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  1. So current dining restrictions at 25% are till March 29th. Thats quite a ways out. I was hoping for 50%. Is 50% that more dangerous. I have been defending Whitmer but I'm not sure about this one. A lot of people I know are really pissed at her about the limits on indoor dining. I feel like people are getting a lot less patient.
  2. There has been talk of adding Washington D.C. as a state but what about increasing the size of the house of representatives. They should at least go to 500 members, 600 would be better. Aren't Rhode Island (if they lose their second seat) and or Montana close to having over a million people per district. 1929 is too long to not increase the size.
  3. It seems like Political correctness is just things people dont like. Can we get a definition for political correctness. Also people complaining about political correctness is worse than political correctness itself. Chick fil a is is the most overrated fast food place, well maybe In N Out burger.
  4. The average voter is pretty stupid though. Talking politics with people this election year I heard a lot of stupid stuff. If you sound informed some people will feel your condescending. It's why lying works people will think take offense or think you dont want to hear their side if you tell them it's a lie.
  5. How do the democrats talk down to people. It seems like people whining about political correctness just want to say whatever they want without any criticism especially Trump people.
  6. Yeah that all was terrible but the Democrats seem to get tied to any left radical group especially by the conservative media.
  7. Yeah activist probaby do but not most Democrats plus what can the Democrats do to control what they say. The Democrats get tied to these activists.
  8. Pretty much what's happening here is the high cost of college should have been dealt with a long time ago. Now were stuck with a trying to fix it but its hard to do it fairly. And it's easy to divide people over fairness of the solution and breed resentment.
  9. Your assuming people in debt got a bad degree and are in debt due to bad choices. Your little story seems dishonest.
  10. You honesty think a large amount of people on the left want to abolish the police. It's a case of loud people on twitter and activists that get media attention, especially the conservative media.
  11. I agree. Run AOC types in safe areas and conservative or moderates in red states I just dont think they will win in red states after 2018. Nelson in Flordia lost that was a disaster. These red states like republicans and it's going to be a big problem going forword.
  12. She was also a moderate though that's why I dont think it's as simple as just run moderates and conservatives in red states.
  13. How is the democratic party suppose to control all these people and what they say does dumping on BLM lower turnout in cities like Detroit, Philly and Milwaukee you need those to win. How do Democrats thread the needle here.
  14. Right but BLM and defund the police would have been tied to the democrats by the conservative media. Even if they denounce defund the police stuff. I heard people say Biden supports Antifa. Democrats are tied to black people.
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