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  1. I haven't been around this site in a while, but just checking to see what everyone has to say about the recent sweep(s)... Yes we have a 5.5 game lead with 23 games to play. In 2006 we held a 4 game lead with 23 to play. So in theory that is better. I didn't look around a ton, but I don't see much talk about the upcoming 13 games vs. the sox and twins. We have put ourselves in a great position to not even have to win these series but grab one or two from these teams here and there, and that is very nice. But the point of my post has more to do with the white sox. Yes they are in 3rd, 6 games back, but they do play us the last three games of the season. So I know that in their clubhouse they aren't trying to make up all 6 games... They only need to make up 3 games in the next 20 or so. Thats all. Imagine the white sox coming to comerica for a 3 game set trailing us by 3 games. Thats all they need. I would think we could carry one of the three, but still a scary situation. These next few games against Toronto and KC could take that entire scenario out of play which would be great.
  2. I haven't posted in ages, but had to see what was being said about this!! I know ESPN says the wings almost tied it up... direct quote: "Detroit nearly tied the game with 1:09 remaining when Marian Hossa dived to knock in a loose puck in front of Hiller, but referee Brad Watson lost sight of the puck and whistled the play dead before the purported goal." this is actually wrong as the play was whistled dead after the goal, but because of intent it was waived off.... THIS IS AMAZING!!! "Then it got ugly. Ducks defenseman James Wisniewski had to be taken off the ice on a stretcher with 6:11 to play in the second after being struck in the head by Detroit forward Tomas Holmstrom's elbow. Wisniewski had been defending in front of the Anaheim net when Holmstrom skated by and delivered the elbow shot. Seconds earlier, Wisniewski was hit by a slap shot in the rib area." THATS from ESPN.... Makes it seem that homer just came across the ice and blew him up. 'holmstrom skated by and delivered the elbow'? WERE THEY WATCHING THE GAME??? I have played hockey for 20 years of my life and coached for another 3 and haven't seen a call that bad very often and not once in that circumstance when it was so blatently obvious. On the replay you can easily see the redwing (franzen?) behind the net cheer even before the ref waived his arms... AMAZING...
  3. I don't post a lot on here, but I like reading what you normally have to say SV, as a UM alum you are the type of person who more MSU fans should emulate. With that being said this is an interesting game: The shoes are on the other feet with msu expecting the win, but one cannot help that of all the past seasons when MSU could have and in some cases should have stole a win this one will seem irrelvant if they can't back it up in future seasons. Its a shame that if they finally get a win against Michigan it will be lessened to a degree. Still important for the program and could be the difference between a 9 and 10 win season, but a loss here will make EVERYONE say, what should be the most dreaded words for a msu fan: "same old spartans" As for my take on the game, I'm not sure how much UofM has left emotionally, but they proved that they can come out against a good team and play with them albeit only for 1 half. But i think that the team will be ready for this one! The seniors will want to replicate what the seniors before them and the senoirs before the seniors, and those senoirs before those seniors have done and thats go 4-0 against their instate rival. I think this is an intersting game for coach rodriguez as well. He is being initiated into this rivalry with michigan being an underdog. I was lucky enough to be part of the football program and before the 2005 game in spartan stadium a 2-2 Michigan team faced a 4-0 (#11? ranked MSU team) and we were underdogs to MSU for the first time in a loooong time and during coach carr's pregame talk it was emphasized that Michigan was an underdog to no one, especially michigan state. I would love to hear the pregame talk coach rod gives to this team! as much as i know MSU should win i can't pick against UM; i'll say 24-20 with 0:00 left on the clock.
  4. In general my feelings are this... It was great to see everyone win it again Draper, Nick, Malts ect. but my feelings are that this isn't their last turn. With the team in place right now we look so strong for the future, and i might be wrong but i think we actually have our first round pick this year... which is nice considering we won the cup too! sometimes we trade our 1st round pick and get bounced early. Datsuyk now has a pair of cups and looks ever so dangerous all the time. His ability to take the puck from people stuns me everytime. Kronwall and Stuart "the scary guys" were generally so impressive and anytime a team can go with 4 defenseman like that they are very hard to beat. Someone made a reference that Darren Helm is the new draper, I certainly hope that he can be that! Because if he gets 3 more cups i'll be very excited! haha Great to see Nick raise the cup, although for a youngster like me, only 25, without Yzerman was kind of strange. But the smile from Nick made up for it, he plays so calm all the time it was wonderful to see how happy he really was! 4 cups, 10 All Star Games, 1 Gold Medal and should get his 6th Norris this year, and whats crazy about that is that he missed a chance at a Norris during the strike year and I'm pretty sure he deserved one before he got his first!
  5. Okay, this entire thread was a blast to read! Go Wings! One thing, a soft goal by Malkin someone said? a Rocket from around 30 feet is not soft especially from the 2nd leading scorer in the league and probably the Hart Trophy winner without Carolina collapsing to allow Washington in... The last shot, although not handled cleanly was a wicked backhand by crosby, everyone should know that the backhand is by far the hardest shot to read by a goalie because they can't judge where its coming off of the stick. Some one posted he failed to make the save, which was obviously not the case. The biggest problem with that last shot was the fact that everyone stood up on our blue line and allowed Crosby to sneak through... A guy like that should be watched until the buzzer goes off. It looked like hudler's responsibility and as far as i'm concerned that was a much bigger deal than the ridiculous hooking call with 2 minutes left... As for the new NHL this is all that it is.... They claim its exciting and teams are never out of a game, but the reason for that is if your team has the lead you are automatically penalized with under 10 minutes to go and it becomes nearly impossible for your team to committ a penalty. When the wings went up 3-1 they dominated the pens for about 5 minutes, people were getting held up, hooked the whole time, but soon as hudler's stick touched Malkin its a penalty. I can't stand that, and I also can't stand the fact that NBC would show replays of penalties that weren't called on redwings players all the time... but yet when Datsuyk of all players gets called for an interference penalty in the 2nd period they don't show the replay once... could anyone let me know what happened on that one?
  6. One thing that I've liked is watching Cabrera play 1B, It looks like he's having a good time over there, his footwork seems to be ahead of Carlos when he's around the bag. Also, i'm not sure if anyone caught it but I think it was against the twins and they had a man on first and Jonesy threw over to Cabrera and he faked the throw back and then tagged the runner. He just seems like he's playing over there for the first time since little league and he wants to try all these tricks he's been thinking about.
  7. This is exactly what I was going to bring up. I'll have to try and find a paper I wrote on this exact subject matter. It was for a class that I think was called Communications and Identity, and for a couple weeks we discussed the use of we/us/them when referring to sports teams. We actually did some pretty good research throughout the class. It was at U of M and this is what we found out: People refer to their favorite teams with "we". Everyone knows someone who likes the Tigers but they also seem to have some strong interest towards Boston...(or any two teams). They will instictivly refer to their favorite team as us and we. People would almost always say They won when referring to the redsox, but we won when referring to the Tigers. Also very common when referring to pro teams if they lost many more people would say "They" lost when referring to the Tigers. When regarding UofM sports people were much more likely to use "we" whether or not they won or lost. In my opinion, as long as people stay true about their teams its all good. When I talk about UofM football I try to say both We won and We lost as opposed to We won and They lost... That I think is a bad double standard!
  8. The major thing with the Renteria trade was that it happened pre-Cabrera... At the time of the trade it was decent I believe, I understand that JJ could be a solid pitcher and Hernandez is quite a prospect but we got a very good career hitter and a gold glove winner at short to go with our gold gloves at second and cather and probably should have been CF.... Thats real good D up the middle. But then the Cabrera trade goes through and suddenly our best pitching prospects are gone... Both trades are good trades for the Tigers, but together they could prove to be a bit of a problem. Guillen at first base seems totally lost, and i know that every error in a 7 game losing streak usually results in runs allowed, hence the 7 games, but at this rate hes going to end up with more errors at 1B than he had at SS.
  9. Wow, Major league baseball is going to be a collective 182 games under .500 192 games under .500 if you factor in the 172 game season the Tigers are playing this year... I'm going to go out on a limb and say at least a couple of these predictions will be incorrect. A simple diagram of the stadings would be just as good if you aren't going to add up the games... NL East: Philadelphia NL Central: Cubs NL West: AZ AL East: Boston AL Central: Cleveland AL West: LA NL wild card: Mets AL Wild Card: Tigers, but I have a funny feeling about Seattle....
  10. well last year he was cold during April, so maybe he's getting this out of the way....
  11. My wish is that they draft OL and Defense and thats it. But I'll be happy if we can get Limas Sweed in round 1 and follow it up with Manningham round 2 Seriously guys if we had Roy, Calvin Johnson, Furrey, mcdonald, manningham and limas sweed who would ever stop us??? if we get those 2 guys we'd be 16-0 for sure Kitna would throw for 600+ yards a game. were you guys talking NFL or Madden 2009???
  12. 160, 158, 158, 157. Games that Cabrera played in during the last 4 years. And just so everyone knows that was in the NL where there is NO DH. He's 24 years old. I'm sure he can play 155 games at third base no problem. Also he's not going to play left field. He hasn't played OF in 2 seasons. And I understand that his range is no where near Brandon's range but 40 errors in the past two seasons for migs is on par with Inges 49 errors and .960 fielding percentage.... Brandon can backup every position on the field and that will have to be his job. Jones will probably be in the lineup against Righties and Inge will have to get some ABs in left or center when Lefties are pitching.
  13. How about Migs, like Maggs M & M boys.....
  14. If this was 1997 we'd have OSU v. USC, OU v. (Georgia), LSU v. (Kansas) and VT v. WVU... or something like that. these matchups could be just as good. With the conferences as they are now the best idea for a playoff system for me would be to force D-1A independents into conferences and then either play everyone in your conference or set up a conference championship game to determine a winner. Then the 11 conferences would send a team to the playoffs. teams seeded 1-5 would get first round byes 6 v 11, 7 v 10 and 8 v 9. This would basically force the small conferences to play each other and seed 6 would probably be the worst of the major conferences playing a school like Troy this year. I know people complain saying that CMU is no way better than Georgia and all that good stuff, but if you are going to let teams play games out Georgia should have won their conference. Lets say that Georgia lost to LSU in the reg. season adn then lost to them in the confernece championship game. LSU shouldn't have to prove again that they are better than georgia... This way you just win your conference and you're in. Personally I think that the BCS is fine and it actually gives us a matchup of two teams. But if theres a playoff it must only include conference champions. Like Mark Richt said from Georgia theres no rule saying you have to win your conference to play in the champ game, but people vote that way. I think that should be a rule for the BCS, you must win your conference to play in the national championship game.
  15. First off in that Bills game they went for it on fourth down in the 3rd quarter and maybe very early into the 4th. Ask the Lions, the DETROIT LIONS how many points you can score in a single 4th quarter.... If opposing teams don't want the score run up on them they should be running the ball down by 30 or 40 points in the 4th quarter not passing. They shouldn't have their 1st defense in the game when new england is trying to score. Put your 2nd string in 3rd quarter. Throw in the towel.. Its exactly like when Leyland takes Pudge out during the 4th inning when we are down 10-1. Thats a sign to the other manager, then he stops stealing/bunting. But his players don't stop trying to hit singles or homeruns. It works both ways. If you are down by 40 points and you are still trying to score and conserve clock then New England has every right to keep scoring on you... And by lining up 4 or 5 wide, thats what they do all the time, if they ran the ball 3 times they'd probably have to punt and I believe Brady said, "We don't go on offense to punt, we want to put the ball in the endzone." I find it wonderful that they are 11-0 but i don't really care if they run the table. I just love the story lines week by week. What they are eclipsing is that the dolphins are 6 games away from going 0-16... what a wonderful week 16 game that could be! I'm guessing they have a piece of "humble pie" for Don Shula....
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