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  1. One of the things I've been doing in quarantine is using a hockey simulator game I have to simulate the NHL in a bizarro world, starting in 1980. Sad to say that the Wings have finished bottom of the NHL in three straight seasons since I started. They've drafted 1 overall in three straight drafts and picked Chris Chelios, Brett Hull, and Steve Yzerman with those picks (pretty funny). Their picks after the first round have been a bit lackluster, goalie Jon Casey is probably the biggest name I recognize but he's still in Adirondack as of the start of 1983-84 season. The Wings actually fired their coach in the offseason before 83/84.... and hired DON CHERRY!!
  2. Can I throw the entire last season of Game of Thrones into consideration?
  3. I didn't see this so I googled, seems like his agent has shot down this rumor already. I wouldn't be shocked if it was some sort of posturing as far as getting a call up this season or next, but who knows with stuff coming out of Russia. I too have written him off as a NHL player so either way...
  4. I think Zadina had been a pretty solid NHL-er this season for the most part. 15 points in 28 games playing about ~15 minutes a night at age 20 on a team devoid of talent seems fine to me. Tough to make an impact with this roster. AA and Green are both hurt for Edmonton already, very surprising!
  5. I thought there might be a chance, but I'm guessing not a huge market with another year left on his deal? Maybe him and Glendening get dealt next year...
  6. I'm probably in the minority but I'm a bit surprised that AA got them two second rounders back. He's slipped back into his old playing style and it doesn't seem like he is every going to change. Kuffner looks like an AHL/NHL tweener at best to me so whatever to losing him. I will gladly take those picks for what AA brings to a team. I'm also shocked that anyone wanted Green for any price.
  7. I had a great time at the game yesterday. Luckily the Lions have prepared me to be a Wildcats fan...
  8. I can see why people complain. Air travel sucks overall (in my opinion) so I understand why people would get upset over the few inches of comfort that someone can control. I probably also care a little less because I need to take Xanax to fly as it is!
  9. I find it annoying when the person in front of me reclines, so I never do it myself. I dislike it because I have a tough time sleeping sitting up, so I like to put my head on my arms on the tray table. So if I'm not a fan of it, I won't do it to someone else, but I am disappointed when it happens. But if the feature is there I won't begrudge someone using it in front of me, I'll just be bummed I probably can't snooze.
  10. Ericsson on waivers, have to imagine the teams are lining up to claim him
  11. It sure is wild being a Wildcats fan....
  12. I enjoyed watching the first weekend. I also grabbed season tickets to the LA team since they were super cheap, so I'm stoked to go see their first home game this weekend. Should be interesting...
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