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  1. And these are numbers in the NL. Imagine his numbers in the AL with the DH and more offensive play? I think everyone is in love with the name. Not realizing the numbers and how they have declined year after year. And if we trade someone like Maybin for this guy I will put in for orders to some where else.
  2. Nows not the time to be joking! It's only time to morn the loss. LOL! Im calling all of my Michigan haters as we speak!
  3. No, my thread was to see if I was the only screening phone calls after the game. Is it a joke, no. I am actually screening phone calls from my hater friends who are loving it! That's it.
  4. I dont know how you could say their season isn't over! It's done! Just as fast as it started, it's done.
  5. HUH? I am SAYING that because of my time in the service I have a lot of friends from Ohio, Indiana, the SEC states, Pac 10 states, ect. People who generally hate Michigan. That's it dude! Chill!
  6. Is your phone ringing off the hook from your Michigan hater friends and all you can do is sit in the corner of a dark room curled up in a ball (crying) listening to them make fun of you on your answering machine. Well I am in the military and have a lot of Michigan hater friends. And I cant strike up the courage to answer the phone.
  7. Rainman, Carl from "Slingblade", George Bush, Bill Clinton, John Madden, anyone but this JOKE!
  8. At least we dont have to wait a month or two for Michigan to blow it.
  9. After today's embarassment we are once again the laughing stock of college football. It all comes back to one man's shoulders, Mr. Carr. He needs to be fired on the spot after his newest example of making Michigan the laughing stock of College Football. If you agree please vent below.... I am going to the bar now and try to bury my sorrows in the bottle.
  10. I believe him about the contract. This is not the first time I have heard that and I have never heard the Wings executives denounce it. What probably happened is a few things in the final contract were changed or worded different, Fedorov thought they were trying to pull one over on him and he decided to head for Hollywood.
  11. I stayed up for the whole game and what a game. I started watching about the 3rd inning. Who was that doing the color commentary?
  12. What is your first impression of Mr. Maybin as the game progressess? 3 pitches, 3 strikes... Got to be a bit nervous!
  13. This seems pretty interesting for those of us who live in the Flint area! I knew when Bob Perani and Kris Draper bought the Generals good things would happen. Here's the link! http://blog.mlive.com/flintjournal/savagethoughts/2007/08/generals_get_affiliation_with_red_wings.html
  14. You might be a tigers fan if you named your dog ozzie (guillen) and kick it in the ribs every chance you get!
  15. If you want Sergei back in a Winged wheel uniform this is the chance to voice your opinion with hopes that the Wings upper level management will see this and see it would help the state of HockeyTown! Only post if your in favor of bringing our old Russian superstar back! Any post will be recoginzed as a vote of support to bring Sergei and his young girlfriends back to our beloved city of Detroit!
  16. I wouldn't mind if we got both Feddy and McCarty back! We need something here to get Hockeytowns pulse back!
  17. O' Bud is just as guilty if not more than the Roid Era players! He knew it was going on but he was loving the 60+ hr seasons. Loving the popularity of baseball rising! Come on! I love Sheff because he is going to tell you exactly what is on his mind. You ask him a question, you get an honest answer. If he thinks somethings jacked up he's going to tell you!
  18. Robo's game tonight makes has made me puke in my mouth!
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