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  1. In my opinion, all of the LZ2 tracks should be up towards the top. I'll never forget hearing that album on vinyl by a classic rock station in Myrtle Beach, SC around midnight while downing a beer or twelve...totally transformed how I heard the band. "Gallows Pole" so low bothers me since the intro to that song is one of my favorites of all of their songs. And the fact they separate "Living Loving Maid" from "Heartbreaker" is deplorable to me.
  2. I agree with this. When I was younger and didn't have a kid, I would have been more open to reworking my computers. Now I just want the laptop/desktop to work. BTW, I had a similar issue with my HP Win8 machine, and it killed the hard drive. Took it to a local shop to get fixed, and that took 3 weeks to get done. It does not work like we were used to, but at least it works now. From what I have read, MS plans to release 10 for free to Win8 owners. Hopefully it is worth it. I didn't really have a problem with the interface, to be honest, just the fact my machine crapped out on me.
  3. I would like to make one positive comment and one rant. For the positive, the integration of Songza into Google Music All Access has been great! So far I have liked the playlists I have tried. Most have been at work, though I liked a nice jazz one I pulled up while cooking the other night. For the negative, I'm tired of the Led Zeppelin reissues. Unfortunately I convinced myself I needed the newest remastered versions with the extra disc, thinking sound quality would improve (which it has, but with HD tracks available now, the CDs are probably less impressive now) and there would be some interesting revelations on the second discs. There haven't been really. LZ1 has a decent second disc since it's live, but LZ2 doesn't do much for me, LZ4's is essentially an instrumental disc, and HotH is similar to LZ4. I was hoping for an electric version of "The Rain Song", but no. LZ3's second disc isn't as bad as the others, but I'm not so sure I will revisit it often.
  4. +1 to this great record New Spoon record is very good...I have heard 70% of the record and really liked all of the songs
  5. West of the Bay we got 13"-15" of soft snow Wednesday night/Thursday morning, which was nice and light but a lot to move, then a wetter snow Thursday night/Friday morning, which was much worse. Probably only got 3" from that one, though. BUT, temps have stayed a few degrees above freezing, so at least it's melting. Spring can't be too far, right? Plus, the Tigers are in camp. Good days are ahead!
  6. Very. I can say for me this is the worst winter I have endured from a pure temperature standpoint (full disclosure: I'll be 35 in June). The last time I remember very cold daytime temperatures was as a freshman in HS in 1994. I grew up in NC, and below 20 degrees for a daytime temperature is very, very rare. In terms of snow this winter has been maybe a little above normal but nowhere near what we had in 2010 and 2011.
  7. Best stuff from him I've seen: Wedding Crashers, Starsky & Hutch, Anchorman, Old School, SNL Night at the Roxbury guy Sometimes his stuff annoys me, but I generally find him funny. Comedy genius? Hardly, but he's alright. I think John C. Reilly is underrated as an actor overall. He is a pretty versatile actor overall. I thought he was great as Wreak 'Em Ralph and in Chicago.
  8. Awesome pictures! I like the last one especially. Musk is a very interesting person with some very interesting ideas. The Tesla vehicles are sweet looking on the road. He has some ideas on mass transit that are interesting, though who knows if they'll come to fruition.
  9. Roland Gift doesn't look like he could make anymore Highlander appearances. Some have aged gracefully, some not so much. When I first saw the headline, I thought it would be more about the revival of some of the sounds from new wave rather than how they actually look.
  10. I agree. I had it miss once, but the last two have been right on. Today I clicked it, and so far I have had the following: Built to Spill "Some" Wilco "My Darling" The Wrens "Strange as Family" The Fiery Furnaces "Straight Street" Dismemberment Plan "What Do You Want From Me" Portastatic "Sour Shores" Good stuff.
  11. Also, I just discovered the Google Play All Access app is available for iPhones, so I downloaded. The circle is now complete. And All Access is awesome. Just thought I'd chine in my support.
  12. I understand. That's too bad about your band, but it's cool you're taking up the piano. I've been yearning to play piano again, but unfortunately I don't have one to play. Heck, I'd just love to play guitar again. It's been too long. Speaking of stuff not released this year (technically), DGC released a deluxe edition of In Utero, and I found myself enjoying that record more now than I did then.
  13. Released in 2013, though I'd be interested in the other as well. Here's my top 5 from 5 to 1: Janelle Monae The Electric Lady Arctic Monkeys AM Kanye West Yeezus Jason Isbell Southeastern Haim Days Are Gone These were the records I enjoyed the most, but I liked a lot of stuff that came out this year. Days Are Gone I haven't been able to put down.
  14. Jamey Johnson's that lonesome song...seriously, he's my favorite current country artist. Great songwriter, has a killer sound. I'm curious if any of you would post your favorite top 5 albums of 2013. I'm going to post my (pointless) favorites just because I want to generate talk, but I would also like to find out what people are listening to regularly.
  15. Montana I want to visit it, but I didn't realize I would "fit in" there.
  16. Is it as good as past years'? I finished one we let apparently go for many months without drinking a month ago, and it was still great. Theirs is the best pumpkin ale I have ever had.
  17. Josh Freeman was cut from the Bucs. With all the business this week about him being in the drug program (sounds like they may have violated HIPAA), I wonder if he sues the Bucs.
  18. I admit I haven't watched it much, but I'm hesitant to write it off because they don't have full content available yet. That I recall, they have worked for more coverage with MLB and the NFL that won't start until next year, and I would imagine they are trying to tap into the other two major US sports. Right now they're confined to the sports they have with more flexible contracts. I'm sure they're working harder to try to win over consumers, it's just going to take some time.
  19. That's the thing that kills me about DirecTV and Comcast. I've been a customer for many years now...why aren't you just giving me your best deal? Seems to me like they're competing against each other for new subscribers while ignoring their current subscribers, particularly after they have surpassed a grace period. And costs aren't going down, they're going up with Fox Sports 1 coming online and ESPN wanting $5/month/head or more. I hate to do it (but have to) call DirecTV about every 6 months to take away a service, then they manage to lower my bill. I'd love to cut out TV services and go streaming. I already do it with MLB.tv. I hear the NFL is considering this, which would be great for me bc Lions are out of market for me, so I could watch them. Unfortunately, some programming just isn't easily available for the shows we as a family watch to allow me to sever ties. Oh well....
  20. Listened to this earlier... And found it to be pretty darn good front to back. Along the lines of Phoenix, has some great tunes on there, including "Falling", "If I Could Change Your Mind", and "Days Are Gone".
  21. Does it hurt Iglesias that he played for two teams this year? FWIW, although their WAR amounts are more or less the same, Myers had a better second half. That I think will ultimately decide this, but I'll probably be wrong.
  22. Cleveland's is boring, but I guess it would be too simplistic to put a drum on there. Colorado's is also boring. Oakland's would have been better as a toilet bowl. Nationals Park is still probably my favorite.
  23. Part of me wants to take back my vote and click for Chris Davis, because the O's wouldn't be anywhere near contending without his play this year (I guess they do have Machado, though). You could make a good argument for Trout, but my head and heart lean towards Miggy, as they have for most of the year.
  24. Congrats, MCS! Very happy for you! Currently listening to The Wrens Meadowlands.
  25. The Nationals Park poster is pretty cool. I liked that one and the PNC Park poster. I wouldn't pay for them, but they were pretty cool.
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