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  1. I wasn't able to watch but I've read the exact opposite of this a lot of places. Stolen from a reddit comment: He was Detroit's best possession player at 5v5 tonight, the team really struggled with possession, and had a 36.9% Corsi. However, Seider had a 54.05% Corsi, which was 30.65% relative to the rest of the team. The craziest thing? He played more minutes than any other Red Wings skater at 5v5, with 18:07 minutes. https://www.naturalstattrick.com/game.php?season=20192020&game=10030&view=limited
  2. I sadly missed this hahaha! Rasmussen had a nice net front play for his goal, I think Svech got his assist on the play
  3. I hope I don't get yelled at for making this separate from the offseason thread. First game is tonight at 7:30 EST on Fox Sports Detroit Plus against the Blackhawks. A few of the young guys are getting a rest after the prospects camp/tournament:
  4. You have to imagine Green, Ericsson, and Daley will be injured at SOME point this season. I was encouraged that they scratched Ericsson a few times last season at least too.
  5. Looks like no captain again this year, Larkin - Nielsen - .... Abdelkader and Glendening with A's
  6. I'm hoping Veleno plays with Zadina too, a quick glance at the Griffins' roster and Veleno would have the most offensive talent of their C's imo. Zadina needs to be with a dynamic center!
  7. This is a fair assessment, especially with Veleno improving his release and opening up his offensive game since the draft. But, I do wonder what the narrative would be like if Zadina went back to the QMJHL like Veleno did instead of playing in the AHL as an 18 year old.
  8. Personally I would invert these odds (and wouldn't be disappointed if this happened either) because Veleno's skill set as a center vs. Zadina's skill set as a winger. If they both reach their peak, in my estimation Veleno's two way game at center would be more "valuable"... but if Zadina does have elite scoring then that would be tougher for a team to find if that makes any sense....
  9. The Red Wings prospects defeated the Dallas Stars prospects (you like that Nill?!) yesterday 6-5 to win the championship. I thought Veleno and Seider looked fantastic. Zadina was definitely pressing because he wasn't scoring, but had some very nice assists. I actually thought Givani Smith had a good showing as well. One of the intriguing players for me was Soderblom (6th round pick last draft, 6'7'' center) as he seemed to move really well for his size and have decent hands. He's still very much a work in progress but he's interesting. I thought the Ohio State goalie Romeo on a free agent invite played pretty well (while Fulcher looks BAD). Tournament Stats:
  10. I would be stoked if Seider stayed over in Grand Rapids. From the little that I've seen of him I think he could hang there well enough, and it makes him an intriguing call up option if there are injuries.
  11. Game against the Chicago prospects begins in under 30 min edit: Seider is a beauty to watch skate
  12. A ton of contracts are up after this season (although some are RFA) https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/redwings The Wings' farm ranking went down in Pronman's ranking a lot due to them graduating more talent out of his rankings than they added (their last two first round picks before Zadina in Cholowski and Rasmussen, and their top defense prospect in Hronek), and Zadina not tearing up the AHL as a teenager. While they most likely don't have a super star in their system (top 10ish in the NHL) I think they still have a solid system. Zadina will be with the Wings in some capacity this upcoming season. Cholowski should as well. I have no idea what they are going to do with Seider as far as going back to Germany or the AHL. I would love for him to be in Detroit in a couple seasons. Hoping Veleno joins the team around then too. Yzerman only signed two year contracts this off season which I'm on board with. For the 2021-22 season the Wings currently have FOUR players signed! Trust the Yzerplan
  13. If that is an evil/Sith C3PO I am extremely here for it
  14. My guess is that Hronek's play with the Czechs this offseason boosted him quite a bit. Also he was playing pretty well at the end of the year, but I imagine (or hope?) Seider's ceiling is above Hronek's. He hinted at Cholowski being in the AHL again to start next season so I'm honestly not sure what his cutoff is, I'm guessing the 10 games or whatever that Zadina didn't attain to slide his contract? This was one of my first thoughts to be honest, I thought the Wings were still pretty bullish on him. I don't disagree with his other "depth" designations but i had hoped Lindstrom would be about where Regula is....
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