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  1. 1776

    MLB to Resume

    Buster Posey announced Friday that he is opting out of the 2020 MLB season amid the coronavirus pandemic. He told reporters on a Zoom call that, earlier this week, twin girls that he and his wife are adopting were born prematurely and they will need to be in the NICU. Posey said that he and his wife have been trying to adopt for several years now and were matched with the birth mother a couple months ago. They kept their plans relatively secret after experiencing how unpredictable and heartbreaking the process can be. Once, Posey said, they were given a baby for a few days before the birth family changed their mind. Out of “cautious” optimism and desire to protect the privacy of all involved, Posey hadn’t talked much even among his team about the plans to add to his family — until the babies were born at 32 weeks on the day of the Giants’ first practice. This is pretty awesome. Congrats to Buster.
  2. 1776

    MLB to Resume

    I honestly think they should shut it down until next year. Between more and more of the guys being infected and the ones deciding to sit the season out, it’s really not that hard to do what’s best. At this point I think there has been enough effort across the board to justify saying it is just not going to work.
  3. 1776

    MLB to Resume

    Buster Posey is leaving the door open to sitting out 2020.
  4. Looks like they’re anxiously waiting for the Powerball numbers to be announced. Aunt Beulah has pen in hand to record the numbers.
  5. In that I wouldn’t know Shepherd from the next guy, it’s not an issue. We don’t do TV.
  6. At 6 PM this evening the Tigers will be doing a Zoom presentation with Nate Robertson, Craig Monroe, and Todd Jones. I think Matt Shepherd is hosting it. Check it out on the Tigers MLB page if you’re interested.
  7. As expected, MiLB today officially canceled their 2020 season.
  8. Wholeheartedly concur. Excellent idea.
  9. Just finished reading, ‘Great Society’ by Amity Shlaes. Good book covering a lot of what you referred to. You refer to “Federal policies” and I understand where you’re coming from regarding the history of such. However, Michigan has 14 House members and two Senators in Washington. The House of Representatives and the Senate are the way to change. I know that Washington is uber politicized right now but the legislators are the ones responsible for advocating for change. Change will have to be from the people’s representatives. It won’t happen waiting for the executive. Of course, the state level plays a part as well.
  10. With all due respect, and I mean this sincerely, whatever is or isn’t right in the urban areas you refer to, it is not the responsibility of Trump, Biden, Obama, etc. If you’re speaking of Detroit’s urban areas being a mess, you need not look any further than the Michigan politicians, be they in Washington or Lansing, or even Detroit. I would say the same about my state, North Carolina.
  11. Not surprised about Zimmerman. Read the other day his mother-in-law (as I recall) has a couple of pre-existing conditions and I believe he has a small child in the household as well. Don’t blame the guy at all. Plus, I think he had signed a one year deal for a couple of million. He’s probably done.
  12. To your point, I’m in the, ‘‘I’ll believe it when I see it” camp.
  13. FWIW... I was on the MLB page some weeks back and the Tigers’s New Era fitted home hat was out of stock, totally. I looked again about a week ago and all the sizes were back in stock. I checked tonight and most sizes have sold out again. Apparently the draft got somebody excited. I don’t know if this is a bandwagon thing or all the folks that had those horrible hats from two years ago are upgrading this year. Either way, there is obviously a demand for the Old English D home hat.
  14. Only if he can bring his Camel along.
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