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  1. I think you are understating him. There may not be another fastball in the Tigers system that can match his, I'm not talking just velo, and his control ain't that bad. On the other hand, the Tigers know him better than anyone, and they didn't protect him.
  2. Not necessarily true, he's boom or bust. Players with a fastball like that always have a chance.
  3. The obvious answer is probably the correct one, Weaver liked Plumlee as a player and team fit, and didn't Dedmon. Was only interested in Dedmon because the financial implications of getting rid of him were more advantageous than Snell.
  4. He'll be 25, if he can throw strikes, he'll help.
  5. He has one elite pitch and a promising breaking ball. If his command comes around, and he's now two years from tj, he can be a stud.
  6. Foley is the only other one I believe worth protecting. Schreiber, Dixon, Demeritte are likely to be off at some point.
  7. Not obstruct? Encourage professional medical guidlines? Trust in science? Use their platform to encourage tolerance and cooperation in the throes of a pandemic, rather than use it as an opportunity to belittle their rivals?
  8. Accountable for what, trying to keep people healthy? Is she engaged in fraud, corruption, dirty tricks? Get real.
  9. Then get off her back. Be a help, not a hindrance. Let's all get through this together.
  10. This just isn't true, she tried and was met with nothing but obstruction. Facing an ugly pandemic and the clock ticking, she did what she had to do to protect the citizens of Michigan based on the best medical evidence at the time. The constitutionality is debatable.
  11. Being in any kind of a crowd right now is likely not wise. Whitmer is trying to protect people as best she can. Not sure what you're trying to accomplish.
  12. Yes, access is key, but that bad **** you were talking about, it's still happening. I believe it's important to acknowledge that, call it out when we see it, have empathy for those who suffer from it, and listen to them.
  13. You are born black in America. Your ancestors were snatched from your homeland and and brought here, considered subhuman, without rights, beaten, lynched, abused in every way. Daily you suffer indignities from open hostility, to profiling to stereotyping to murder simply because of the color of your skin. Access to jobs, education, advancement has never been equal. Promises are made and not kept, hope raised and dashed. Your support system comes from the same circumstances as you. Life is generally hard enough, but add this layer of complexity? Social ills correlate directly to poverty. Help people get out of poverty and we all benefit.
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