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  1. Lions running on first down except for the kneel down at halftime: 7 rushes - 20 yards.
  2. -The Lions linebackers are substandard. They ran way from Devin Bush because he doesn't have size but that is still huge issue. Terrible at fitting the run. -Speed at outside receiver is an issue...but they are continuously behind the sticks because they can't run on conventional downs. -They don't rush a lot of guys but still the organic pass rush is bad. -Good early plan to attack downfield but once Green Bay adjusted they really didn't have an answer. -the Hockenson TD was a catch(?) because completing the process doesn't matter anymore? I don't know anything anymore.
  3. This is a bit like Gardy...where I don't think the game to game strategy matters. It's more about player development.. Yzerman has reconfigured the entire strength and conditioning team with Barwis and I believe they've changed things around with nutrition as well.
  4. Yzerman signed off on his extension and he's publicly stated that they don't care about wins...so he is pretty cemented as the coach.
  5. Wings were dominated on the scoreboard and in the analytics..on to the next: http://www.naturalstattrick.com/game.php?season=20192020&game=20066&view=limited
  6. second best line last night was Abkeldaker-DeLaRose-Helm... http://www.naturalstattrick.com/game.php?season=20192020&game=20048&view=limited
  7. Last regulation win in Montreal was on Dec 4, 2007.
  8. That kind of value is Tyson Ross or Matt Moore.
  9. Isn't Norris questionable at $2.9 million or am I a bit too negative?
  10. SIAP...MLB Trade rumors arb projections: https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/10/mlb-arbitration-salaries-2020.html
  11. Playing time distribution was great last night. Hronek and Cholowski 3rd and 4th D in ES Time on Ice. Abdelkader and Helm getting some of the lowest ES time from the forward group. AA, Bertuzzi, Larkin, and Mantha driving the bus.
  12. AA is actually skating today and he will be pulled of the IR...so it looks like that was a bookkeeping move.
  13. https://www.wingingitinmotown.com/2019/10/7/20903931/red-wings-call-up-four-players
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