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  1. The main reason I want Trump to lose? I want to be able to wear red baseball caps again.
  2. Love how certain members here are more upset at the looting than yet another cop/cops murdering yet another black man. **** Target and Autozone.
  3. Love seeing these republicans freaking out about making it easier to vote. Heaven forbid we get a government that truly represents people and not corporations.
  4. Never underestimate the stupidity of people. Just look at the ones that are saying he didn't say what he said. Again.
  5. Watched Contagion last night. That Soderberg dude did his research. Amazing how many details in that movie match with what's going on today. Obviously with a much deadlier virus, but still.
  6. Merry Christmas, mother****ers! Even to poopy pants!
  7. Awww. Poor little poopi is all riled up tonight. Don't jump up and down too hard, having that fit. Your trailer might tip over.
  8. But Snopes is run by a bunch of commie Canadians! Another part of LAMESTREAM media! Covfefe.
  9. I have come to this same realization. In many ways, Trump has been good for me personally. He has made me realize just how fragile our democracy is. I can now at last completely understand what happened in Germany back in the 30's. The eye opening I have had the past 3 years may not have happened if Hillary had won. And frankly, I am so disappointed in so many people. Education is not valued in this country and it definitely shows. And these evangelical "Christians" are absolutely no different than ISIS.
  10. Do Trump supporters have any brains at all? They get offended by a congresswoman dropping the f-bomb...while they support President ***** Grabber. Any Trump supporters still trying to act as if they have a higher moral ground to stand on are either delusional or just outright liars. Most likely both.
  11. No different than the bizarre **** coming out of the oval office every damn day since the orange freak was elected.
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