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  1. Yeah, I’m thinking he goes north with the club this year.
  2. Yeah, thought about him later. He’s definitely up there. He and Norris may be up for the fifth spot. As of today, he may be ahead of Norris, bullpen considerations aside.
  3. Jim Campbell threatened Mickey’s contract if he didn’t stop riding the cycle, raised **** about it. Lolich wouldn’t give an inch and Campbell conceded.
  4. Please tell me Turnbull goes north with the team. In no particular order, does Zimmermann, Boyd, Moore, Turnbull, and Norris sound about right to this point? Norris is on the bubble I guess.
  5. Hope he keeps it up. He and Philly deserve each other.
  6. When my time on this earth is over and I never see a competitive Tigers team again I guess I’ll have inscribed on my headstone: ‘High Draft Pick Next Year’
  7. This team ain’t as good as you think they are.
  8. Fulmer is not as enamored with pitching as he was two years ago. He fell in love with plumbing as a possible career some time back and is considering foregoing the silly game of baseball and dedicating himself to being a full time plumber
  9. The above mentioned book was a winner. Very easy read. I lol several times while reading the book. Definitely recommend to all Tiger fans. It is an autobiography of Lolich with Tom Gage helping steer. He shares his opinions of the times and the players he played with. I think I paid $16 bucks for it on amazon. Has anyone ever read Freehan’s, Behind the Mask? Recommend?
  10. Gardenhire says no timetable as to when he gets back on the mound. So, is he stating that literally, or is he implying there will be no game action? Lot of difference. If he literally won’t be on a mound, for whatever the reason, probably not good.
  11. Bill used to post on one of the predecessor Tiger forums to this site as I recall (help me out old timers). I always find his book reviews informative and reliable. I can imagine that knowing him personally would be pretty awesome.
  12. In case anyone missed it: Miss Lulu,' widow of Tigers' broadcaster Ernie Harwell, dies at 99 TONY PAUL | THE DETROIT NEWS | 7:50 pm EST March 2, 2019 View | 10 Photos Ernie and Lulu Harwell, through the years One of the most-repeated lines about Ernie Harwell went something like this: Nobody ever heard anybody say a cross word about him. That's not exactly true, however. Lulu and Ernie Harwell in an undated photograph. ERNIE HARWELL COLLECTION There was this one guy. "A fraternity brother had taken Miss Lulu to a dance, and the next week, Mrs. Harwell invited Mr. Harwell to a different dance," said Gary Spicer, the couple's longtime friend and attorney, with a laugh. "And 68 years later, they probably had the finest marriage I've ever seen. They were a perfect match." Lulu Harwell, the widow of the legendary Tigers broadcaster, died at 5 p.m. Friday in Novi, Spicer told The Detroit News on Saturday. She was 99, and had been in failing health for the past six months. Ernie Harwell died in 2010, from cancer, at the age of 92. While Ernie Harwell maintained a very public persona, as the voice of the Tigers for 42 seasons, "Miss Lulu," as Ernie lovingly referred to her, kept a more-private profile. But she was Ernie's rock and loyal confidant from that day they met in Georgia years ago. "It was a magnificent partnership," Spicer said. "It really was. I don't know any other adjective. They were perfect for each other." They first met when Ernie was studying at Emory University in Atlanta and Lulu was at Brenau University, an all-girls school in nearby Gainesville. She was a popular student, as class president and social director of her sorority, hence that first dance. Lulu and Ernie were married for 68 years, after meeting when both were in college in Georgia. DETROIT NEWS They were married in 1941, before Ernie joined the United States Marine Corps, in which he served for four years. From there, his sportscasting career took off, with the Atlanta Crackers (1948) to the Brooklyn Dodgers (1948-49; there, the Harwells became close friends with Jackie and Rachel Robinson); New York Giants (1950-53), Baltimore Orioles (1954-59); and, finally the Detroit Tigers (1960-91; 1993-2002), a hiring made at the recommendation of another Tigers broadcast legend, George Kell. While Ernie maintained a busy scheduled for decades, Lulu didn't regularly watch or listen to Tigers games, Spicer said — unlike her good friend, Josephine Gehringer, Charlie's widow who watched and listened all the time, up until her death at 100 last July. Lulu kept the home, which included four children, Bill, Gray, Julie and Carolyn. They also had seven grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren. Lulu thoroughly enjoyed gardening, especially roses. "When Ernie brought home a few seats from Tiger Stadium, those green seats — she was a terrific gardener, and Ernie, he wasn't as good," Spicer said. "Well, when he came back from a road trip, she had painted the green seats black to go with the decor! And Ernie just said to her, like always, 'Wow, the seats look great.' I never heard the two of them, in over 30 years of working with them, have a cross word." Lulu also was very involved in Ernie's business ventures; her excellent spelling often came in handy. She was a very good judge of character, said Spicer, who only ever heard her say a bad word about two people. He declined to identify those two individuals, other than to say they were connected to Ernie's stunning and wildly unpopular firing as Tigers broadcaster after the 1991 season.
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