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  1. sagnam

    What exactly does this team need?

    Peyton Manning urges Matthew Stafford not to stare at his receivers i think we all want that.
  2. sagnam

    NFL Random Thread

    Watching the Chargers vs Chiefs game and the Chiefs drive to close out the 3rd quarter and take up half of the 4th quarter was an embarrassment for NFL officiating. They took the air out of this game with nonexistent holding penalties on the defense and somehow missing the most obvious intentional grounding I think I've ever seen. Brutal.
  3. sagnam

    What exactly does this team need?

    Same. I feel like if they have the right leadership they will find talent wherever they pick. If they don't have the right leadership then they will have to hope to get lucky with who falls to them, meaning they will likely only get the can't miss picks right.
  4. Ziggy ready for the offseason.
  5. Stafford sticking with the 2 yard routes. Even on 3rd and 8.
  6. sagnam

    December 2018 Game Threads

    The only thing better than that would have been to hold on to that 3 goal 3rd period lead a little tighter!
  7. sagnam

    December 2018 Game Threads

    Toronto gets the next 2 as the Wings are almost done pissing away a 3 goal lead. EDIT: Toronto ties it as I submit my reply.
  8. That seems like the primary requirement for being a Lion.
  9. Seems like the perfect year for the Lions to get their new QB.
  10. Announcers of the Raiders vs Chiefs don’t know the kickoff rules and think the Raiders returner made a mistake stepping out of bounds before fielding a kickoff.
  11. I’m going to argue that there is always a risk when playing football. That risk shouldn’t change a teams decisions. The Rams are going to play to win each game until winning doesn’t matter anymore, then they will avoid risks. They proved that’s how they will operate at the end of last season and in this preseason. I respect that attitude and wish this cowardly team would play the same way.
  12. What if he blows out a knee jumping up to bump bodies celebrating the TD?
  13. And even if the Rams somehow gave the Lions the ball back without scoring the TD, the Lions would have to complete almost 50 2 yard passes to tie the game.
  14. It would be silly for a team like Detroit. Losers with a loser mentality. Gurley and the Rams know they are going to score anyway.