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  1. Thank you guys for honoring Brian with the first pick. It means so much that you guys still honor and remember him. THANK YOU and love to all of you!!!
  2. Angela and share with Justin,

    We remember Brian on his birthday,, and something happened last night on my way out of the ball park. I mentioned it slightly in the minor leage games thread. I usually have Robie drive home from the games as I like my beer and my eyesight is not really good at night. She was not with me and I was in my car with superior lighting. As I left the stadium, I was crossing the memorial pavers out front when I stumbled on something. I stopped and looked down and nothing was there. Then I saw what it was. I had just crossed Brian's paver. Why did I stumble? Please accept it as I felt it a reminder to be careful on the way home. Sometimes I feel things that some would call paranormal. Most likely only within my own mind, but I drove home with a warm feling nevertheless.

  3. I love the paver. Looks awesome. Thank you so much for posting... You guys are the best and thank you!
  4. Just so everyone knows I have plenty of bracelets left. Also if you need another one after yours wears out let me know. I will be glad to send you more. Thank you again for all the love and support. You guys have all been wonderful over the last 2 years. Brian had wonderful friends on here. THANK YOU!
  5. I have gotten a few bracelet requests today and I am thrilled! I will respond to you individually later and get them out next week. THANK YOU for still wanting some. Just so everyone knows I have plenty left if anyone needs them. Just email me. If my mailbox is full write jj04...he will let me know. THANK YOU for remembering him. Take care.
  6. I know I posted this elsewhere but just saw the thread....SO... Thank you for thinking and praying for us and all the families today. We are so thankful you guys are keeping his memory alive. Means so much. Love with you all...we know you miss him too.
  7. Thank you for thinking and praying for us and all the families today. We are so thankful you guys are keeping his memory alive. Means so much. Love with you all...we know you miss him too.
  8. How is your niece doing? Praying and thinking of you guys!
  9. I just read this story. I was not around in 2005. But I am glad to read this thread and see that it ended well. What an amazing little girl!!!!
  10. I want to thank all of you who keep Brians (estrepe) memory alive. It warms my heart to see you guys still posting about him every now and then. Thank you.
  11. This is Brian Bluhms sister (estrepe1). First thank you to all of you for giving Brian the first pick in the draft. It means a lot that you guys still remember and honor him. My family really appreciates all you do and have done for us. Thank you. You have a wonderful community here and we are fortunate Brian was apart of it and still is in spirit. We miss him very much as I know you guys do too. So without me babbling on further (which I am good at…): In honor of my little brother estrepe1 (Brian Bluhm) I will pick Curtis Granderson as his draft pick. Bc I am bad at stats…hahaha…jj04 (Justin Jones) my husband and Brians brother in law will help keep up with stats. That way I know it is updated and correct… Thank you guys/gals and we love all of you. It warms my heart to know you guys care and love us so much.
  12. I am open to making the actual pick (I know I wrote this in pm to you but thought I would post too). Or one of you that has been so wonderful in keeping his memory alive here can pick for him. Whatever you guys prefer. Just tell me what I do...hahaha. Also we are just honored that you guys are doing this. We do not want to take away a pick from someone and knowing Brian he would not want to either. So the idea of someone else getting Granderson as well is a good one too. Either way I know that jjo4 (Justin) and I will keep up with the stats just bc we do anyway. We leave that decision up to you. We are just honored that you guys want to keep him in this. Thank you.
  13. Now Justin you did not include everything... Since Greys Anatomy and The Office are on at the same time we know who wins that one. Oh and House Hunters. PS Mr MelissaG915...how did you come to that realization in the middle of the post I had not commented on? Just trying to figure that out...hahaha
  14. HAHAHA...you know we will do that to you. Poor Justin gained weight after marrying me. But hey it is all part of being happy and of course eating too well... PS Potthole I will get those out to you soon.
  15. Justin (jj04) it is past your bedtime. no more posting...winning.
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