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  1. The hinkie process model doesn't work nowadays with the lottery odds being smoothed. I think Weaver's macro process makes sense but he lost a few micro deals so that is a bit alarming. Contract years are all short and they are still going to be terrible while trying hard/building a culture. They are trying to lose on their own terms and give fans a reason to watch.
  2. That pick will convey to Houston when either the Pistons are good or are disbanded because they didn't make the playoffs within the next 8 years.
  3. Protections on the pick going back to Houston: the pick the #Pistons are sending to Houston is HEAVILY protected. It's top-16 protected for the next four years, top-10 protected the following two years and then top-9 protected. After that, it becomes seconds. Ariza's contract: looks like $7.3 of his $12 million is guaranteed.
  4. kdog

    2020 NBA Draft

    It is rumored the Pistons have a promise with Patrick Williams...he is the youngest player in the draft: 16 Portland Trail Blazers PATRICK WILLIAMS Wing, Florida State, freshman Hustle Perimeter Shooting Shot Blocking Off-Ball Defense PTS9.216.4 per 40 AST1.01.8 per 40 3PT%32.050 3PA FT%83.874 FTA AGE18.8 WINGSPAN6'11'' HEIGHT6'8'' WEIGHT225 Versatile offensive threat who can serve as a shot creator or as a screener; he can fill a range of roles. SHADES OF: Danilo Gallinari, P.J. Tucker PLUSES Efficient at-rim scorer who uses either hand on athletic extended finishes. Talented scorer off the dribble who can rise—and sometimes hang —before draining tough, contested jumpers. Sound decision-maker who plays within the system. He doesn’t pause possessions; he keeps the ball moving. Nor does he force bad shots; he looks for an open man. Good playmaker for his size due to his solid handle and excellent passing vision. He loves to use hesitations, especially in the pick-and-roll, and he can deliver accurate passes off the dribble. Does the little things like cutting, screening, and rebounding. With his size and skill, it’s projectable for a team to use him like a big as an on-ball screener who can pop for 3s or dive to the rim. Smart, athletic team defender who communicates and disrupts actions with timely help defense. Gritty player who hustles hard on defense. He’s had a handful of inspired chasedown blocks. As a rim protector, he’ll put in multiple efforts to get stops. Flashes versatility on-ball in a switch-heavy scheme at Florida State. With improvements to his athleticism, he could shine. MINUSES Still developing as a spot-up shooter. He had to improve his form in high school to become a good free throw shooter (84 percent), but still struggles off the catch with a low, slow release. He totaled nearly double the number of turnovers (50) as he did assists (29). Despite a knack for playmaking, he got called for countless travels due to raw footwork and forced drives into traffic. Stiff man-to-man defender without the versatility to reliably switch onto guards and wings. He’s clunky moving laterally and changing directions, so he gets burned regularly.
  5. Larussa to the Sox official. Tigers and Red Sox are the last two left standing. Hinch seems more likely by the day.
  6. On Keith Law's top 40 free agent list, there are 4 guys under 30. -Ha-Seong Kim - 25 year old from Korea who projects a super utility type -Taijuan Walker -Joc Pederson -Jurickson Profar horrible free agent market. I would hope they employ the same 1 or 2 year contract deal and buy efficiently.
  7. sounds like the White Sox are announcing Tony LaRussa tomorrow.
  8. https://nypost.com/2020/10/21/ranking-five-best-mlb-general-manager-manager-openings/
  9. https://www.detroitbadboys.com/2020/10/20/21525445/nba-trade-rumors-blake-griffin-detroit-pistons-golden-state-warriors-utah-jazz
  10. I don't hate Al. He isn't a good executive. The only thing he has done is lose a lot and reap the rewards in the draft.
  11. The lack of previous spending and current terrible economic disaster means the decks will be cleared for Avila's inevitable replacement. They'll have at least a top 8 pick in 2022...also the Red Sox are going public: Axios
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