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  1. Jake Rogers has struck out 29 times in 60 at-bats. Same contact issues that all our other prospects have.
  2. Pulling this stunt certainly gives Fenech more attention than he deserves. Ignoring him would have been the right move.
  3. Don't ban him from the clubhouse because you don't like his writing. That's not how the media relationship should work. Let him in and ignore his questions. The Astros are going to get fined anyway because it's a violation of mlb policy. So maybe JV should just pay it as his penance.
  4. Verlander is being a dink. Let Fenech in and ignore his questions if you don't like him. JV has rabbit ears about a lot of stuff. I don't like Fenech but this was not the way to deal with him. Threatening a media org to send a different reporter is not a solution.
  5. +400 means when you win your bet gets quadrupled. Bet $100 and win $400. If you bet on the Astros with $550.00 and they win, you only win $100.
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