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  1. So has it ever been considered/discussed that Norris could be a bullpen starter as the Rays use their pitchers? I know this would be a philosophy change for the org but between now and the top picks arrival...?
  2. I will be glad when this death march is over and the off-season arrives. At that point I’ll follow the playoffs and forget about the Tigers for a while. After the WS I’ll gradually start to try and motivate myself for the next chapter in this so called rebuild. The Tigers have done their damn best to get rid of me but I hang on to this team primarily for the Tiger years gone by and the guys that wore the Old English D. As I sit here enjoying a Bell’s Best Brown Ale I’ll tell myself that one day things really will be better. Until then, another brown ale.
  3. Emerson Hancock. He is from Cairo, Georgia. So was Jackie Robinson.
  4. Wainwright beat Scherzer today. Good game.
  5. I’ve never been to Comerica Park and thought maybe next year would be a good chance to go. Now I really don’t have the desire to go at this point. Things have just gotten so bad I’m not that interested in going. It is a shame.
  6. I will always maintain that the Tigers blew it with Nick. The only rational explanation I can come up with regarding his status with the team is that they just weren’t interested in competing. I hated to see a homegrown kid treated the way he was. His response to learning the team wasn’t interested in keeping him was regrettable but I don’t blame him. I enjoy seeing him do well now. That’s tough to do when I am NOT a Cubs fan.
  7. Greiner and Hicks being back next year will work in the overall scheme of things. Rogers needs some time at AAA. No reason at all to rush him. I just hope he pans out.
  8. Frankly, I don’t think your 10 year old son would care what kind of product the Tigers put on the field. Unless things have changed drastically since I was a kid, just being a kid at a baseball game at that age is still a lot of fun.
  9. One of the bumper tunes from the earlier innings was an Eddie Money song. Eddie Money passed today at 70 years of age.
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