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  1. Acording to TSN...http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=350270..ozzies injury worse than expected?
  2. cabrera to left, inge to third, guillen to first,
  3. hey i need some tickets but i am unable to PM you
  4. i put roberston second to give the tigers better matchups vs other teams 3 -5 starters. Nate has been a typical battler throughtout his career i think he fits in perfectly against other teams #2 starters
  5. Assuming Verlander is the opening day starter, who will occupy the 2-5 spots in the rotation? my guess: verlander robertson bonderman willis rogers
  6. i am also planning on attending the game this sunday, with the game not being sold out will tickets be available via scalpers?? and does anyone know of a parking lot to tailgate near ford field, i know eastern market is pretty popular, but is there anything around the comerica park, ford field area? thanks very much for your help!
  7. But they do get predict the lions to be awful every year, lets give them some credit!!
  8. nevermind!!! finally i have been waiting for two weeks!! love the site
  9. just wondering why i still cannot post or reply to threads?
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