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  1. Houston was in the cheat mode when he got there. Is that part of the equation relating to his sudden comeback?
  2. I miss baseball, but not as much as I miss Beth Bernstein.
  3. After reading several reviews of the book, probably a no-go. It is a biography of Cochrane. Only 207 or so pages isn’t what I had in mind. Thanks for the mention of, Terror in the City of Champions.
  4. Has anyone here read Charlie Bevis’ book on Cochrane? Reviews?
  5. Came across this on another site somewhere. Knew this but have forgotten it. Cool factoid. “If not for an offseason trip to Hawaii, Babe Ruth may very well have become the Tigers manager. After the 1933 season saw Ruth "slump" to 34 home runs with Detroit finishing 5th in the American League, Tigers owner Frank Navin wanted a new skipper. Knowing that Ruth was interested in becoming a player-manager, the owner reached out to Babe. Only problem: Ruth was set to travel to Hawaii for a series of exhibition games and a golf tournament. After Ruth didn't give Navin an immediate answer -- and stated his desire for a hefty salary and a cut of ticket sales -- Navin moved on to his second choice: Mickey Cochrane.” Things definitely worked out for the best.
  6. I posted this on January 25, 2012: ”After a couple beers last night, a decent night's sleep, and a couple of cups of coffee this morning...I'm not really happy about this move.” Above is my reaction to the Fielder signing. I was NEVER happy about this move as my comments were consistent with the above. To this day I see it the same way I did when it happened, it was DD wasting money for the sake of a front page story. Yes, I know Mr. I was all in but this was a stupid move, period.
  7. Thanks for asking and, at the same time, reminding me that there was some mention about Ball Four involved from the previous conversation about the book. I never have read Ball Four but there was only one instance in Freehan’s book where I thought something possibly crossed a line. And that would only be in light of today’s hypersensitive perspectives. I don’t think this would live up to a tell-all book. Lots of good stuff though. Gives you an inside look at the 1969 team and the different personalities.
  8. In light of the “shelter in place” directives issued across the states and local governments, I decided I would pick up my book reading that I had more or less abandoned since this outbreak became such a distraction. Read Bill Freehan’s, Behind the Mask yesterday. Enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Before, during and after, I consider him the best catcher in Tiger’s history.
  9. I don’t think there will be a baseball season this summer. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to it. I’d rather forego the season than see the powers that be make a circus out of it diving for dollars.
  10. I saw Kenny Rogers & The First Edition in 1969 or 1970 perform at a two year college in North Carolina. It was the first concert I ever attended. I was a fan from that point on. Years later I saw him with Dottie West when he was really big time. RIP Kenny.
  11. I can’t imagine MLB before June, at best. As Casimer said, we don’t even know what we don’t know yet, if that makes any sense. I would not be at all surprised if this season doesn’t happen. The next several days are extremely critical as to what degree this virus disrupts this country in a huge way. There have been better times.
  12. Dombrowski, right? Never learns...
  13. I just commented to my wife that it ain’t worth the hassle. If I get a few games this out of it this year, fine.
  14. MLB clubs have committed $30M -- $1M apiece -- to assist the ballpark employees affected by the delayed start to our season. I think this is great. However, minor league players are still getting the shaft.
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