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  1. Hi Mike, I'm one of the TTWB commissioners. We have at least one team open. If you want to PM me or Walt (who is on more than I am during the off-season) we can give you more details.
  2. You'll miss out on all the Walt-mocking fun. And my various misspellings of his last name.
  3. Sorry, that's my fault! And by "my fault" I of course mean "Walt's fault." I'll have you added to the e-mail list shortly. The draft is coming up later this week, so I want to be sure you're set up before we get the draft startd.
  4. That you have to pay extra to read that drivel is the best part.
  5. Austin Jackson--at least in the regular season--looked better. I've complained about Lloyd too, but he did a great job with Action Jackson.
  6. I would much, much, much, much rather have McClendon than Dusty Baker.
  7. Pedro was the best pitcher in the world and was under 120 pitches. Nobody would have batted an eye if Leyland did the same thing Saturday with Max Scherzer.
  8. Carlos would have instant credibility with the players and obviously enormous good will with the fans. But given that our window to win a championship is not all that much longer, I don't think they risk it with a rookie manager.
  9. I had my quibbles with Leyland's tactical decisions, but 10 years ago I could never even imagine the success the Tigers have had under his leadership. That being said, what is Grady Little doing nowdays? I always thought he got a raw deal in Boston.
  10. There is no way he can attack now. Congress is extremely unlikely to vote to authorize force in light of the Russian peace proposal taking care of the remaining chemical weapons. The American people won't support it either. In fact, i would not be surprised if Putin pledges to protect Syria from any US attack now in light of that agreement. We've lost this round of brinksmanship.
  11. Syria "welcomes" Russia's proposal that it put its chemical weapons under international control. Syria 'welcomes' proposal to put weapons under international control - CNN.com It takes true ineptness to make Vlad Putin look like a reasonable peacemaker.
  12. In my judgment, doing something useless is even worse than nothing because it exposes us an impotent. And it sure looks like the administration's plan is to do something "unbelievably small."
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