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  1. Day night Doubleheader tomorrow 1:05/7:05
  2. Ericcson has one year left on his deal. No point buying him out or anything. It's a sunk cost. The Abdelkader is what it is. You can bury it in the minors if you need cap space(they won't) or you can play him and have 'grit/leadership' in the lineup with no production.
  3. I looked at the BrooksBaseball PitchFX for Norris. I dont think this kind of arsenal will be successful in the long term. But I'll take anything positive I can get.
  4. Yzerman will trade prospects he doesn’t think are very good and trade young players due for a payday to get cheaper assets and draft picks. He won’t tread water and hope that things will turn out ok after the bad contracts expire.
  5. The game thread is about right. The Sox have broken it open 6-1.
  6. He has said "it's going to take time" and asked for patience about 8 times. Almost guaranteed there won't be a free agent splash(thank god). So I would prepare for a few more lean years.
  7. Yzerman was definitely consulted on the Blashill contract. But he will be the coach.
  8. "I spoke to Kenny and Chris in the last few weeks." lol
  9. "Ken Holland has been promoted to Senior Vice President and signed an extension." "Lightning ownership gave them permission to speak with SY in March."
  10. both videos bring a tear to your eye...and I love the way Bob Cole says Detroyyyyyyett.
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