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  1. Every game I've seen has had an unreal amount of penalties (mostly stick infractions).... it will be interesting if they keep calling it this way into the season because it is odd to watch games like this.
  2. Home from work early to start my vacation for a hockey tournament in Las Vegas this weekend, nice to see some live Wings on my computer!
  3. LOL! A radio guy in Pittsburgh said a trade of Sheahan for Derrick Pouliot is going to go down and the wings will use the cap space of about $2.1 million from that and give it to AA.... so LS please ask Ferris to confirm that!
  4. Seems like the geo block these sort of games for some strange reason. Wings lost, Mantha and Larkin had goals though. Here's the lineup for the game against Pens tonight: Supposedly Holmstrom has looked good in camp so far.
  5. Allegedly the Bruins' website is streaming the game tonight, no clue if they are restricting it to the Boston area. Mrazek / Coreau splitting in net Jensen and a bunch of prospects/minor leaguers on defense I'll most likely be not be able to watch any of this, but it would be interesting to see how Mantha/Larkin look together (apparently it has been them and Abdelkader on a line in camp), how Bert looks with Glendening as a potential fourth line combo, and how Rasmussen looks. Also if Mrazek's game looks any different.
  6. It was just a stupid throwaway line/joke speaking to the Sheahan to Pitt rumors that are floating around. (I would still sign AA to that price and I think he's worth it though)
  7. I really don't think we are on the same page on what we are even talking about....how is the above not the exact argument I've put forward? I disagreed that there is some sort of cap on salary based on age as younger RFA's get more money than older RFA's all the time and it seems to me in the bolded section you agree that there are other considerations that go towards where a salary ends up for RFA? I don't even know why you decided to explain RFA to me in the first place, this whole discussion has been bizarre. I apologize for using the meme, I didn't intend it to mean anything besides a cheap laugh. Reading back it definitely didn't come across like that so that was my bad.
  8. Oh come on you don't need to play the victim just because I posted a meme, I had text right after it too speaking to your age point. Please provide any examples of age (or is it service time? in your original post explaining RFA to me you were on service time then it morphed into you get paid by age in the next one) determining a RFA's salary. Even if you just isolate the Red Wings RFA deals there is no correlation to merely their age. Tatar got $2.75 million per on his first RFA deal (age 23), Sheahan got $950K (age 22), Nyquist $950k (age 23), Abdelkader $787k (age 23).... RFA will suppress salaries due to lack of competing offers but the salary is still tied to production and value not some predetermined age calculation. Or maybe cite the relevant CBA provision that explains this since you seem to think I don't understand the CBA. Maybe you are confusing negotiating a deal with accepting a qualifying offer from the team? Those are tied directly to the previous season's salary...
  9. Age and time played in the NHL certainly are factors in evaluating potential salary, but the bottom line is that salaries come down to skill/production/value to the team. I'm not sure how you can look at the various contract lengths and values for guys in the exact situation across the league and think it is based merely on age or time played.
  10. I don't understand what you're getting at here? AA's service time just means he is restricted without arbitration rights. It doesn't slot him into any sort of dollar amount based on how many games he's played in the NHL. Arvidson just came off his 3 year entry level deal as a RFA like AA is doing and signed a deal for 7 years at $4.25 million per. Bennett was in the exact same situation and signed for 2 years at $1.95 per and he made more money than Arvidson in their entry level deal as he was drafted higher. Their bargaining power is limited but it isn't like baseball how the team sets the salary before arbitration kicks in, they still negotiate based around the player's worth.
  11. One of the KHL teams with interest filled all their foreign active lineup spots and their season has already started, if he didn't go to the KHL already he won't this offseason. I'm curious of what progress was made as Bobby Mac just mentioned the $1.9 million per @ 2 years as the standing offer. Just up the per year value to Sheahan's 2.075 million and trade Sheahan to Pittsburgh!
  12. Too busy trying to seize the means of production, whoop whoop:
  13. I like the premise of Orville, but "starring" Seth Macfarlane was all I needed to know to avoid it. I may give in and check it out if I'm bored but I cannot stand that guy on screen.
  14. Looks like the tweet I saw with Caldwell's quote missed his double negative so it completely changed it... so it is actually: "Didn't make the best decision in that regard," coach Jim Caldwell said. "I mean, there's no way of getting around that one. But don't expect not to see him back there again, OK. That's what I would like to say to you.
  15. Here, here. Also, I know they want to establish the run/get a rhythm, and a run game would really open up the offense, but it is pretty rough seeing them run it almost every first down in the first half and get pretty much nowhere. I wouldn't mind starting Theo with the offense and use screens/short passes instead of the traditional run game, then go to Abdullah when the defense is more tired/away from their gameplan and see if that helps cure the slow starts.