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  1. All I see on that last replay is the ball secure against the center of his chest and his elbow hitting the ground. I never even see the ball move, let alone come near the ground. EDIT: That last one is as far as I could go in the replay before they cut away.
  2. The defender ripped the ball out at the end which implies Mitchell still had a hand on the ball. Otherwise, I think the defender would have just picked the ball up. That contact I assume would result in the player being down. This seems to be supported by the defender not reacting at all like there was a fumble. I think this may fall under the rule where a runner is down if they make no effort to get up.
  3. Ryan's hand definitely was not moving forward.
  4. Atlanta plays the "grab the receivers on every play" defense just like Seattle.
  5. From the internet
  6. The Lions can't go into next season without addressing DL and LB. Both. One but not the other will just be another wasted season. This offense can score enough to win games if the defense could just make an occasional stop.
  7. Wright was right behind Wagner to make the tackle anyway. But it was a terrible block.
  8. That sure looked like interference on 3rd down.
  9. Probably out of bounds
  10. T.urd is filtered!
  11. At least it was an entertaining 1st quarter.
  12. Seattle finally realizes they can just ram the ball down Detroit's throat.