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  1. Did someone do the "this team is better than you think?" post?
  2. ESPN on the Tigers prospects
  3. If you took a shot every time you read this, you would have a problem:
  4. Zadina over Quinn Hughes...ugh
  5. The end of Holland's tenure(including the drafts) were disastrous...I see Steve building around the edges, getting premium talent at the top of the draft, and keeping flexiblility if a star ever shakes loose. They need some lottery luck...and if they change the odds back to normal we might be in business.
  6. This is a horrible draft for defensive high-end talent. Parsons is an off ball linebacker with a very questionable character issue. The next highest guys are corners who don't grade as high as Okudah. The value is OT, QB, and WR at the top.
  7. Must be this guy: https://motorcitybengals.com/2020/04/07/detroit-tigers-christian-santana-july-2/
  8. ESPN's Kiley McDaniel rates the Tigers as the #3 farm system.
  9. They have had had a decent dollar store budget offseason. I hope there is a viable minor league season because Avila needs it.
  10. Not much mystery in what Law said..he basically parrots our takes. The Tigers have multiple high end prospects and no middle class. A lot depends on the development of the international bonus babies, Meadows, Wenceel, etc.
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