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  1. Everton looked OK in the first half but they are not anywhere close to what they should be. Why Moyes counties to play Osman is beyond me. This team has the potential to be one of the best but for some reason they are just terrible in the start of seasons and in the EPL that can't happen.
  2. This is not a home run call but "The Yankeeees win the Yankeeeesss win" should be on this list for its sheer annoyance.
  3. Farve is so coming back. I hate him, I used to love him, but now I just can't stand him.
  4. I do agree with you here. When the Tigers are losing this board becomes a war zone.
  5. Coke and Weinhardt for me, but I have no faith in Perry. Not sure why. Also I'll add Porcello too, despite his poor performance the year.
  6. I learned that I'm soooo happy the EPL starts today.
  7. Yeah but prior to this his first innings were the issue. I'm worried he gets into that closer role and that first time through becomes a issue.
  8. Tint

    Day Games

    I'll be at Thursday's game too. Here we go Tigers!
  9. Jay Voss did real well in Single A with a 1.56 ERA, however AA has treated him pretty terribly. Real rude like. Solid 6.41 ERA and little K's and a bunch of walks...
  10. I've learned that I'd rather this team finish in the bottom half of the league so they don't lose a first round pick by signing a Type A free agent.
  11. Wow there is a whole lot going on there...
  12. Tint

    Final Charge?

    I doubt we got much chance, but this offseason is going to be a blast. I can't wait to see everyone here yelling at each other over trades/signings.
  13. If we say we want him, even if we don't, does that stop teams like White Sox from getting him?
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