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  1. I started watching McMafia for a work assignment, and got hooked on it in a day. When it comes to the US next month on AMC you all need to check it out!
  2. January 13-January 22, 2018 Combined Game Thread

    Mrazek with the first back to back shutouts by a Wing since his idol Hasek in '08. Wings have not given up a goal in the Joey Hicketts era, welcome to the future ladies and gentlemen.
  3. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    And when you're a star like Quinn, coaches let you do it
  4. The Larry Nassar thing............

    The question that was asked is in the twitter transcript above, I think if he had stopped his answer right before the "But, ..." that answer would have been fine. I know it was spur of the moment, but this whole situation has been very upsetting to me so it's just another disappointment in my mind.
  5. The Larry Nassar thing............

    At best I think he should have just sidestepped the admin stuff and kept his focus on the victims. Not the right time to show support for an institution that so gravely failed so many people, no matter your working relationship imo.
  6. The Larry Nassar thing............

    Googled it to copy and paste, and I see he's already in damage control mode saying he used the wrong words. Way to go Tom... Here it is: "I hope the right person was convicted", the support for the administration the so horribly dealt with the situation... bleh
  7. Who can we trade this year?

    I believe this was all based off of the Sun article which was just presenting the scenario and Friedman has already kind of shut it down. It would be great for the Wings but I can't imagine it is more than just speculation at this point.
  8. The Larry Nassar thing............

    I was raised a Michigan State fan and rooted for them pretty hard up until a year or so ago. With all the scandals around NCAA programs, the cover ups so that institutions can continue to make money/save face, not paying players, etc. made me really soften my fandom. I think I watched a total of three football games, none full, this season and I have yet to watch an entire NCAAMB half. But with all of this going down I'm basically done with NCAA fandom. The whole situation is sickening and the MSU response has been pathetic, even Izzo's statement was garbage. Sports and money over the athletes and students, so gross. I took the MSU sticker off my car this weekend and probably will donate my MSU clothing to the Salvation Army. I may be dramatic here but the whole thing makes me sick.
  9. January 13-January 22, 2018 Combined Game Thread

    Hicketts got called up, I think Daley is hurt.
  10. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    His articles are painful.
  11. Who can we trade this year?

    Good point, even Mike Smith got traded in the offseason, so there's a chance! If it were me Howard's random dip in play this season with his penchant to get hurt would kind of scare me, but teams could do worse things. Howard's salary is low next season at $4.3 mill so that adds to attractiveness for owners in addition to potential cap retention. Retaining around 1.5 mill would drag him into the Cam Ward area for cap hits so it is reasonable. I guess with how they've been unable to trade him over the years I just wrote him off!
  12. Who can we trade this year?

    Green is the most likely since he is putting up points and is on an expiring deal. I expect right around the return for Smith last season, and even a little less. I'm not sure if top teams will have a need for PP QB that badly to give up a lot for a guy that needs to be sheltered defensively. Tatar is intriguing, I was surprised his name was popping up but it makes sense. Fair long term contract, currently in his prime, puts up fine goal totals and good underlying numbers. The Wings should trade him if they can, for the future. Otherwise I can't see many Wings being attractive (outside of the young guys who the Wings shouldn't trade at the moment unless the return is unreal). Maybe Nyquist as he only has 1 more year on his deal after this, not sure how in demand he is. Maybe Mrazek if a team needs a backup. I can't see anyone interested in Howard with his injury history/salary. I wish they could trade Helm and/or Abdelkader
  13. January 13-January 22, 2018 Combined Game Thread

    Couldn't be bothered to watch this one... too many good books right now. Looks like I missed a good one:
  14. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    I hope this is true, I wanted this to happen when Bob was first brought on board. No clue how it will turn out but I love all the press around him. Also:
  15. January 13-January 22, 2018 Combined Game Thread

    Wings just about ran over the Blackhawks today with Mrazek getting a shutout, weird to see. Blackhawks look pretty dysfunctional, and I honestly don't recognize like half their team it is crazy. Lil Bert got his first goal of his career so that was cool. Turgeon got called up and looked pretty decent especially penalty killing (surprised he got called up but they did lose two PK'ers). Mike Green scored to keep that trade value rising...