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  1. Trevor, I hate to break it to you, but a cup contender doesn't have room for a washed up guy who is always hurt. The Wings managed to trade Kindl back in the day but I can't imagine anyone will give up anything of value for Daley's corpse.
  2. Cholowski is back with old man Green injured again
  3. In my opinion I don't think Bowey has the ability to play anywhere effectively on a NHL roster. I'm not sure what including him on the bottom pairing does outside of give you a body. His skill-set seems to lend itself best to transition/offense, but he doesn't seem like he would be capable of helping run a power play since his decision making is atrocious. His defensive IQ/positioning is so bad (honestly does he have to chase the puck at all times?) that I wouldn't want him on the penalty kill and you have to shelter him with offensive zone starts. I'm just not sure why you would want him on the team if you have any sort of decent options. It was a decent try on a guy drafted highly with good physical tools, but I honestly can't stand watching him play hockey (so maybe I am a bit biased in all of this).
  4. Gallant seemed to do a good job turning around the Panthers and then had Vegas playing a little over their heads (or they were playing that way in spite of him), so I would say he seems like a solid coach at least. The thing that gives me pause is both how he was let go in Florida and Vegas. He famously wasn't called a taxi or anything after fired by the Panthers (https://www.businessinsider.com/florida-panthers-fire-gerard-gallant-make-him-wait-for-taxi-2016-11), and then was suddenly let go from Vegas in what seems like bizarre timing/reasoning from the GM. So I wonder while he is known as a players coach he may rub people in the front office the wrong way...
  5. It is also hilarious how bad Mike Green is.
  6. It is honestly impressive how bad Howard is this season
  7. Ignoring Cholowski and creating cap space I'm fine with the swap merely for Hronek, this is an odd question to me tbh.
  8. I'm surprised you felt that was the point of me mentioning it. I found it odd that Iran wouldn't be willing to turn over the black box if it was indeed mechanical failure/issues that caused it as they instantly claimed. Before Canadian and US intelligence reports (and the video I guess, seems like it is legit?) it was just a part of the circumstantial evidence pointing towards a possible [accidental] missile strike and not a mechanical failure, along with the lack of pilot communication which was in the post I quoted when mentioning the box.
  9. https://www.newsweek.com/iranians-shot-down-ukraine-flight-mistake-sources-1481313 One Pentagon and one U.S. senior intelligence official told Newsweek that the Pentagon's assessment is that the incident was accidental. Iran's anti-aircraft systems were likely active following the country's missile attack, which came in response to the U.S. killing last week of Revolutionary Guard Quds Force commander Major General Qassem Soleimani, sources said.
  10. Plus I think I read that they won't release the black box to the plane company.
  11. Didn't they cut their teeth squashing the Bowling Green Massacre?
  12. These losers don't even have enough conviction to stand behind what they say. iT wAs A jOke!
  13. I'm guessing any time he "needs" money he can just have a fundraiser in a wine cellar in Northern California or some crap.
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