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  1. https://www.nhl.com/redwings/news/by-the-numbers-prospects-seth-barton/c-318988492 Not a bad write up on defense prospect Seth Barton. I never expected much out of him but it sounds like he's developing well and could go pro after next season.
  2. I believe part of it is that he weighs these 22 year olds in the NHL much more (which is understandable) and only Hronek/Zadina are NHL guys at the top. And they certainly don't match up against the Matthews, McDavid, Hughes' (ugh this hurts), etc. But still pretty depressing.
  3. Pronman is doing a ranking of organizations based on all their skaters 22 years old or younger, whether in the NHL or not. Wings dropped a couple spots from last offseason to 18th in the league. His rankings for the Wings: 1. Mo Seider: Tier: High-end NHL player Skating: 55 Puck Skills: 55 Physical Game: 70 Hockey Sense: 55 2. Filip Hronek: Tier: High-end/very good bubble Skating: 55 Puck Skills: 55 Physical Game: 50 Hockey Sense: 60 3. Filip Zadina Tier: High-end/very good bubble Skating: 55 Puck Skills: 65 Physical Game: 45 Hockey Sense: 60 Shot: 60 4. Joe Veleno Tier: Legit NHL player Skating: 55 Puck Skills: 60 Physical Game: 50 Hockey Sense: 55 5. Jared McIsaac Tier: Legit NHL player Skating: 55 Puck Skills: 55 Physical Game: 55 Hockey Sense: 60 6. Michael Rasmussen (Legit NHL player) 7. Dennis Cholowski (Legit NHL player) 8. Jonatan Berggren (Legit NHL player) 9. Elmer Soderblom (Legit NHL Player) - loving this pick from last draft 10. Robert Mastrosimone (Legit NHL Player) 11. Albert Johansson (Legit NHL Player) - I think he's a bit low NHL Potential: Antti Tuomisto, Gustav Berglund, Seth Barton, Givani Smith, Gustav Lindstrom, Filip Larsson Most of his write-ups seemed fair to me. I think next true seasons for a lot of these players will tell a lot about their futures. I know Johansson is playing well at the U20 Sweden camp now that he's not behind a bunch of high draft picks, Pronman says he's shined there. Pronman also mentioned Soderblom is looking good and uses his 6 foot 6 body well.
  4. I thought he was going to be a RFA still after this but I guess not? I thought it was a home run for both sides, but still think it is a positive for the Wings in the end. Basically bought out the rest of his arbitration at a seemingly fair price for a top six player (if he produces like that), and it sounded like they're going to try him at center too.
  5. Zadina had 2 goals in the first period of his first game in Czech league, first goal here: Second goal: Looks like this could be good for his confidence.... Fabbri extended for two years:
  6. Mike Green is going to retire, dealt with a lot of injuries and sickness so I'm not surprised. His peak was super short but when he was on he was damn good.
  7. Unless they had to rebook their flight the night before they knew what they were doing lol. I can never understand how people are rude with appointments like that.
  8. Seider got loaned to his old team in Germany, Zadina got loaned to a team in the Czech league. Makes sense to get them game time against adults. I know one of their prospects is opting to stay in Europe vs. playing at Boston U so it'll be interesting. Svechnikov got a one year deal from the Wings. I was curious if Yzerman would move on since he has no ties to the pick.
  9. Pronman at the Athletic says his sources say Detroit likes Perfetti at 4 oa. I figured he was just blowing smoke but I didn't realize that Kris Draper is a family friend of Perfetti: https://www.tsn.ca/top-prospect-cole-perfetti-driven-to-prove-doubters-wrong-1.1463077 So there could be something there. From Pronman's latest mock: 4. Detroit Red Wings: Cole Perfetti, C, Saginaw-OHL The draft starts to get interesting and more wide-open starting with Detroit’s pick. I’ve heard Lucas Raymond mentioned with the Red Wings, but a fair amount of sources seem to think the team likes Cole Perfetti a lot. His elite skill and hockey IQ with average feet and size has a lot of resemblance to Brayden Point, who Detroit GM Steve Yzerman picked during his tenure in Tampa Bay.
  10. They dropped the Rangers ball it was purposely tainted, fix was in
  11. Agree with this, I've been watching a little of each game. I do miss the Wings even with them being bad, though.
  12. I found the rumor bizarre since it seemed to be tied to re-signing Toffoli? Ya one more year on his deal. Howard is a FA and hopefully he rides off into the sunset. Pickard has another season and could sit behind Bernier, but it isn't a very good option haha. There are some okay options in FA, but someone like Lehner would be more money than I imagine the Wings want to spend on goaltending while rebuilding. Maybe someone like Cam Talbot could be a budget signing to pair with Bernier: https://www.capfriendly.com/browse/free-agents/2021/caphit/all/goalies
  13. Even with some bad contracts on their books, I imagine the Canucks will re-sign him like ls said. I'm not sure he would really fit in with the current Wings' "timeline" but they do need someone in net....
  14. I honestly don't know enough to tell you about Drysdale. I used to follow the prospects a lot more closely, but I haven't for various reasons over the last few seasons. For example, I watched a total of zero minutes of Seider before the Wings drafted him, and I'm in love with the pick now haha. If I told you I did anything outside of I watched a decent amount of Lafreniere video I would just be regurgitating a couple articles I've read.
  15. Most likely, yes. But apparently Hughes wasn't even the Wings' highest rated defender left so I try not to think about it too much... Zadina is still going to be a good player in my mind, but Hughes is pretty electric so far in his career.
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