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  1. Should be a 40 state loss for Trump.
  2. If Bernie can do well Tuesday he should stay in through March 14th. As long as he doesn't get killed Tuesday and on the 14th he should stay in if he runs close to even with Biden. The next big bunch isn't till April 28 with NY and PA. If he can do decent the next two weeks he should stay in through April. Biden has to earn the nomination he kicked *** on super Tuesday but he needs to continue that, he needs to push Bernie out. Yeah I'm a Bernie supporter but will vote Biden in November vs Trump.
  3. Biden hasn't won the primary he should expect to be attacked by Bernie. Democrats and Biden compromise with Republicans way too much, Biden has talked about working with Republicans. Someone needs to push back against any social security cuts.
  4. Cabrera hits his 500th career home run.
  5. 84-79 (game 163) AL central champs.
  6. No one running for president is a socialist.
  7. If there is any chance of rain don't enter the park wait till they start the game. It sucks being stuck there. They should let people re enter the park. I luckily was running late and was still at the bar when they said it would start in a rain delay. So I'm still hanging out here.
  8. **** yeah the usher just offered me a seat in the tigers den section 131. I have the standing room ballpark pass for $30 a month.
  9. It's packed down here, but it's all Lions fans. Some lots want $50 to park. I'm the only Tigers fan at Harbor House, they usually they do $2 domestic drafts before Tigers games but apparently not when the Lions play, but for me there going to give me the $2 price since I've been here 40 plus times this year for Tigers games.
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