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  1. Jim Schwartz (Lions) vs Jim Harbaugh (49ers) Skirmish - YouTube
  2. SB Nation Detroit - Video: Jim Schwartz-Jim Harbaugh "altercation" - Twitvid
  3. Yeah, during the replay, you could see Babcock yelling at a trainer while motioning over his face with his hands. It looked like... Babcock: Holy chop meat, man, can't you put a cage on his helmet?!? Trainer: He won't wear one... Franzen shakes his head. Babcock: He's gonna cover the arena in blood if that face opens up!!! How about a just a visor?!? Trainer: Nope, he said he'll break my arm if I put a visor on him. Franzen shakes his head. Babcock: Sweet merciful crap. I wash my hands of this entire situation. Well, that's what it looked like to me anyway. It was awesome.
  4. The exchange between Babcock and Franzen on the bench was classic.
  5. Here's the best I could do... wallpaper (Jeez, guys, someone still wants to root for this team after this series, the least we could do is help him out...)
  6. Hey, I can make your desktop wallpaper for you, tell me the dimensions of your screen so I make it the right size.


  7. For the first time since Ronald Reagan's first term in office, Steve Yzerman is not a Red Wing. Bittersweet is right...
  8. I felt bad about the 20-1 beatdown, so I voted to bench him to make it more respectable. I always go for the underdog, what can I say?
  9. Not surprising when a D-man is tossed in the first for a completely clean hit.
  10. Except, that it IS Forcier's job to lose. Hutch didn't presume anything else in his post but that.
  11. This really sucks. The '70s Tigers were my first heroes. One of the coolest things about the Bird, his record in 1976 was 19-9, with 24 complete games.
  12. Mind boggling. I want so badly not to just give up on this team. But how can you justify this stance? From Mlive, "The Lions aren't interested in signing a head coach who is demanding any authority in personnel decisions." Is there any more unjustified arrogance than this? They have put together the worst roster in NFL history, and now the stipulation for new coaching candidates is, "just don't tell us how to evaluate talent." How do you continue supporting this team? Everyone in our front office either has zero experience, or had a hand in putting together this team. They should beg the new coach to take over personnel decisions. I'd like to see what Shanahan could do with five of the first eighty-some draft picks.
  13. Filppula. And I can't wait until the picture of that goal comes out. Hopefully someone got a Bobby Orr type shot. http://www.artletics.com/siteadmin/images/products/pro_302_2.jpg
  14. Sad to see the Pens resort to gooning it up. Guess that's all they have left.
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