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  1. It would really be nice if Avila would be gone after this year. It won’t happen and the Tigers will continue to suck.
  2. I believe the player that said he is more bothered by it now than then is Bob Gibson. I believe I read that a while back. Sadly, he is suffering with pancreatic cancer.
  3. I listened to a fair amount of Cardinals games when he was in St. Louis and as I recall the guys in the booth weren’t impressed with his arm strength. I admit, I was glad to see the Cards let him go. I hated the Cardinals traded P Zac Gallen for him to begin with.
  4. To begin with, I believe he’d want a contract he couldn’t live up to. I have a good friend that follows the the Cardinals religiously. He’s a native of St. Louis. He convinced me that Ozuna is a less than desirable defensive player. I do remember the one play he totally destroyed in left field with the Cardinals that made Delmon Young look like a gold glove guy. I’d prefer the org look elsewhere.
  5. I wouldn’t touch Ozuna and Tork will be ready.
  6. Wilmington, DE would make sense moving to the Eastern League. Currently Wilmington is the outlier in the Carolina League. Potomac, MD’s franchise moved to Fredericksburg, VA after last season. This move puts Wilmington even further out of the core of the Carolina League footprint. The initial elimination list identified Frederick, MD as the only team in the CL to go. Things are in flux as the article points out so I don’t know where things stand now with them.
  7. He’ll never own a pair of cargo shorts.
  8. Next year, if MLB is able to return to normal scheduling and the like, it will be interesting to see what attendance numbers look like. After the 1994 season ended like it did I really lost interest for a couple of years. In some regard, I have never been the fan I was prior to 1994. I was probably too much about the game at the time. We had literally done a road trip to Tiger Stadium in 1991, Fenway in 1992, and Camden Yards in 1993, all to see the Tigers. This season starts with the hangover of the Houston WS fiasco that changed the attitude of a lot of fans, myself included. Then the public circus of owners vs players as to how and when a season would be played. Now teams are voting to not play. This season has been a mess from day one. As a fan, I am losing interest in MLB. It’s not a conscious effort at all. It’s a culmination of a lot of things. I’ve never lived in a city with a MLB franchise so maybe I don’t have that local connection to override all the other distractions. This year has been even worse with the absence of MiLB. The attitude of owners toward minor league franchises has been another set back for my interest in the MLB game. Tough summer so far.
  9. Joe Maddon is accomplishing a rare feat this year. He’s making Ausmus look better every game.
  10. This has been my point exactly. Any empty suit can watch his team finish last every year and then grab one of the top picks. Avila’s gotten pretty good at it. In fact, he did really well this year and I’m impressed. Outside those top draft picks over the past several years, the Tigers really don’t have anything to get excited about. Avila is going to have to start earning his money soon through trades and FA signings. I don’t have much confidence in the guy when it gets to that point.
  11. Not really sure I like this move. Not doubting his ability at all but what’s to gain? Provided he’s healthy, I’d rather see Faedo up first. See what he’s got and go from there. I have to wonder if this isn’t a PR move to satisfy the fans as the team begins its annual descent into the abyss. Hope not.
  12. This organization has done nothing but tank for the last two years. You can say they’re not trying to fail, but at the say time they’re not trying to win. To me, that’s tanking for the higher draft pick.
  13. Avila is a dud. He and Gardenhire need to be gone.
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