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  1. From Jack Curry’s (YES) Twitter. At NY BBWAA dinner, Verlander accepted AL Cy Young Award and noted how the Astros were “technologically and analytically advanced” as a way to praise the organization. But that phrase caused some in the audience to guffaw. Verlander waited until noise subsided before resuming. I can’t believe he said this. Is the guy serious!
  2. Just read that Mike Fiers told his teammates in Detroit about the Astros scheme, sort of, when he arrived from Houston. According to Zimmermann, Fiers told him that the team had better be able to change their signs on the fly and to do it frequently when they were playing Houston. This was reported from the fan fest that apparently is going on this week. I should write Fiers name in this November. I was contemplating Tom Selleck until now. Magnum PI and TC would be cool.
  3. The year 1972 was quite a year. I may not have a t-shirt for 1972 but I do have a book on the Tiger’s season that year.
  4. Casimer has had his coffee and is ready to roll.
  5. I think if you were a season ticket holder, or attended a good amount of games each year, you’d feel differently. I know, as a paying fan, I’d find it hard to get excited about going to see a team that is booked to lose over a 100 games a year. That would suck and hanging in there for the rare Hail Mary year wouldn’t keep me as a paying customer. Judging by attendance numbers, I don’t think I’m alone here. The Cardinals do it right. I am impressed with their consistency. Their fans always feel like they have a real chance to make the playoffs. That’s because...they do! That’s why they have a predictable fan base. Like the players say, you just want a chance.
  6. Like you, I knew they were consistent...but these numbers are incredible!!!
  7. Marcell Ozuna to the Braves for one year/$18 million.
  8. ...but this not apply to peckerheads.
  9. Former Cy Young winner Jack McDowell is saying publicly that Tony LaRussa oversaw a cheating scheme when he was managing the White Sox in old Comiskey. It apparently was done by triggering a light on the Gatorade sign in the outfield. I guess you could say this is a breaking story. Interesting. I’m sure LaRussa won’t get much sympathy.
  10. So, it is possible one might be a peckerheaded grumpfart? Cool!
  11. This board consists wholly of peckerheads.
  12. The guys that have been identified as being participants, or knowledgeable of this, should be banned from baseball. There is no way Verlander didn’t know what was going on.
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