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  1. I can't stop thinking about this and it is heartbreaking 😭
  2. She seemed to want to use these talents more than her face swapping to be honest. I guess that is why the Faceless Men are cool with her just taking off and not respecting the many faced god's wishes.
  3. She also can summon white horses for no reason
  4. Agreed. I know they had to simply plotlines for tv, but this reddit post captured a lot of my feelings: https://old.reddit.com/r/asoiaf/comments/bozxfa/spoilers_main_99_of_the_shows_problems_are_due_to/
  5. Even though we will probably never get the books, I hope at the very least if this is how the books end that Bran is actually the Three Eyed Raven / evil!Bran who set all this up so the 3ER can finally take the throne. Otherwise... big yikes.
  6. I'm not sure how accurate this translation from someone on reddit is, but if it is even close to this... heartbreaking and very scary. Johan: I could be speaking to someone and the day after i have forgotten about that person. My brain doesn't register, its so hard. Narrator: Its been 4 years since the hit that changed Johan Franzéns life for ever. In a game versus Edmonton in January of 2015 the Detroit star with over 700 NHL games, suffered his 5th concussion and after that nothing is ever the same. Johan was forced to quit hockey and the years following has often been pitch black, severe migraine, panic attacks, loss of memory, depression and intensive care homes is only a small fraction of what has struck Johan and his family. The damage he suffered to the brain will follow him for the rest of his life. Johan: You understand the people who end up with addictions, everything is so embarrassing. Now days im very open about not remembering things and i almost right away tell people. If there is someone who i dont remember, even tho we might have spoken before like just a day earlier im very open about not remembering. It can be like "Hey, we have met like yesterday right?" just to get the information out there. I try to drop whats so embarrassing about it and just get it out there as quick as i can. Second part Narrator: With time Johan has learned to live with his injury, and for the first time in a very long time he has a positive look on his future; much thanks to his wife Cecilia. Johan: It feels like it can be better, i havent felt like that before. Thats what im feeling right now. Its very hard to be in Detroit, its very difficult. I have a lot of very bad memories, but i also have some of my best memories here of course but these past years i have just felt like it dont wanna live here anymore i have had so much anxiety, panic attacks and depression. I sometimes travel to the mountains out west, just to get out and its often enough that i just see the mountains and the nature to make me feel better. Its very difficult to be here and figure out things to do, i try to trick my brain into doing things but it only works for a short time before it all just falls apart again. Then Franzén speaks about how much his wife Cicilia has meant to him and that he doesn't understand how she can still be around him, how she has not left him yet.
  7. https://www.iihf.com/en/events/2019/wm/skaters/scoringleaders Mantha is 3rd in overall points, Hronek leads all defensemen in points so far Mantha had a pretty between the legs goal against Germany: https://streamable.com/z0xag Due to injuries I read that Bertuzzi might have to play some defense in the tournament, no clue if he has
  8. I would try to get them to bite on purely draft picks since they have barely any for next draft, but they probably would want Lindstrom/McIsaac/Hronek too which would be meh to me. Wings won't be the only bidders unfortunately.
  9. ESPN Insider wrote on prospect pools, here's the Wings blurb: A prospects: Filip Zadina and Joseph Veleno B prospects: Jared McIsaac, Taro Hirose and Filip Larsson The Red Wings had some high-profile graduates to the big club last season -- including Michael Rasmussen, Dennis Cholowski and Filip Hronek -- and should have a few more next season. Zadina struggled at times with the transition to the AHL, but he acquitted himself well when he earned a call to the Red Wings. Veleno went off during his most recent QMJHL campaign, displaying more offensive upside and his well-known commitment to two-way play. I also thought McIsaac also showed fringe "A" prospect potential with Halifax this season. His numbers were strong, he made Canada's junior team amid a loaded class of defensemen and he has been extremely reliable. The Red Wings additionally have a lot of guys who are on the edge of "B" status right now. Hirose was added as an undrafted free agent and made an immediate NHL impact last season. Larsson is an exceptional young goalie with a long way to go, but a lot of potential. The top end of Detroit's prospect pool puts them in the upper third of the league. Breakout prospect: Jared McIsaac
  10. It is tough to expect too much out of these undrafted free agents, but I definitely agree with you on keep grabbing anybody you can and see if it works. It would be lovely if we could see Kaski get some power play time in the NHL at some point next season. I can't find the concrete number, but I know a large majority of his points last season in Liga were on the PP. If you were to stick Zadina on the right half wall and Kaski on the left, the one timer opportunities would be fun....just a dream though.
  11. I would be scared of what the Kings would want to give up that pick, I think they would be over the moon with Byram themselves. Mantha and Hronek had great games at worlds yesterday (two goals each I believe, 1 assist for Hronek and 3 for Mantha). And Larkin just had a nice snipe while Finland was asleep:
  12. Your whole post was great, but the ending was just so... *chef's kiss*
  13. I think usually only the MVP wears a gold helmet on the ice, but they are all wearing it for the celebration?
  14. Looks like Lindstrom is going to be leaving his team in Sweden after they won the championship this season, Grand Rapids bound?
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