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  1. I started playing in November of 2019. I now own a Martin acoustic and just bought a Fender stratocaster. I absolutely still suck, but damn I love it. I am angry at myself for not taking up guitar a long time ago. Good job, Biff.
  2. I know what I would love to happen to Vlad. It involves a lamppost.
  3. Yeah, In was thinking the same thing. And I have a weakness for redheads. Lordy.
  4. You know, going back four years, I felt like it was the end of the world when this guy got elected. Then, after calming down I thought "No, the Republicans will keep him in check" but we all saw how that went. This has been the most damaging four years to our country in my lifetime. Trump has managed something ISIS in their wildest dreams never could have hoped for.....he radicalized tens of millions of Americans. I honestly believe this is only the beginning of attacks on our country. From inside.
  5. I'm good. It was a bit rough but I'm pretty much 100% now. Definitely don't ever want to go though that again. Thanks for your concern.
  6. Little over a week into covid and I feel better. Still have a fever and a massive headache all the damn time, but overall doing better.
  7. Just tested positive for the virus last night. I feel like I was hit by a truck. Yeah, stay safe. This stuff is no hoax or joke.
  8. Heartbreaking how close we were to actually making America great.
  9. I've given up on America. I want Kanye to win.
  10. The main reason I want Trump to lose? I want to be able to wear red baseball caps again.
  11. Love how certain members here are more upset at the looting than yet another cop/cops murdering yet another black man. **** Target and Autozone.
  12. Love seeing these republicans freaking out about making it easier to vote. Heaven forbid we get a government that truly represents people and not corporations.
  13. Never underestimate the stupidity of people. Just look at the ones that are saying he didn't say what he said. Again.
  14. Watched Contagion last night. That Soderberg dude did his research. Amazing how many details in that movie match with what's going on today. Obviously with a much deadlier virus, but still.
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