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  1. Was an odd game to see in person. At least the two seats next to me that are from our season ticket group got sold to Wings fans for the game, that was fun. Watching the defense corps in person is brutal, if I never have to watch Ericsson transition skating from backwards to forwards again (while the forward blows by him) it will still be too soon.
  2. I can definitely see how it can be read that way, but I'm also seeing multiple internet sources (up to you on if that holds any weight for you haha) interpreting this to include snow flying off of cars. I hoped the Michigan gov's website would have clarification but didn't see anything. So ambiguous I would say? I also did google searches including plow and snowblowers with the statute and nothing seemed to come up, but happy to see that clarification. I also must confess I saw JBK's post under the post about the brake lights so that was what I had in mind when I posted that, but would still lean to liability under that statute
  3. Somebody on the Red Wings subreddit has been compiling Zadina's shifts in GR, last game below (where he scored again) is below
  4. Oddly enough I'm from California and I still know that your laziness is putting other people at risk, which was my main reason for being taken aback by your weird bragging about it, but also you don't even know your state's laws. https://autonofaultlaw.com/car-snow-removal-laws-michigan/
  5. Any chance we can move the Cherry talk out of the Wings' regular season game thread?
  6. I think the amount of faceoffs he’s taken shows neither the blues or wings view him as a center. He’s averaging 29~ish faceoffs a season, and Mantha took 50 draws just last season. I haven’t watched all of his minutes on the wings but he’s always been a winger from what I’ve seen. I do think he’s shown his skill, and I’m loving this trade.
  7. He is? He's taken 57 faceoffs in 166 NHL games played, winning them at a 43.9% clip (3 faceoffs in 2 games for the Wings).
  8. Wouldn't they need someone to center them? Could try AA there, otherwise it is a couple corpses or rush Veleno haha
  9. I am pleased Smith is up again (I also thought Hirose might have been sent down until I saw the Abs injury). His play isn't pretty but he works his *** off every shift it seems like.
  10. Good riddance. When Ron released his apology video last night basically apologizing for them both I figured Cherry refused to apologize and was toast.
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