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  1. **** yeah the usher just offered me a seat in the tigers den section 131. I have the standing room ballpark pass for $30 a month.
  2. It's packed down here, but it's all Lions fans. Some lots want $50 to park. I'm the only Tigers fan at Harbor House, they usually they do $2 domestic drafts before Tigers games but apparently not when the Lions play, but for me there going to give me the $2 price since I've been here 40 plus times this year for Tigers games.
  3. If you didn't hear the Jack Morris jerseys didn't come in in time for yesterday's game but they had time them tonight. Due to the inconvenience they gave a voucher for two free tickets for this year or next April or May exculing certain games. The jerseys run really small though they have large or xxl, I wear a large or xl but the xxl fits just right.
  4. I park on the street for free but there was only one spot left when I got downtown at 5:20.
  5. Good thing i get here early for Tigers games parking is $40+ around the ballpark due to the Jay Z, Beyonce concert at Ford field.
  6. Willie Horton bobble head day! Walked in at 2:40 and got one. They should have done more of the 1968 Tigers than just 4 (Kaline, Freehan, Horton. And Lolich.
  7. Tigers are 16-17 this year when I'm at the game. Need a win tonight
  8. Anyone else get the August pass thing where you get tickets to every Tigers game in August, all 19, for $95 (plus a $7 order fee)? I had the July pass for $49 +$7, for 9 games. You don't have a regular seat you could sit almost anywhere. Also you don't know where your sitting till around 1.5 hours before the game. Its all done on the MLB ballpark app the ticket is on your phone. I've sat in the following sections 212, 330, 112, 112 140, 142, 112, 331, 116, 140.
  9. The Tigers will hit 210 home runs this season, Cabrera will lead the team with 60. They will score 901 runs.
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