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  1. Sorry I'm late, guys! Thanks for thinking of me. GO TIGERS! PS WTF GRILLI?!
  2. Happy belated birthday, Dennis! Been a while.
  3. Just saw that Grandy put Brian's picture as his Facebook photo.
  4. Wow, I just now noticed this! Sorry Huey! I'm doing good, trying to get more active around here. Hope you're doing well! :)

  5. We have a tempur-pedic and I STRONGLY recommend it to those with back problems. It is the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned or slept on. Slightly expensive, but I think it was well worth it. I am not in pain getting out of bed in the morning now and my guy that doesn't have back problems agrees that it's the best sleep he's ever had since we bought the mattress.
  6. That was quite possibly the funniest movie that I've seen in a while. Will it win an Oscar? Absolutely not. But it was great to laugh for an entire movie after a really stupid week at work.
  7. Thanks, everyone! I need to start getting back here more often.
  8. We went to go see it on Friday night, but a massive storm whipped through the area and knocked the power out just about halfway through the movie. Still have to go back and see the ending.
  9. We made it back! What an amazing trip. We did most of the things mentioned in this thread, but unfortunately found no time for the Grand Canyon/Hoover Dam. Lost quite a bit of money gambling, but made a lot of it back two days ago at a casino OFF the strip, which was fun. The Beatles LOVE show was incredible. I was speechless for a while afterward! Thanks for all of the suggestions. For the first time in Vegas, we were prepared and had a lot of fun!
  10. I graduated with my MSW a few weeks ago and start a brand new social work job on Monday. I am super excited, as it is exactly what I had planned for life at this point.
  11. I missed my five year reunion, but the ten year is coming up really quickly. Depending on where I'm at in life and who's going, I'd probably attend.
  12. Thanks everyone! We leave in the morning and don't come back until next Wednesday! Had to leave the WTF Grilli shirt at home though!
  13. WOW! Shinma, thank you! We're staying at the MGM Grand. I've heard some nice things about it, so we're really excited! I think we're most worried about the food because we don't want to spend all of our money eating. I'm not much of a gambler and neither is the boy, we're mainly looking to just let loose and have fun in a city we hear is a great time! Anyone recommend some good clubs/bars that won't break the bank? We're looking for a cost-effective but still AMAZINGLY fun vacation.
  14. LOL now I get it. A few days without any responsibilities and my brain turns to mush. Great movie. Thank you! So glad it's finally over, passed the licensing exam, and found a real therapy job. Whew.
  15. Hey everyone! To celebrate my MSW graduation properly, a bunch of us are going to Las Vegas for the first time. Since we've never been before, we have absolutely no idea what to do or see, besides drink ourselves silly and lay by the pool. I have done some research online but I wanted to know what you all thought was the "must see", "must do" and "must eat" while there. We already have tickets to see the Beatles LOVE show and Lewis Black, but other than that, we have nothing planned. We'll be there this Thursday until Wednesday.
  16. I hope they still honor him. I agree though. We all knew this was coming, but does it make it sting any less? Absolutely not. RIP Mr. Harwell.
  17. That's so amazing. I was thrilled when I heard that this morning. I voted all the way from Kansas! And a school down the street here was in the top three. So glad that the K-Central kids won over the yuppie upper class!
  18. I agree. I was kind of shocked when I saw the video, but like someone else already said, you can't be too careful nowadays.
  19. DEFINITELY Coney Island. I miss that place terribly living out of state.
  20. I remember a poster last season posted a link to his website that sold merchandise like tshirts and such. He probably made quite a few bucks off that as well.
  21. I'm pretty sure the organization doesn't care about this much either. I think a lot of female fans felt similarly about Granderson, too, but that obviously didn't make much difference. Besides, there are some female fans that go to games to actually watch baseball than oogle at the players. Of course, I am not going to deny wanting to purchase seats directly next to third base because of him, but he isn't the SOLE reason I watch the team. To say his popularity has to do with female fans is kind of hasty considering his defensive abilities compared to any other options out there for third basemen.
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