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  1. Norris pitched pretty well today. The fact that he isn’t set on the rotation yet doesn’t make sense to me.
  2. Al Avila on analytics...

    He can’t be any faster than Jim Price. Not that I care, but half of the time I don’t know what he says.
  3. I got the impression that this was nothing new to the woman and it was business as usual watching her reaction, or lack thereof. Crazy stuff.
  4. 3/15 @1:05 Detroit Tigers vs Atlanta Braves

    Seeming like the closer we get to opening day the worse it gets.
  5. This thing must work great! I haven’t seen the first negative review on Amazon.
  6. Al Avila on analytics...

    True. My question was somewhat tongue in cheek.
  7. Al Avila on analytics...

    We know that Billy Beane more or less proved analytics could play a huge role in aiding teams with lesser budgets that want to remain competitive. So now everybody else decides to go all in on analytics. In that it is no longer a secret weapon, who has the advantage? Just a thought...
  8. 3/13 @1:05 p.m. Detroit Tigers at Evil Empire

    Always liked Brookens. He just seemed like a Sparky kind of player. Great pic!
  9. For me, Bo will always be known as...the guy that fired Ernie.
  10. 3/9 @1:05 New York Mets @ Detroit Tigers

    So I’m seeing a 1:05 start time. I have the MLB audio (19.99) and am not seeing any games listed for audio? If Dan and Jim are doing the game there should be access through MLB audio, right? The several times I’ve checked for any audio coverage this spring there has been nothing? Other than the games, what am I missing?
  11. Hate it for him and the team.
  12. If it can happen it will happen.
  13. If Lincecum gets through a physical OK, it looks like he’ll be signing with the Rangers.