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  1. Who cares? They haven't WON ANYTHING! Quit trolling. You cannot be serious. No playoff wins, not a one. Looks like staff will get his first victory in his career on the road against winning teams. Suh couldn't stand to be here. Calvin doesn't care about winning. Lol. More importantly, the team hasn't won anything. Lions didn't draft right if they didn't win. Period
  2. And it got them nothing. Congratulations. Was that a serious comment?
  3. The lionsc are the direct opposite of clutch. I know alot want them to lose, the funny part is they actually try, and screw up just about every chance to seal games. Anyway, no faith they would draft right anyway, no faith they hire the right new staff, what a disaster. But fun to watch in the tight frame of mind
  4. That would have been so awesome if ge fumbled again right there
  5. And mike ditka was the only one on the 9? Person panel to pick the lions lol
  6. They are 4-9. Lol. No, they should be playing pissed off and upset if anything. T I hate this team so that just fuels the fire. Oh well. I like how the saint player was 2 yards short but the refs are so afraid to make a mistake the rule it a TD anyway.
  7. I just love when the Lions get excited making plays in pointless games against garbage teams. 4-9
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