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  1. Eli Manning and Carson palmer are bad QBs. The Cardinals did have a defensive TD. They also continued to play a guy with a dislocated wrist who promptly fumbled deep in their territory. That why I mentioned both.
  2. Or Lions fans underestimated how bad the opposing team's QBs, and offense in general, were going to be this year. The Lions have a defensive or special teams TD in each game to help with the margin of victory. They have a positive turnover margin and have started multiple drives on the opponents side of the field. Something most didn't think probable. The Falcons certainly have a very good QB and they have a great offense. We shall see. The Lions are at home, which seems to help according to the previously posted article.
  3. Breakdown of QB and record against teams with winning records. Winning on the road is hard. Nobody does it more often than not. The 5-48 record overall against teams with a winning record is a bit depressing, but that speaks to the team overall. EDIT: Interestingly, this link has Rodgers at 6-20 rather than the 10-24 listed above.
  4. The push in the back? Didn't notice that the first time. Seems like a thing with the Giants.
  5. For your viewing pleasure Agnew punt return
  6. Abdullah hurts himself. Jesus Christ.
  7. I wonder what OC's think running in this situation does?
  8. This team is so cowardly
  9. That was clear live and it's clear on replay, so play will stand.
  10. Getting blocked in the back is not bad luck. That was a terrible spot.
  11. Uh oh, Davis down. Crown of his head hit the runners leg.
  12. Blind squirrel
  13. Hard to tell, Stafford isn't throwing the ball farther than 5 yards. Agnew houses it!
  14. Doesn't Stafford understand that on a free play he can throw a catchable ball into coverage because an interception will come back.