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  1. 2/23 @1:05 Detroit Tigers vs New York Yankees

    pitch to contact...gardy baseball.
  2. 2/23 @1:05 Detroit Tigers vs New York Yankees

    Two straight walks for Johnny Barbados. He fits in well in the pen.
  3. tigers grit up 3 runs in the bottom of the 7th. What a team.
  4. Another throwing error on the defensive wizard, McBum.
  5. TRADE: Pirates acquire OF Corey Dickerson from the Rays in exchange for pitcher Daniel Hudson, minor league infielder Tristan Gray and cash considerations.
  6. 2018 Spring Training Thread

    Alex Wilson will get the start against Florida Southern on Thursday.
  7. JD's deal is frontloaded. He gets $50 million in the first 2 years($110 million total). Opt-out after 2019 season.
  8. JD signs a 5 year deal with the Red Sox. It has a 2 year opt-out. $110 million total.
  9. Eduardo Encina(Orioles writer): #Orioles are one of three teams currently in the mix for Chris Tillman as he attempts to settle on a team within next two days, according to a source. He threw for #Tigers yesterday. O's will seemingly remain a factor until he lands elsewhere because of his familiarity with them.
  10. Orioles sign Cashner 2 years/$16 million.
  11. #Angels owner Arte Moreno on the concept of tanking: “The reality is, if I have to do that, I’d get out. It wouldn’t be fair to the fans.”
  12. Oof the cops and teachers take. I'm sure she loves owners making more profits.