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  1. This seems like a 6-10 team to me.
  2. Michigan athletics should sell those foam finger things with 2 fingers up.
  3. College baseball is weird. Michigan brings in tomorrow night's starting pitcher to close out the game.
  4. Never mind. The trade was rescinded and the Lions waived him instead.
  5. Lions trading Michael Roberts to the Patriots.
  6. Must not have been throwing Tabor as many catchable balls as Stafford.
  7. Seems more like lending your kid or best friend a thousand bucks then having the audacity to ask them to pay you back.
  8. I’m concerned about Stanford getting picked by Tabor. Also Andy Jones must be slow.
  9. I'd still trade for him if the Lions are in contention weeks 6-8.
  10. The writer also forgot about CJ Anderson.
  11. Where did they get his speed times? Everything I read says he didn’t work out at the combine or his pro day. EDIT: Just found the tweet. Looks like they came from a site called draftscout. It’s a bad look when numbers from a pro day that allegedly only has position drills are listed.
  12. So the argument is that teams who drafted better players didn’t do better because those better player were available for them to draft? Those teams should get credit for drafting the right players.
  13. PJ Johnson “Johnson was not on the scouting radar before the season began, but his size, mobility and ability to make plays is enticing. He's drawn comparisons to former nose tackle Damon Harrison in many ways, and if focused on the task at hand, Johnson could eventually develop into a productive Sunday player.”
  14. From Pete Prisco fwiw, “Jahlani Tavai, LB, Hawaii I love him. He flies around to the football. Nowadays you've gotta have a guy that can fly around and run and chase. Grade: B+“
  15. I think that should highlight exactly why pre-draft noise is just that.
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