?
  11. Every pitcher is a serious arm injury waiting to happen.
  12. 8.2 k/9 and 2.2 bb/9 are pretty darn good. His gb rate has fallen off but used to be good.
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