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  1. So they don't want to actually win games in the majors...and maybe don't want to expose young guys who aren't ready.
  2. Big offensive nights for Rogers, Cameron...Funk Man with a 6 inning shutout. Toledo up 13-0. Some hits for Lipcius and Quintana...WM up 14-1.
  3. Jeimer Candelario recalled with Lugo demoted.
  4. Al and the boys at a season ticket holder event.
  5. For some reason he boosted that prospect list to make another horrible cutesy remark on twitter. My bad.
  6. Fenech released his top 15 prospect list: https://www.freep.com/story/sports/mlb/tigers/2019/03/28/detroit-tigers-top-prospects/3274495002/
  7. good one...in the abstract tanking makes perfect sense but making people ignore your product for 3-4 years is not good business.
  8. the ammo they have is to give Candy another shot....and if Burrows or the Funk man actually have a few good starts throw them a bone.
  9. Fans revolt with indifference not anger. They don't watch and are completely not engaged during the summer. Maybe they come back when the team turns it around but don't take that for granted. Chris I also needs to figure out if he can start his own tv network or go back to Sinclair and have them give him a huge rights fee.
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