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  1. Me and 4 buddies are going Wednesday and Thursday. We thought we had tickets for both games through a broker here in Windsor, but he's been jerking us around for the last 3 weeks or so. We just picked up the $ we had given him for tickets, so now we have to bank on trying to scalp tickets once we get there. Any suggestions from anyone who has been there? And our hotel is only a block off the magnificent mile, I'm pretty excited. Should be a great trip regardless of the whole ticket issue that just happened. Go Tigers!!
  2. I'd like to think I would, but in reality, I know there is probably no chance of me returning it.
  3. Did a quick search for Chicago hotels, and saw this thread is fairly recent. I hope its ok for me to hijack it. My best friend is getting married in September, and as the best man, I've planned the bachelor party for August 19-21 in Chicago. There are going to be 8-12 of us, and the plan is to take the train from Detroit Friday morning and arrive in Chicago late afternoon sometime. Check into the hotel, and grab dinner, drinks, and possibly sightseeing somewhere. We are planning on doing the 3:05 game at Wrigley on Saturday afternoon, followed by the big night of partying. Sunday is pretty much being hungover, and taking the train home. I was hoping all the Chicago locals, as well as anyone who knows the area, could provide some inside info on what to do, where to go, where to stay etc. I've already seen some great hotel suggestions, so I'm excited to hear some other ideas. Thanks!
  4. For all the computer savvy people out there, I'm having an issue. My laptop recently started acting up. I can power on and start up the computer fine, and it runs smooth for the first little while. After about 3 minutes, the computer runs extremely slow, and all the programs get a little square box in the top left corner and say "not responding". I'm thinking its some kind of virus. Am I wrong? And whatever it is, any ideas on what I can do to fix it before I have to bring it to someone and pay to fix it? Thanks!!
  5. i'll be there with my dad and about 15 other people. my 10th or 11th in a row. we all meet at someone's house around 7, have a few drinks, then cross the border and start tailgating around 9. not sure what the streets are called where we tailgate, but the lot is in between a subway restaurant and the court house. we use it for tiger's opening day and lion's thanksgiving day game. the lot fills up with tailgaters every year, and is always a great time.
  6. I can't believe that the poles around the track were so unprotected. I'm not sure if it would have saved his life, but having the poles padded or blocked would have given him a better chance. This is so sad, a guy living out his life dream. Definitely puts a dark spot on the opening ceremonies, and the games overall.
  7. If we sign Benke, can I have him as my AAT?
  8. Yea, we can't get any worse. I'm on the fence about the Phanuff trade,we get a so called "elite" player, but we lose Stajan who is one of out leaders, and White who is a solid two way dman. But I love the Giguere trade. Not so much for Giguere, but just for the fact that we rid ourselves of Blake and Toskala, I would have traded those two for pucks and water bottles.
  9. [Comment From Da Yooper Da Yooper: ] Because you can't steal first base - just ask Josh Anderson! haha, nice!!
  10. Happy Birthday Ernie!! You mean more than you'll ever know to many, many people.
  11. We're staying at the Country Inn and Suites, and the concert is at the Van Andel arena. HopKat sounds intriguing, as does Yesterdog, I love the American Pie movies.
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