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  1. kdog

    6/22 @7:10 Detroit Tigers vs Cleveland Indians

    This team is fu....no it just sucks. But they got me to mid June.
  2. kdog

    6/22 @7:10 Detroit Tigers vs Cleveland Indians

    Tonight's 'fun to watch' lineup
  3. kdog

    6/22 @7:10 Detroit Tigers vs Cleveland Indians

    Looks like Chris Ilitch is going to try and extort the public for more money to help him renovate the ballpark: Ilitch corporate welfare
  4. The Kansas City #Royals and Detroit #Tigers will play a game on June 13,2019, in Omaha, two days before the College World Series.
  5. Miguel Cabrera ruptured his biceps tendon. Season-ending surgery, Ron Gardenhire says.
  6. I think retro game threads aren't a bad idea once this team falls like 20 games below .500 in late July.
  7. a guy we let go in 2009 has no relevance to what's going on now. Unless we want to turn this into a 2013 game thread.
  8. We're doing 2009 mistakes now?
  9. The person who wanted that contract isn't alive anymore. It's not either Dombrowski's or Avila's fault as I've seen posted on twitter at various times.
  10. The goose who hit the side of the stadium had a better chance than Jacoby getting a hit.
  11. It should've been over after a few days.