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  1. Niko and Romine gotta go....another two holes to fill.
  2. 2nd inning - 4 swinging strikes in 13 pitches for Skubal.
  3. Schoop put on the 45 day IL. Brandon Dixon called up for the final week.
  4. Hiring Lloyd would be a gigantic middle finger to your fanbase that's already skeptical on ownership and management. I know managers don't matter but they don't need continuity and someone tied to the ongoing losing.
  5. They aren't playing the games if it's for seeding. The games will only be played if St Louis is in or out: https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29940841/passan-final-week-mlb-never-seen-before
  6. Jeff Passan says the draft order will be determined by 2020 record..tigers are currently in the #7 slot.
  7. It will not be Lloyd McClendon...You cannot sell that to this fanbase in year 5 of the rebuild.
  8. Rosenthal mentioned Hinch and Fredi Gonzalez as the top two candidates.
  9. Henning raving about Parker Meadows performance at the alternate training site. Ken Rosenthal names AJ Hinch and Fredi Gonzalez as two top managerial candidates.
  10. I dont understand how they think this defensive personnel and/or scheme would allow you to be competitive in the league? I'm not sure Russell Wilson is good enough to paper over all the personnel holes on this roster. And Stafford surely isn't good enough. He still makes a few mistakes a game. I'm sure that would work out on the Steelers, Chiefs, Ravens, etc.
  11. Man they have so many holes to fill in the everyday lineup.
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