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  1. Quite certain people said the same about Fielder.
  2. Sounds as much like a sales pitch to the team you'd move him to as it does a reason to keep him. You wouldn't be moving him because you're scared he's about to fall off the face of the earth, you'd be moving him with the understanding that you're moving an all-time great who is theoretically still worth a good bit in trade. I agree, the time is now - that sweet spot where he's still good as hell and still worth a bunch but where you wouldn't be too pissed if he had another good year or three for his new team, provided you got something decent in return.
  3. The Texas feed had 87 fwiw. Not sure if that makes any difference but it seems like it might, like the difference between 93 and 95.
  4. I think that's been obvious for some time - not playing the "captain obvious" card, just agreeing. He's still very, very good - realistically a solid #2 or #3 for another 2-5 years, I'd bet, but the whole "Cy Young" and "MVP" thing he had going, yeah, that's over.
  5. So there's quite a bit of "this team is special" floating around; never a better time than that to introduce something a little fresh into the fashion department. I think it would be great if at some point they started busting out the '84 throwback roadies with regularity; or better yet if they were to receive a mild re-imagining or modernization and rock them as genuine alternates. And so speaking of alternates, I understand the home whites are untouchable (and thank God for that), but I really think it's time they started rocking some color at home. An inverse (dat blue-black doe) with a white D would look amazing with the white pants. Slightly more outside the box, there's a lot more orange in the stadium as of the past few years. I'm tempted to say it's taken on a bigger role as a color, but then orange has always been a huge part of Tigers stuff. Then it hit me: maybe THAT'S why I still don't care for Comerica Park. What's with all the green? Tiger Stadium had orange seats! And basically the rest of it was blue! I reckon if the walls were blue and the seats were blue and orange I'd like the place a whole lot more. Orange alternate? 1968 road re-imagining/modernization alternate?
  6. Gardner has all the tools to be all kinds of awesome. I 100% blame coaching and playcalling here. Also, very, very concerning is this - Borges' history of quarterbacks: Gardner's numbers fit right in.
  7. Was thinking maybe the PSU kid could catch lightning in a bottle, but otherwise I was going to say the same thing: Rees is probably the best "passer" they'll see all year. Maybe Simeon's better. Maybe.
  8. Defense, running game and kick return defense were all suspect. Everything else was A+. This is a nice team. *deep exhale* Back to normal, more or less. This is Michigan football again. Great game. Great atmosphere.
  9. I think the Big House is going to be as loud and raucous as we've ever seen & heard it. - Last game in forever against ND. - "Not a rivalry." - Night game. - Hoke 15-0 at home If we don't come "SEC" hard as a stadium/atmosphere/experience I'd be shocked. Factor in last year's game (13-6, on the road, and with six turnovers) on top of that and I see a nice easy win. 34-16 or something.
  10. I'll admit I'm drinking the kool-aid pretty hard right now, but assuming they beat ND tomorrow, I see 11-0 heading into the OSU game. Sets up really nicely as "23-0 Urban Meyer vs. Brady Hoke, 20-0 at home," too. That ****'ll be nasty, and cool part is that it will still line up that way even if UM loses a road game or two. Less kool-aid infused: I see six potential losses, so 4-2 in those games would be nice, landing them at 10-2 heading into the post-season, ranked like 12th or something. 12-2 or better = sick. 11-3 = very nice. 10-4 = meh, but okay. 9-4 or worse = disappointment.
  11. Thanks for this, OP. Been watching. Dat first inning! Also, just heard a reference to "West Germany." I said wow. Almost forgot all about that.
  12. Watching the game Sunday (i.e., national tv) it really hit me how bad it looks. Words like "disgrace" and "horrible" are probably overstating it, but they're indeed the words that come to mind. Why not just go with field turf at this point? Isn't it more or less the standard for modern athletics?
  13. I've never been particularly good at describing why I like or dislike something aesthetically; I just don't like them. I mean, what's your reason for liking them? Because you think they "look cool?" What does that even mean? But anyway, the fact they weren't the same shade of yellow as the rest of the uniform/helmet is probably the main reason I thought they looked out of place. *shrug
  14. Completely agree. But those don't look too terrible. Better than the bumble bee jerseys by a mile, at least. (Though I really hope the "Michigan" on the back is just for the obvious reason and not: Also Bama will be the last game with the numbers on the helmets. A good thing, imo.
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