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  1. Is henning leaving twitter causing everyone to question their existence?
  2. Sekou 24 points on 10-13 shooting...probably his best scoring game as a pro.
  3. I'm happy for Derrick Rose...hopefully we can find him a nice team to make a run at a title.
  4. 1988 Wings reunion time...I wonder if it's too early for a Gerry Gallant type of coach. Blash is the guy who is paid handsomely to get beaten down every night. Unless Gallant has a magic touch with the kind of player development that they need. Vegas a ready made contender because of the sweetheart deal Bettman made with them.
  5. I hope Eric Bienemy is assembling his GM and coaching staff right now for the Lions. Hopefully he has some good film study on Trevor Lawrence.
  6. I thought this Yzerman interview was good. He acknowledged that the Tampa build was a bit easier b/c he inherited Stamkos and Hedman.
  7. https://www.theringer.com/nba/2020/1/10/21059996/nba-most-interesting-carmelo-anthony-blazers-grizzlies
  8. Sounds like the Wings have about half the crowd in Chicago.
  9. you are going to going to get a back end 1st rounder(Nets) from Atlanta plus some other garbage. It's as good as you can do. Gores has admitted defeat and they are in full tank mode now.
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