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  1. That may well explain the problems he’s had with his knees.
  2. If the plan is unchanged, Fulmer will get the start against the New Yorkers.
  3. Tork cut his right index finger opening a can. Required a few stitches. Won’t throw or bat for a few days. Tiger luck.
  4. I’ve got to re-up my audio subscription. Thank you for the information!
  5. Is there any information available identifying Tiger games that will be covered on the radio? Thanks.
  6. I’ll believe they’re interested in him only after he’s signed. This is probably Al pretending the org is looking for help-PR move. A distraction until the ST games get underway.
  7. Finish last-Pick first repeat-repeat-repeat Al has the easiest gig in the GM world.
  8. That’s a pretty sweet deal with Tork starting there.
  9. MLB has released the minor league schedules...finally!
  10. Padres extend Tatis- 14 years at $340 million. Mets interested in Walker.
  11. Help me out on this. What strikes you as troubling about his comment? This is kind of where I figured the organization was going. We know they’re not going to do sh!t this year.
  12. That’s what Kate Upton said.
  13. The Tigers aren’t interested in winning this year. Avila said as much several weeks back with his comments regarding spending for this year. Even with this mindset, throw the fan base a peanut and sign Porcello.
  14. I wonder how hard Al is looking. There are a number of pitchers out there looking for a team. Porcello and Walker would be nice. Al should clarify his comments to say, “We’re looking for a loser that will pitch for cheap peanuts and stay healthy.”
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