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  1. 1776

    9/10 @6:10 Houston Astros vs Detroit Tigers

    Looks like the most recent projection is tropical force winds by 8 PM Wednesday along the coast. Projections, as of today, aren’t encouraging. The last Category 3 hurricane to make landfall in NC was Fran in 1996. It did a lot of damage. Have seen one projection that Florence will strengthen to Category 4 by Thursday. If it lands at Cat 4 it will be ugly.
  2. It is still hard to believe Lolich pitched three CG’s in the ‘68 Series. Amazing!
  3. Gant is a native of Savannah, GA. Thought it was pretty cool that he pitched professionally for the Savannah Sand Gnats early in his career.
  4. A sweep would be quite the feat.
  5. I just wish the Tigers would enlarge the D on the caps. Beyond 300 yards you can hardly read it.
  6. One more time... those uniforms looked really good tonight. Wish they would bring those back. Wear those and the white letter hat on the road.
  7. Brewers beat the Giants. Cards are in a free fall right now. The Giants are a joke.
  8. Lopez lost perfect game in 9th walking the first batter.
  9. They’re fun to watch too!
  10. What a game! Cardinals are in crash mode big time. Glad Greene got off the hook about the HR. Has to be tough to deal with.
  11. Jorge Lopez working on a perect game in the 8th for KC.
  12. I’d go with Lolich.
  13. Giving out of gas. Great start!