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  1. Watching Pats vs Eagles, Wentz just sacked by 2 linebackers. Patricia needs to watch some football on TV.
  2. Ragnow and the 90 million dollar man in concussion protocol.
  3. Myles Garret probably won’t be playing football for the rest of this season. Possibly longer.
  4. Steelers, Saints, Ravens, Seahawks, and Cowboys.
  5. https://sports.theonion.com/lions-switch-to-no-coverage-defense-to-prevent-mitch-tr-1839755991
  6. The doctors are all Bears fans. EDIT: Refs too, probably.
  7. I think was obvious that this team needed pass rush DE's, multiple linebackers, and at least 1 more corner after last season. They attempted to address some of this but I'm not sure that the current leadership is capable of picking the right players at this point. Also, that 4th down call was invariably Bevell's decision. This was a Super Bowl 49 all over again on the small scale.
  8. That 4th down play should get people fired. We will see.
  9. Our blocking TE needs to practice catching the ball.
  10. The Raiders are just executing! Duh
  11. So we know the Lions can’t stop anyone playing man-to-man. Perhaps they should try blitzing and playing some zone behind.
  12. That’s a stupid challenge.
  13. 1 year per TFL seem like a good deal but then you consider that's also 1 year per sack! Outstanding. It's not like you are just going to find a guy off the street to make 4 tackles per game.
  14. I was going to share that as well but didn't because I wasn't confident in the author. There a section where he talks about the hypothetical of being Jacoby Brisset's agent without mentioning that Brisset acrually represents himself. The point was still valid even if Brisset doesn't have an agent so it seems like the author didn't actually know. Either way I agree with him about Stafford. Even if I'm just a Lions fanboy and he's lazy writter.
  15. On average you are correct, but arguably the best RB in history may actually be harder to replace.
  16. I love Matthew Stafford. I hate this defense.
  17. I like the Lions are sticking with Carson getting 1 yard even now they are trying to chew up the clock.
  18. Please keep in mind the Lions are playing at home against a bad Giants defense with a rookie quarterback.
  19. Lions can’t seem to understand that Carson is a bad running back who will keep running into people for a 2 yard gain. Luckily the Giants defense is bad and Stafford is making plays.
  20. Lions are incapable of executing.
  21. The Lions are only like 9 or 10 players away from being competitive.
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