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  1. So will the Lions be wearing all blue uniforms for the Thursday night game against the Packers? Seems to be some type of thing the NFL is promoting for the Thursday night schedule lately.
  2. 25 runs in 2 games in Chicago and 26 in 8 games since then. The only way we win is if someone pitches a 1-hit shutout.
  3. Ok that makes sense, knew there had to be something more to it than I saw.
  4. Suppose Iglesias said anything to McCann about dogging it to second? Cost the Tigers a run.
  5. Yeah that's what I figured also. WHIP of 1.65 and OPS against of .782.
  6. 95% of the time any pitcher in the bigs would be able to get 3 outs before giving up 5 runs-- Krol, Ferrell, whoever. It just didn't happen tonight.
  7. So we would have lost the game in the 8th inning instead of the 9th inning?
  8. For the gamblers or anyone else interested the Tigers' past 17 games have gone over the total. An original $10 bet doubled down and bet over during this streak would have netted $690,000 so far.
  9. At least Kinsler can't hit into an inning ending double play for the 3rd consecutive inning.
  10. Kind of a local product, grew up about 90 minutes from Detroit in NW Ohio, hope he does well. I remember him as a high school athlete, was considered more of a prospect as a football player.
  11. So it's a brand new season again if we lose today? This could go on all summer.
  12. 6 game losing streak would be longest since losing 7 in a row in 2011. They followed up that streak by winning 10 of 11.
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