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  1. So real I found myself fighting back tears. Beautiful.
  2. No one, to my knowledge, wants to own a part of Miggie's life. In today's America, this is part of the game-comes with the fame. There was a time when this probably would have been considered off-limits out of respect for those involved. Those days are, to quote a famous Tiger icon, loooong gone. As long as this sells, the media will report it. Disclaimer: I could not care less.
  3. I agree with your points and for the record, I don't know, at this point anyway, that anyone is necessarily prying. To this point, I see this as 'business as usual' media coverage.
  4. If I'm rolling out big bucks to attend a large number of Tiger games and this guy has his mind elsewhere because of personal issues and his performance is in decline, it is a problem that is beyond his home. His drinking issue several years ago is a case in point. He was having problems at home and at the park because of his issues with alcohol. He's too high profile in his profession to get a pass. He'd be the first one to say as much. He's creating his own bad news, nobody is doing this for him. This is why I hated to see a guy like JV get moved. JV was always a solid citizen that understood the expectations of his profession and made his fans proud. I wish the Tigers could move Cabrera but that ain't about to happen.
  5. It may be a private matter... but Cabrera is a very public athlete. He makes tons of $$$ as a player that is way high profile. When his personal issues play a part in his on-field performane, which has been the case in the past, it is news worthy. It comes with the territory. Sorry.
  6. Gotta give it to you, that's a perspective that few people would ever begin to realize. I really need to look myself in the mirror after reading this.
  7. Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    It really is difficult. Any time you trade a guy that is a home grown hall of famer it sucks. These guys don't come along every day and seeing him in another uniform is a downer. That said, I wish JV the very best. I know he would have preferred to stay with Detroit but circumstances dictated he move on. That is a tough one to accept.
  8. If not Ausmus then who?

    Like Ausmus, Kapler is Jewish. Hank Greenberg would be proud.
  9. Interesting news for the off-season...take me out to the ball park. Miguel Cabrera facing potentially costly paternity suit in Florida Mark Townsend Big League StewOctober 15, 2017 A Florida woman is suing Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera for child support. (AP) More Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera has been slapped with a paternity suit that could ultimately cost him $100,000 a month in child support. According to the Detroit News, court records show the child-support suit was filed in August by Belkis Mariela Rodriguez, 35, of Orlando, Fla. The suit alleges that the two-time MVP cut back on child-support payments earlier this year after helping her purchase a home worth nearly $1 million. Cabrera has been paying a $6,200-plus monthly sum, according to court documents. Rodriguez’s attorney says Cabrera’s salary after taxes could dictate he pays more than $100,000 a month in child support under Florida statute guidelines. Cabrera, 34, has earned over $216 million over the course of his 15-year MLB career. He’s guaranteed another $184 million on his current contract which runs through 2023. In response, Cabrera, who is married and has three children, claims Rodriguez is attempting to extort him. He’s also requested paternity tests on the children, who were born in 2013 and 2015 respectively. Here’s more from the report: Rodriguez, a florist, has custody of both children, though Cabrera has visitation rights and a say in all “major” decisions involving the children, per court documents. Cabrera is named as the father on both birth certificates, Rodriguez says in the court documents. Cabrera’s legal team has accused Rodriguez of “embarking on a mission to extort additional moneys to be used for her benefit under the guise of child support,” according to court records filed in Orange County, Florida. Cabrera is scheduled to be questioned under oath by the woman’s lawyers during a videotaped deposition Thursday in Orlando. Rodriguez was scheduled to begin her deposition Friday. The Detroit News report offers some pretty intense details from the 193 pages worth of court documents. Money is clearly at the heart of the matter, as Rodriguez and her legal team are looking for a bump that would require health insurance and other expenses covered. The story also provides details that strongly suggested a long-standing relationship between Cabrera and Rodriguez existed. Though no relationship is directly mentioned on her social media, she’s seen in several ballparks where the Tigers were visiting over the summer. Some of those pictures were posted as recently as September, after the suit was reportedly filed. The case now is headed for mediation, which is scheduled for Oct. 25. A final judgment isn’t expected until November or December. More MLB coverage from Yahoo Sports: – – – – – – – Mark Townsend is a writer for Big League Stew on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at bigleaguestew@yahoo.com or follow him on Twitter! Follow @Townie813 NBC Sports Philadelphia
  10. If not Ausmus then who?

    If I'm not mistaken Bochy is under contract through 2020 and I know he is one of the highest paid managers in the majors. Yes, this year was a disaster in SF but what gives you the impression SF would ever consider parting with Bochy? Just curious.
  11. If not Ausmus then who?

    Good to see DD is working his magic with the Red Sox now. Couldn't happen to a better team.
  12. Baseball Playoff Predictions

    Boston losing is a wonderful thing.
  13. Baseball Playoff Predictions

    I don't "go there" for the most part but I think Dumbrowski's incompetence in failing to assemble a complete team is the primary reason 2017 ended in ashes. To repeat, I was NEVER a DD fan. Brad was a wrong time- wrong place manager in my opinion. Unfortunate. I absolutely love seeing the Red Sux lose!
  14. If not Ausmus then who?

    Somewhat surprised and disappointed Lance Parrish's name is missing. And, it could be he doesn't want the job? He's already in the organization. He is managing, and has managed, some guys headed to Detroit. He was a catcher on a WS winning team. I would think he would at least be in the mix.
  15. I don't think it is going to be as long as most folks think it is. We all need a serious break though.