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  1. When I hear Gibson I picture Garfield.
  2. Wins and losses as a measure of roster quality.
  3. Guy that can't find the zone gets that call.
  4. Seems like covering a team's 3rd or 4th receiving option would help your yards/coverage snap.
  5. An image search of "Ebron leap" is pretty funny. Also, this gem
  6. Still looks like a bad defense to me
  7. There goes the Florida guy.
  9. Pick is in...
  10. They can't pass on Foster, can they?
  11. It makes sense that a good player wouldn't fit on a Mayhew team, but BPA! Everyone wants the next Aaron Donald.
  12. ... and virtually no time to football.
  13. A suspension in the NFL is not tied to any sort of understandable logic. Perhaps if you asphyxiated yourself just shy of passing out it may suddenly make sense, but that's not a gamble I recommend.
  14. Is it odd that 3 of the 7 Big Ten teams ended up in the same region?
  15. Abdullah needs to stay healthy