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  1. Passan: Important note: Every team can sign Kevin Maitan. Teams will be able to use money from the current bonus period (2017-18) or dip into next year's pool (2018-19). They cannot combine the money from both years.
  2. Fair response. I look forward to the July 2018 signing period to see what strategy they employ.
  3. I think that Avila should definitely pursue the Braves castoffs. But he's always had a quantity over quality signing philosophy when it comes to the July 2nd bonus pool.
  4. An unstated goal of tanking is to make a significant profit. They will lose on purpose without lowering either ticket or concession prices. i doubt that they will be interested in buying somebody else's toxic assets for some decent prospects.
  5. Hackosky transcribes Avila
  6. Lessons from the Astros...they made some high-profile mistakes but stuck to their process: Joel Sherman
  7. I think the real progress we see in analytics will be this early phase of waiver claims and fringe roster building. Can they identify some dudes in the rule 5 draft or get a fringe type in a trade? It might also manifest in prospect development. You won't see much in the majors for a few years. Gardy can do whatever while the rest of the org is evolving.
  8. I think we'll see a few rule 5 types on the roster.
  9. Is that 8 open spots on the 40 man? I read they had 6 after the Deuce purge earlier. They have 2 outfielders on the roster right now.
  10. Fenech: The Tigers have placed right-hander Myles Jaye and left-hander Kyle Ryan on outright waivers, I'm told.
  11. Farewell to the Deuce. Aside from the coaching hires, good day of moves.
  12. Ron Gardenhire is your new Tiger manager

    Ramon Santiago ('Santi') is the Tigers new first base coach.