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  1. Stange with a nice release for his first college goal: ...and he has another nice release for his second of the night: His skating looks better than I imagined after reading about him post-draft, and his shot seems to get on the goalie in a hurry
  2. I'm not sure if I can start the draft depression this early
  3. Good play by Raymond leads to an assist either from missing net on purpose or lucky bounce: Sweet pass by Veleno: Zadina with an easy apple:
  4. Me, who has never heard of any of these players but read Buddha's write up: Wow I love this draft!
  5. Apparently Detroit told Germany no to Seider playing in the WJC, but I think he has the okay to play with their mens team if he wanted. It makes sense to be honest, though it would be pretty fun to see him in the WJC going crazy.
  6. It's a practice jersey, did they forget to do the Wings jersey and had to rush it overnight?
  7. It really has been nice haha. I think zadina may be too good for this league
  8. Dom Luszczyszyn wrote an article for The Athletic grading each team's contract efficiency. If you don't care for advanced stats type stuff you can probably disregard this post. Each year he ranks the teams on their contracts for the year: Last season the Wings ranked 31st and they're up to 16th in this year's rankings, the biggest jump of any team. With Abdelkader and Ericsson gone, and Helm only having one year left, Nielsen is their only "D" rated contract. https://theathletic.com/2166869/2020/11/06/nhl-teams-contract-efficiency-grade-2020/?source=rss
  9. welp SHL might see some sort of hiatus here, per someone on the hf boards one of the games today was cancelled because 13 players tested positive for covid. The Wings have Lindstrom and Larsson on one of the teams.
  10. Gallant seems like a decent coach, but I do find it off that he was unceremoniously dumped by two franchises at odd times (at least in my opinion). I honestly don't know much about either situation with the Panthers or Knights though. I'm not a fan of Blashill so I would be fine with almost anyone else at this point. I have to imagine Yzerman will pick his own guy to lead his rebuild in a season or two, but maybe not...
  11. Silky play by Raymond to set up Jan Mursak for a goal: Berggren with a quick release on a goal: My current man crush Albert Johansson is really good y'all: Veleno is playing against Seider, looks like Malmo is using Veleno on zone entries for their PP: Seider being used as the QB at the top of Rogle's PP, decisive passing leads to a goal: Tons of more footage in that twitter thread of both guys
  12. I think he is scoring on the goalie we just drafted last draft Bednar here: Nice to see Zadina looking good
  13. The Athletic tackled ETA's on wings prospects: Seider - 2021 when SHL season ends Makes sense to me, Wheeler and Bultman talk about how he's doing great in the SHL and just is ready for the NHL. Everything I've seen of Seider screams he can play in Detroit right now and probably be their best defender most nights. Whether that translates when he has the Wings' talent around him and the spotlight on him, who knows. I'm just excited to see him in Detroit. Veleno - 2021-22 Both writers saw him as an AHL player next season anyways so SHL -> AHL makes sense. Fun quote: "I think one of the things that can get lost in his development is that he was technically still eligible to play in the QMJHL as an over-ager this year. Instead, he’s playing his second pro season in his second pro league, before his 21st birthday." He seems to be playing solid hockey from what I see in SHL clips, I'm optimistic he could jump onto the Wings' third line in 21/22. Raymond - 2022 (either second half of 2021-22 or early in 2022-23) They seem to think the Wings will be patient with Lucas and won't rush him to the NHL. Wings will want him to jump into a top six / power play spot right away so they'll give him some time in North America. I think it makes sense to let him get up to a ppg player before jumping to the Wings although I want to see him now! Berggren - same as Raymond Wheeler seems to love Berggren but both writers preach patience even with his hot SHL start. With injuries he hasn't played a ton of hockey over the last few years and he will need to get used to the NA ice size. I agree it makes sense to spend a season or a chunk of time in the AHL. Albert Johansson - 2022-23 I think Johansson gets underrated a bit outside of Detroit (and I probably overrate him), Wheeler sees him really improving but topping out at maybe second pairing defender. I think it is too tough to say but Johansson's skating gives me a lot of hope he can be a really solid second pairing guy. Still it makes sense to not rush him as he still needs more strength and defenders take longer to bake at times. I'm pretty excited about this kid though. Some other names I thought of note: Tuomisto/Mastrosimone/Niederbach/Wallinder 2023-24... I ended up only omitting McIsaac in the end because I can't see him overcoming these injuries.
  14. Hronek with a goal against Sweden on something called the Euro Hockey Tour? Can you tell I miss hockey?
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