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  1. Hmm I cannot find a Piston stream anywhere... Looks like I'll be following this game on NBA.com:ermm:
  2. The Michigan DL looks pathetic, giving up way to much size in the middle and can't get pressure on Clausen.
  3. I guess that's my cue... I'll take DE Cliff Avril
  4. That's a bit shocking. I knew he had issues, but had no idea they were this bad... maybe it's just a precautionary thing that the Heat are making him do. And this all happened because of Twitter...
  5. It wasn't a pick 6, or a LB... And it wasn't really a great play, he just stepped in front of the WR. Stafford just didn't see him. Matt Ryan and Derek Anderson went a combined 13-20...our secondary looked pretty weak. The D-Line is a little better, and the LB's are much improved I'll give you that.
  6. Did they seriously just run Cason on a 4th and 1?
  7. Wow. Did anyone see Felton just level that guy?
  8. I don't even think he's better than Stanton... More experianced? Okay. Better? I doubt it.
  9. I love Jason Hanson MVP Great win, did anyone else think Stanton looked better than Culpepper? Granted, he played against 2nd and 3rd stringers, but Stanton has IMO always looked better than Culpepper...it's a shame he couldn't stay healthy last year.
  10. yeah me neither... I guess those pads don't matter much to him
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