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  1. Just saw this. I didn't realize it's been 3 years already since the last update. They turned 9 in January. The girls are doing great, both are happy and healthy. Aubrey is done with screenings. These girls have quite the personality, and they are very very different. Annabelle is the feisty one while Aubrey is the sweetheart.
  2. Thoughts? I'd be very interested. Jets seem to be auctioning off Darron Lee
  3. Their biggest need is linebacker by a mile.
  4. It doesn't hurt that the cap is forever increasing.
  5. This team desperately needs linebackers.
  6. The Bills are a disaster. The fact that they weren't self-aware enough to realize he wouldn't want to play there is sad.
  7. Not to step into this minefield, but the head official actually announced the penalty before they huddled and changed it to not a penalty. I don’t think that happens very often at all. I feel safe saying it basically never happens.
  8. And on the next drive Gronk is mugged and no flag. He made the play so again it didn't change the outcome, but wow are the referees not qualified to officiate pass interference on their own.
  9. Right on cue the refs in the Pats/Chiefs game call a questionable PI late in the 4th quarter. The Pats had roughed the passer on the same play so it wasn't game changing.
  10. Speaking of Goff, the Lions really need to get Stafford to the line of scrimmage fast so that the coaches can read the defense for him while the coach to QB communication system is still open like the Rams do with Goff.
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