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  1. It makes sense that a good player wouldn't fit on a Mayhew team, but BPA! Everyone wants the next Aaron Donald.
  2. ... and virtually no time to football.
  3. A suspension in the NFL is not tied to any sort of understandable logic. Perhaps if you asphyxiated yourself just shy of passing out it may suddenly make sense, but that's not a gamble I recommend.
  4. Is it odd that 3 of the 7 Big Ten teams ended up in the same region?
  5. Abdullah needs to stay healthy
  6. That offensive line looks pretty good on paper. Nice work by Quinn.
  7. That is a scary bad defense.
  8. Patriots get Cooks and a 4th for a 1st and 3rd.
  10. Over-under on games played in 2017 by D.J. Hayden, 7.5.
  11. Their defense is going to be terrible again next year.
  12. Deion Jones was a second round pick.
  13. I have 2 ACL's too!
  14. All I see on that last replay is the ball secure against the center of his chest and his elbow hitting the ground. I never even see the ball move, let alone come near the ground. EDIT: That last one is as far as I could go in the replay before they cut away.
  15. The defender ripped the ball out at the end which implies Mitchell still had a hand on the ball. Otherwise, I think the defender would have just picked the ball up. That contact I assume would result in the player being down. This seems to be supported by the defender not reacting at all like there was a fumble. I think this may fall under the rule where a runner is down if they make no effort to get up.