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  1. Well, Fulmer showed up at least.
  2. Gibby and Enberg would definitely be worth a listen.
  3. Again, I would still love to see Jordan Patterson in Lakeland this coming spring competing for the right field position. The kid is ready for a crack at the top. I don't know that Colorado has a spot for him. I am very happy for Mahtook and hope he can sustain his growth at this level. Huge fan since he was with the Durham Bulls.
  4. And is well compensated for it I might add.
  5. So we get swept by a team that is 14.5 games back in their division and now we're going into a series against an opponent that is 18.5 games up in their division. Not to mention they have the best record in the majors right now. Yikes!
  6. So Hicks, the catcher, attempts to steal 2nd facing a left hand pitcher? I would hope I missed something.
  7. Maybe... Game--A form of play or sport, especially a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck. The words "competitive" and "skill" concern me, especially with recent performances.
  8. I think with Victor's extremely turtle like mobility, the word"stand" is a perfect word association.
  9. After tonight it could get ugly...er. Sanchez tomorrow and then the Dodgers. This is your captain in the flight deck. We're going to ask that everyone remain in your seat and securely buckled. We are going to encounter some rough air straight ahead,