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  1. Nobody pawns off Billy Bones and his enormous biceps! I think Cersei is just going to string Euron along until she gets all the use out of him she wants, she made it clear to the Tyrells that she has no interest in remarrying with the Loras business and I doubt she wants to share the throne with anybody.
  2. Which is perfect for winter.... Bran is the Night's King confirmed.
  3. I hope the Night's King wins the throne in the end
  4. I'm just hoping Gendry happened to be rowing by the battle and picks up Theon from the water.
  5. Fairly confident it is the sand snakes....
  6. Obviously not verified, but I thought it was clear that it was the Sand Snake who Euron choked with her own whip was the one hanging (by her whip) off the ship and the body that was stuck above her was the other killed sand snake, you could see the two halves of her spear holding her in place. The bodies were displayed via how those two were killed so I thought it made sense.
  7. I really don't care about their relationship at all, it doesn't do much for the overall story and there is enough going on already. But I'm sure this is just setting up one of them to die in an episode or two...
  8. It's sad how I feel more relieved than anything, and I really like the deal. I was fully prepared for either going through arbitration and the team trashing him in the media, etc. or they would give him 7 years at $6 million per.
  9. $5.3 million per, good deal imo
  10. Apparently I would be terrible at the game of thrones because I would just believe Littlefinger... That's what I do, I drink and don't know things.
  11. Dang I really mis-remembered that. In my mind, Littlefinger actually had lost the dagger on purpose to Tyrion in a stupid bet and then Joff stole it to kill Bran in some weird almost mercy killing. Thanks Shelton.
  12. Ah good point! There's a chance maybe it was the case in the past there were a bunch or Littlefinger immediately recognized it because of its part in his plan for Stark/Lannister fighting, but I think you're most likely right. Which makes it a lot more intriguing to me now...
  13. Could contain the secret to making Valerian Steel which may involve using dragonglass in the process, why it may be in texts that Sam is reading since it relates to the dragonglass. I kind of assumed that there are many such daggers because what are the chances that the exact dagger is in this old book? Unless.... THE DAGGER IS LIGHTBRINGER! (imagine the sarcasm color here) I thought Ned had it last, but I could be wrong. If he did I imagine Littlefinger currently has it? Or back with the Lannisters?
  14. Darn it Yoda...
  15. They could, but I don't believe it has happened in the NHL before