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  1. Lawrence Tech plans on having in person classes lots of student have already moved in. Classes start the 24th. I dont think they will go online only you have yo give housing refunds and that's where the money is.
  2. The students are starting to move back in here. It's mostly athletes. The rest of the students usually move in the weekend before school starts, Monday the 24th.
  3. Is it really that bad going out to a bar or restaurant. I've been going to this place here and there and having a beer at the bar.
  4. I hate bad pitching. Why I'm I watching this team?
  5. You have to have two majority black districts. The 14th goes to Pontiac to remove it from the 11th district, Haley Steven's district which was a pickup in 2018.
  6. I'm at the bar right now, well it's a restaurant with a bar. They have half their inside seating closed but have more outside seating now. They have been trying to keep everyone 6 feet away. I was here Wednesday and you didn't need a mask but tonight they asked you to wear a mask when you weren't seated at your table. I dont have a problem with this a lot of places dont care and are packed with people. I feel bad for the places that are trying. I'm at Ironwood grill in Plymouth if you were curious.
  7. I got reported for not wearing a mask at work. It's too hot to wear one. I didn't get within 10 feet of anyone.
  8. This election is going to be a disappointment. Biden will probably win a 2008 type victory and Democrats will barely take back the senate with a 2-3 seat majority. It should to be a 1932 style crushing defeat, Biden around 57-58% and 450 electoral votes, Trump under 40%. 65 Democratic senators and 300 Democrats in the house.
  9. Anyone else think this election could be a large Biden win? I could see Biden winning by 10-12 percent. No saying it will happen but everyone thinks it will be really close. Biden is way more popular than Hillary and Trump is still hated. He was able to run as an outsider and shake things up candidate. If Biden can improve with older voters, get big turnout from traditional Demoratic groups who hate Trump and win swing voters and moderates is 55% of the vote and 400 electoral votes really that crazy.
  10. He says it cause he can and he knows people will get upset, then he says I was just joking or it was sarcastic. It also distracts from other stuff.
  11. CNN is liberal? The right complaining about liberal media bias and working the refs has been depressingly successful.
  12. I understand if we have to keep things shut down past may 1st but I do wonder if public opinion will start to turn if nothing is loosened up then. Even if it's 60/40 in favor of more shutdown, that's a lot of people wanting things open. The warm weather probably won't help people will want to go out. Today is my birthday and I'm kind of bummed I can't go out, hopefully I can celebrate at a restaurant by mid May.
  13. I've been working this whole time. People at my job are not doing the social distancing. It's really getting me mad I snapped at someone today to get away from me. Luckaly I only have to be around people when I punch in and out in the breakroom, I stopped eating lunch in there.
  14. Should be a 40 state loss for Trump.
  15. If Bernie can do well Tuesday he should stay in through March 14th. As long as he doesn't get killed Tuesday and on the 14th he should stay in if he runs close to even with Biden. The next big bunch isn't till April 28 with NY and PA. If he can do decent the next two weeks he should stay in through April. Biden has to earn the nomination he kicked *** on super Tuesday but he needs to continue that, he needs to push Bernie out. Yeah I'm a Bernie supporter but will vote Biden in November vs Trump.
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