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  1. 100 MPH is fast! I used to make fun of Kenny's mid 80's "fast"ball until I actually threw some pitches in front of a radar gun. Everything I had to hit 70 ... I just can't imagine 100+
  2. Its too bad fox puts the game on such a delay that you can't listen to the games on the radio and watch them on tv at the same time ... at least not in my area. The radio is a batter ahead of the tv ...
  3. All I know is that when the Indians were down by 5 with Jonesy coming in, not one fan left Jacob's field. When they turn on sportscenter and see that the Tigers are winning 12-2 in the 7th, they think (just like I do) wow its still pretty close.
  4. Sheff's bible contains both the Old and New Testament ... Last I checked born again Christians worship the same God as the Jews. To say that Jews do not worship the correct God is somewhat crazy. Jesus was a Jew. This is why I thought it was nuts.
  5. By "Bulk" in winning run I was trying to make a play on words ... "Balk in winning run," but through steroid "bulking" ...
  6. Monroe is good at striking out, maybe he could take some of that knowledge and be converted to our new closer?
  7. HAHA, I thought these were made up ... No one could have said something so stupid as: "Religion is an important thing as long as you worship the right God" in public.
  8. Re: To strikeout 5 times in a game is highly unlikely, so he was due. Vegas must make tons off you guys ... you all have been corrupted by the Roulette mentality: IF IT COMES BLACK 4 TIMES IN A ROW IT CANT COME BLACK THIS TIME! Lets bet the farm on RED! No, the odds are the same every time the wheel spins; the wheel has no memory, neither does C-Moe when he comes to bat. With this mentality we should pinch hit Perez everytime in that situation ... He is batting .1xx so HE IS DUE for some hits. I wasent the only one who found it funny when I yelled "GRAIG DID IT AGAIN" when he struck out the 5th time.
  9. Why did Leyland let Monroe come to the plate in the bottom of the ninth? Everyone else on the team sick? Or Mike Rabelo? If your going to lose, fine; but to lose without your best stuff out there ... crazy. You guys sit around talking about the infamous “they didn’t care if we won or lost,” speech last year, but from my seat today, Jim Leyland didn’t care one bit about this game. I don’t think he is the worst manager in the world, but today he certainly dropped the ball. JD
  10. I have a dream, that baseball players can be judged by the content of their ability and not by the color of their skin.
  11. Although Shelton is only batting .280 in triple A, I think it is time to bring him back up. I will take Shelton over Thames any day of the week ... Granted I like Casey, I hope he warms up.
  12. I do not believe the entire NBA or NFL is represented by those thugs, but I am sticking to my original thesis that they have lost control of their players. Thanks for the welcome.
  13. “Race has nothing to do with the color of our skin, but the thinness of it” -- Dennis Miller I actually agree with Sheffield; all you have to do is open up a sports page (which they should rename the crime and delinquency section) to find out how much control the NBA or the NFL has upon its black players … I have always thought it was interesting that in Major league baseball the thug mentality has simply never been tolerated. All we have to do is look to Dmetri Young to figure that out. Here is a good ball player who was cut simply because of his off-field lifestyle and the fact that Leyland couldn’t CONTROL him after he took him out of the game to have Hooper lay down the bunt. Look at basketball or football and you hear great stories of coaches calling one play and the players doing another … and them winning! This doesn’t happen in MLB and when it does they tell them to pack their bags. This is the control Sheff was talking about … I think some of you missed the point: Sheff is not saying that blacks do not play baseball because they are not good at it, but rather because the do whatever you want mentality is not allowed. Bottom line is … if a white person said this it would have been considered racist. JD
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