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  1. Valenti is a moron. Listening to that stuff rots your brain.
  2. Hopefully he will develop durability. Then again all that blocking has to be hard on his body. Ankle injury ends T.J. Hockenson’s season
  3. Zack Zenner is available again. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/12/02/cards-cutting-zach-zenner/
  4. We actually have no idea how he contributed to the Patriots success. Sometime people are just complementary pieces. That would also explain why he drafts so poorly.
  5. At this point I wish they would just sign Kapernick so I have a reason to watch.
  6. That's still one more than the Lions have won in forever. Also, that same QB had won a playoff game every year since getting drafted. At least Newsome extended him after he played well. Look, nobody would argue it wasn't a mistake but that kind of stuff happens and yet Newsome also drafted a RB/WR/QB while they still had that "franchise QB".
  7. You mean the Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco? Yeah, in terms of mistakes that's somewhere between drafting 2 bad Florida players in the first 2 rounds of the same draft and re-signing Christian Jones. EDIT: Oh, and there is that "bold" thing you pulled out of someone else's post a while ago and have been beating to death since.
  8. Just in case you need help https://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/in-his-new-role-ozzie-newsome-still-has-butterflies-before-the-draft
  9. You don't need to when you draft good players. Of course that requires good personnel people. Interestingly, one of the worst Ravens 1st round picks in recent memory is a TE. And they had the sense to waste a late 1st on him!\ EDIT: And they took a second one in the 3rd round that same year who is actually really good.
  10. Because he's former GM as of the end of last season (you know, the guy who drafted Lamar) and is likely still involved with the Ravens. Once again, classic MB pretending to not actually understand the point to deflect.
  11. Of course you ignored the fact that the current GM is also there because you are the master of picking out a single part of a comment and misrepresenting that part ad nauseam.
  12. I would trade all of Quinn's 1st round draft picks for Lamar Jackson, Ozzie Newsome, and Eric DeCosta.
  13. I would trade Jarrod Davis AND Taylor Decker for him!
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