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  1. In a few years people will be looking back on this year as a historically great year for rookie outfielders, with mega prospects Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, and Quintin Berry.
  2. 6/1/03 when i hit a mammoth home run against the mighty yankees and played a mean left field.
  3. No love for key contributor to the '06 world series run, Colby Lewis?
  4. kansas city seems to have given up on alex gordon. and dayton moore is an idiot. could be worth looking into. also, with jackson's suspect defense tonight, a certain knighted centerfielder is still available.
  5. when jeremy bonderman develops his changeup..........
  6. Why do people assume Larish can hit at the ML level? As a 25 year old 1b/dh in AAA, he wasn't that good and he was terrible with the Tigers. Just because he hits left-handed doesn't mean he's better than Thames.
  7. A certain leadoff hitter is having a monster game today. GO NEDERLAND
  8. Why is everyone so sure Santiago is a good defender? Reputation? Many fielding metrics hate him.
  9. D'Angelo Hall isn't any good. He would have fit in perfectly with the Lions.
  10. Starting catchers on World Series teams the last 3 years and their OPS+: Varitek: 103 Torrealba: 75 Molina: 53 Rodriguez: 97 Pierzynski: 90 Ausmus: 80 Inge 2008: 96
  11. I would too, I was just trying to point out a dumb trade that doesn't get any attention that the Tigers made last year.
  12. Carlos Guillen Brandon Inge Jack Hannahan
  13. Thats not the point. He's good enough to have an awesome season this year while in the majors for an awesome team. And the Tigers let him go for nothing. They should have traded him for Carl Crawford when they had the chance.
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