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  1. Fun read. The epic tales of Matthew Stafford at 40,000 yards: Dislocated fingers, pranks and TDs
  2. I would only take Golladay over JuJu on that list.
  3. They review goals too disallow them as well. Sometimes that decisions don't make any sense as well. The NHL has 82 games per team per year so the outcome of a single regular season game being decided by a bad call has far less weight than the NFL. The NFL can and should do better. There was an interception in the Chiefs-Colts last night that had no business getting overturned yet somehow it was. It's crazy that they use a little *** monitor on the field with someone else controlling the replay. It could and should be done remotely in the time it takes the ref to get the headset on and his little TV ready.
  4. Of course Glendening scores.
  5. Brutally bad roughing the passer call in the Rams-Seahawks game tonight. These mistakes shouldn’t happen. It wasn’t particularly close.
  6. That’s fine, but that first one happening at midfield would be a fumble. Are you OK with that too? I am but there will be a lot more fumbles and I think that’s why they are hesitant to make that play a catch.
  7. The thing for me is I don't care which way the rules go as long as they are applied consistently. Then it's for me to accept the outcome either way. For the most part I think they are applied consistently, with the occasional WTF (Larry Fitzgerald "catch" vs the Packers in the playoff a few years ago that should have been ruled incomplete with the rules of the day, or the 2 Eagles TDs in the Super Bowl that were incompletions that entire season)
  8. Or get reviews right, quickly. It was never exciting to see a wrong call decide the game. Let's not pretend it was.
  9. Ok, it's time to eliminate the incomplete pass entirely. The ball is always live from snap until out of bounds or until someone is down by contact. Now there's no difference between a pass and a fumble. To make sure we address the much maligned touchback rule when the offense fumbles out of the opponents endzone any forward pass out of the endzone is simply a TD. Scoring is EXCITING!
  10. Having a hand on the ball isn't the same thing as under control. He didn't move the ball from his stomach to hip, the ball moved there on it's own from the impact of the ground. That's the way they seem to enforce the rules. This one doesn't even seem particularly close because of the movement. Two or three years ago any of the ball movement in that clip would make it incomplete. Now the ball can move as long as the hands go with the ball. Imagine if you call that Watkins play a TD then you need to call the same thing at the 50 yard line a fumble. Are you prepared for that too? Or are there different rules for the endzone and the 50 yard line?
  11. How do they NOT correlate? Two feet down. That's the argument in this thread. If Golladay had possession then so did Watkins. Watkins left foot is definitely down. I also can't believe there is a question of whether Watkins left foot was down. It was clear to me in the gif. It's clear to me in this frame from the gif. For the record, neither is a catch in my opnion.
  12. That ball can move as long as it the player has control. When the ball slides to his hip at the end of the gif it's clearly out of his control. If it hadn't slid there it would have most likely been a catch.
  13. They are both TDs or neither are TDs
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