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  1. November 11-Nov 22

    I would have called up Russo if DDK was back soon, definitely wouldn't do Hicketts if it was a game or so. Not a huge deal, I just think it is safe to say Lashoff is not a NHL defenseman so if you know the person is getting playing time I wouldn't have chosen him. But honestly in the grand scheme of things this decision doesn't really matter, I just don't personally want to watch Lashoff fart around in his own zone so I called it dumb.
  2. November 11-Nov 22

    I figured he was only brought up because there was a good chance that Daley will play (no sense in Hicketts sitting in the press box), but if he is indeed scheduled to play that's pretty dumb.
  3. November 11-Nov 22

    Auto suspension, so not very surprising. I'm guessing Tkachuk gets the maximum fine, I don't think he should be suspended even if he did goad Witkowski into starting the brawl (so I guess he started it). What I do think he deserves is a serious butt whooping by someone. The kid is such a punk and was able to antagonize while hiding behind officials and teammates, and it isn't the first time I've seen him doing stuff like this. After watching the Ice Guardians documentary on Netflix I have softened my enforcer/fighting stance a bit just because they theoretically can keep punks in line to an extent, so hopefully he gets his eventually...
  4. November 11-Nov 22

    Very entertaining game. I see that Blashill borrowed his buddy Cooper's strategy of dressing an extra defenseman so you can get your better forwards more ice time. I also thought WItkowski didn't look terrible playing actual hockey and of course it was nice to see him win his fight so convincingly and antagonize the entire team. He'll be suspended for coming back on the ice but I can live with that! Hamonic is a moron for going after Mantha like that, I don't even understand why he was so worked up. I guess we never really saw what set off the Witkowski fight originally but you could see him mouth to Hamonic that the guy came at him. Hopefully Daley isn't too injured. Although it could mean a Hicketts call up if DDK is still too injured...
  5. November 11-Nov 22

    I luckily don’t remember whatever cringey url I chose. It was probably patrickroysucks.angelfire.com or something like that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. November 11-Nov 22

    A big step-up from my website around that time, mine was completely anti-Avalanche with many animated gifs all over, lots of text on fire, etc. I just googled, and apparently Angelfire is still alive and hosting free websites? I wish I could find my crappy site archived somewhere!
  7. November 11-Nov 22

    Why do people do this? I feel a lot of second hand embarrassment when I see grown adults doing it.
  8. Hollywood attempts to change history

    It was a good apology, but my personal reservation about it was that even up to a couple months ago he was denying that they were true and had done so many times. It wasn't until he was basically cornered with the accusations that he decided to come clean.
  9. Browns Vs Lions CBS 1pm (est)

    Corey Robinson is eligible to come back too so don't get too excited yet...
  10. October 31-November 9

    I didn't think any of the goals were particularly his fault fwiw. He should have controlled his rebound better on the first goal, but Ouellete did his best turnstile impression and literally let his man skate past him to the net (and it ultimately bounced in off his stomach area). Honestly XO has been terrible this year. Second goal they let the little guy skate into the top of the slot and instead of really challenging him they all set up a screen, Mrazek had no chance to see the shot. Third goal Ericsson literally makes a tape to tape pass to the other team, then is too slow to challenge the skater going in on his own on Mrazek. Fourth goal, after a turnover (nice pass by Frk to the Flames), guy in front tips a puck going wide (also borderline interference but I wasn't mad they didn't call it on review, I think it could have gone either way). Fifth goal was a well executed two on one. Sure he didn't steal the game for them, but I didn't think it was his fault either, the defense is just so bad. Ericsson continues to rack up assists on the other team's goals. I will say at least this loss was mildly entertaining.
  11. October 31-November 9

    It didn't take long for Blashill to put AA on the fourth line, lovely. Hopefully he doesn't get fourth line TOI down there, but hilarious that they gave him indications he would be top 9 to help get him to sign.
  12. October 31-November 9

    I hope the game was fun! I'm jealous of the Lions fans game watch plus seeing the canucks fans' hearts ripped out last second. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. October 31-November 9

    Assist by abdelkader, he's the greatest! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. October 31-November 9

    I was ready to meet my three year quota of two positive abdelkader comments Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk