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  1. Ah yes, Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill. Bringing the memories back from yesteryear. I spent a fair amount of evenings with that and TJ Swan’s Mellow Days. Nothing but the best I used to say.
  2. Agreed. He performed over his head this year and these guys are huge risks year to year.
  3. I imagine Tebow is thankful as well.
  4. Myself as well. I believe wherever Nick ends up he’ll do well. He’s had a good year in Detroit considering all the noise surrounding his contract status.
  5. Looks like Baltimore is a 1/2 game worse than the Tigers still in the win/loss column. Same percentage though.
  6. Fear not, Wladimir Pinto is on in relief. Yes, it is spelled correctly. Isaac Paredes committed an error by not making a catch that added to Mize’s difficulties.
  7. Mize has recorded only one out and is trailing 4-0. The rebuild is an utter failure!
  8. You have to tip your hat to the Tiger’s consistency. Even with a four run lead you knew they wouldn’t give in.
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